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Bowden's Own Big Green Sucker Towel $23.99 (Was $39.99) @ Supercheap Auto


Pretty good price on Bowden's Own "Big Green Sucker" microfibre towels!

Has been sold for $20 in the past, but still cheaper than the semi regular 30% off sales.

Picked mine up at the start of the year when I realised how much money I was wasting on car washes and got everything I needed to do it myself. Great way to dry your car after a wash and I've found that 1 towel will dry my medium sized car no worries.

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  • +1

    Been tempted to pick this up for a while. Might have to grab it at this price!

  • +11

    Best drying towel there is IMHO, and I've tried a lot over the years. For best results, wash it and your other microfibre towels on a warm wash with 30-40mls of this. Keeps it super soft and absorbent. Don't use laundry detergent.


    • Yep fantastic towel.

    • +25

      Save yourself $20 and use this;


      Microfiber just needs a mild detergent…..the same that is used for delicate stuff. I bought some Mint microfiber wash and am pretty sure they're just re-bottling the EarthChoice stuff and marking it up 1000%.

      • Yep đź‘Ť

      • Very different consistency. Would love this to be true though.

        I currently use the BO microfibre wash with cleaning vinegar as a softener on a 40deg delicate cycle with extra rinse enabled. Comes out great.

      • Have you tried specifically the Earth Choice wool wash on microfibers?

        I have (as it's our daily wash detergent), and it results in all towels no longer absorbing water effectively at all. I'm pretty sure it's the eucalyptus oil they add to it for wools.

        I'd recommend the cheapest, most basic laundry liquid instead (regular blue Earth Choice or even better home brand), the less additives the better. But I also think a specialty wash from Bowden's or otherwise will do a better job regardless (at much more cost).

        • I have and absorption is as good as it's ever been.

    • is this washing for it's first use at the start or you meant to wash it after every use

      • Rinse it first and after every use, wash it when you think it's needed. Haven't washed mine yet but it's only had couple of uses. If you've washed the car and hosed the suds off properly the towel won't get particularly dirty but you don't want minor dirt/grit in the fibres.

    • It can do a decent sized SUV as well. They’re great towels, even at full price.

      And yep, I use the same wash. If you have a tumble dryer, chuck the towels in afterwards (not full heat) to fluff up. Otherwise air dry and then give it a run over with a hairdryer. Again not on high heat, just to fluff it up. Shake the towel before use as well.

    • Imagine paying $23 for a towel wash lol

      • Its not that bad when you ave a bit of spare coin.

        • Literally everyone has $23 to spend

  • Or this one:

    Don't how it compares though.

    • +2

      I own both the Big Green Sucker and the Mint Deluxe Drying towel.

      The Mint towel is larger in size but the Bowden's absorbs more water while being a smaller size, quite an awesome product! I'd say the Bowden's towel is better

      I still end up using two drying towels to completely dry my hatchback. You could get away with one towel though for small cars

      • Mint is 750gsm, BGS 1500gsm, so makes sense. I find the BGS a bit unweildly at times so the Mint wouldn't suit me. BGS capacity isn't quite up to drying my Prado so I have a smaller grey towel also (thick but not quite as thick as the BGS - cant recall the brand). Both great products.

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          • @capslock janitor: Early on the sauce or accidental THC inhalation?

        • It says 900gsm on the product image of BGS.

          • @ymmf: Thanks ymmf. Says 1200 in the description. I think the label is more likely to be accurate.

  • +1

    Definitely the best drying towel. Grabbed 2 when it was 20$. 1 towel can easily dry my SUV.

  • Thanks OP!

  • +12

    I still remember one best comment of this big green sucker "I love this one so much so that I bought four big green suckers and let my granny sew them together as my towel."

  • Great price for an awesome towel. I like these better than my $50 Gyeon silk towel.
    Combine with Boss Gloss for amazing water absorption.

    • $50? Car care products has them for $30

      • +1

        I'm sure they were around the $45-50 mark when I got mine but that was a good 5+ years ago at a guess

  • Awesome product, a must have!

  • -3

    A satisfying product…

  • Love these things. Made drying the car so much easier.

  • -1

    I bought one of these during the last sale, although drying is much quicker than traditional chamois, I wouldn't be overjoyed if I paid RRP for this.

  • +2

    is it really that good? I never buy a cloth this expensive before lol

    • +1

      It's a very big and thick piece.

    • +3

      yes definitely worth it

    • +1

      Not sure what you use to dry your vehicle mt but if you've been using the traditional chamois then the answer is YES YES YES. The BGS is much faster and far more absorbent, well worth the extra $.

      • I been using chamois only too. Bit slow have to wring it every few wipes. So with this BGS you don't thave to wring it out during wipes? Wouldn't it streak?

        • Pretty much. You might have to wring it out a few times depending on how wet and big the car is but it is a massive improvement over a chamois.

          • @nomoneynoproblems: They don't work as well when you wring them out as it saturates the complete cloth.
            As per the guide here

            I can dry a CX-9 or a Qashqai and Commodore/HSV without wringing it out, just sheet the water off the car when you've washed it and use Boss Gloss as it increases the absorption.

        • +1

          Prado has a large surface area chad. BGS does a much better job of sucking up the water than a chamois - until it gets saturated, which is about 3/4 of the way through for my vehicle. Hence less chance of water marks. After wringing it out it's less effective but still better than a chamois. The quicker water is removed the fewer water bead marks, although they aren't a problem if you've used a good wax/sealant. Can't stress it enough - the difference between chamois drying and using a thick towel like this is enormous.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser67242: Man this towel works wonders. Should have bought some more when on sale. Not sure how it manages to absorb so much water. Highly recommend for anyone considering to get it next time it's on sale.

