Bed for a Pair of Light Sleepers

My partner and I are both light sleepers and we're looking to get a new bed.

I don't know much about beds obviously so I'm wondering if anyone can recommend any beds that are good for not waking up someone on the other side when the other person gets out or rolls over.

We're after a king size bed, budget $5,000ish.

Anyone have a recommendation?


  • pocket spring is a feature you're probably looking for.

  • Where are you located?

    • I had a girlfriend years ago with a memory foam mattress and I wasn't crazy about sleeping it. Does it take getting used to? Would you recommend it?

      • Yeah I suppose it does.

        We have an

        We are happy with it.

      • There is a reason that the Foam mattress industry return rate is at 42% vs Traditional Mattress which is at around 2%

        • does a traditional mattress have free returns?

          According to the 40winks website:

          Due to hygienic reasons, we can only offer a 90-day comfort guarantee on our Serta and Silent Partner mattress ranges.

          • @Davo1111: Returns are almost a non starter in the industry.
            Hey usually offer a comfort gaurantee which means a new mattress from the same shop.
            I do see winks limit the choices. We offer it on anything we sell as do snooze I believe.

  • i'll check with my partner we have a king size mattress about $4800. at first i was so shocked by the cost but after a few nights sleep on it, you can really feel the difference. you cant feel the other person getting in or out of bed.

    it sounds expensive but one of the best investments you can make is a good nights sleep

    • Yeah I'm not worried about spending money on a bed considering I spent 1/3 of my life in one!

      Let me know if she/he reports back on that

  • Have you thought about getting two king single sized beds and putting them side by side? This works out bigger than a King and you can each choose your preferred feel.

  • Disclaimer: I am in the industry.

    You will want a pocket spring mattress and given your budget i would suggest buying an Aussie made one (supporting local manufacturing and all)

    Memory foam is great also