      • I haven’t used a chamois in about 10-11 years. Compared to a good microfiber cloth, it’s no competition

    • That was my exact thought before I took the plunge a while ago, but I still bought it given the overwhelmingly good reviews, and it saves me so much time drying my car before I put wax on.

      I just ordered another one for situations where I wash two cars in one afternoon.

  • +1

    These are definitely worth it. I paid full price a couple of weeks ago!
    Dried my whole car without draining the towel

  • +1

    Had one for awhile. You wouldn't think a 'towel' is worth the RRP. It is. A must buy at this price.

  • Drying the car(golf) only takes a few minutes with this, best purchase ever

    • +4

      I first read golf cart. I was like wait what?

  • +1

    i have 2 of these.. i find the fibres start to pull off and stay on the car after a couple of washes..

    • Never had that issue at all and had mine for several months.

    • Mine did for the first few uses but it then settled down. Been fine ever since, I've had it for over a year

    • Been using for nearly a year now and still looks new. Washing my car at least 2-3x a month.

  • +1

    I've got one and it definitely sucks.

    One quick round with the chamois and then this picks up everything else.

  • +1

    I've got two of these. Work brilliantly.

    I found to save abit of drying time give the car a quick sheet of water. It will mean less water left on the car when you go to dry off and the towel won't need to be wrung out.

    As per Bowdens instructions:
    "After washing the car, sheet the wash suds off the car by taking the nozzle off your hose and flooding the panels with water."

    • Interesting. I'll have to try that. What's it supposed to do? Push the water drops off the paint job?

  • Bought it last year during special, very good towel and no need to dry it at all during one clean.

  • Whats a good size microfibre cloth for cleaning large screen tv?

    • Eh?

    • The ones from Aldi are pretty good if they still sell them

    • Victoria’s Basement sells some for TV cleaning. Been using them for my Plasma and OLEDs for years, they’re great towels

  • +2

    Ordered one. Will be good to see how it compares to my Gyeon Silk drying towel, which has been amazing.

    FYI, you can also get 8% discounted gift cards via Suncorp Rewards. $50 minimum gift card amount, but I can put it towards oil at the next service.

    • I loved my Gyeon when I first got it but these are definitely better IMO. They're smaller but much thicker, I didn't think they would hold up as well but definitely surprised me. It's like the Gyeon doesn't suck anything up in comparison, just pushes the water off.

  • I have one, very satisfied with it. Been looking to get another one for a good price, aaaaaaaaaand I just ordered it! Thanks!

  • Thanks Op,I've seen so many positive reviews of this product so finally bit the bullet!

  • I Think this is overpriced ! I can see how everyone loves it but I use a kmart one for $4.5 and if you think its not as good you can buy another one and second one should leave a streak free shine on the car .

    • The issue i have with the Kmart one is that its 2 towels with no bonding together other than the trim on the outside. It "separates" inside (for lack of a better term). Worth the 4 bucks though

  • Didn't need it but bought it due to Ozbargain's glowing reviews…

  • I didn't believe the hype, bough one on sale a few months ago and I have to say this is the best drying towel ever. It's soft, drys the whole car without wringing and it won't scratch the car with drying aid such as Bowden's Boss Gloss. Made in Korea too, if anyone cares.

    I also got 36 Kirkland microfiber towels from Costco for $20 that I use to wife off wax and sealants. Together if the Big Green Sucker, it's the only towels you need for home car detailing imo.

  • can we still wash our car at home?

    • Mostly, yes. Depends on where you live and what the rules are.

    • Maybe similar to the last one. The others aren't the same 1200gsm weight…but this is cheaper than that one anyway?

      • mmm not by $/square metre. By the way as mentioned in my post above it says 900gsm not 1200gsm on the product image.

        • I can dry 2 full size cars with the BGS, it doesn't really need to be bigger

        • Interestingly the image in the Bowden's link provided by whitelie above shows 1200. Supercheap's image might be an earlier model towel or the printer/designer made a typo which wasn't picked up at proof stage, who knows? Even funnier, this mob reckons the 900 is wrong on the product label and it's really 1000gsm: https://www.outbackequipment.com.au/the-big-green-sucker. Perhaps it's just a small part of Bill Gates' plan to take over the world and control people's minds.

    • One more alternative - https://www.cheapaschips.com/products/home-and-decor/laundry...

      Not quite as big and maybe not as thick as the Bowdens I've tried, but still double layer, two-tone and very effective. After washing the car, I usually do a quick lap of the block to blow dry the worst rinse water off, then just one of these cloths dries the rest without wringing. For $10, stitch two together for 4 layers of thickness - still less than half the price of a Bowdens.

  • I have a couple of these, there great

  • I use paper towel to dry dishes and dry the kitchen bench-top and sink area. Can this towel be used for this and be a good alternative?

    And is there a smaller version of this towel?

  • Thinking this would’ve good to wipe the inside of the bedroom windows to absorb all the condensation overnight

    • Just get the Kmart one. No need to spend more for that

    • That’s exactly why I grabbed one! We’ve got lots of large windows

  • While we are on car cleaning any recommendations for the best wheel cleaner (cloth/brush)?

    • Brush from ebay, does the job, last long.
      Option 1
      Option 2

      I have both & they really do come in handy!

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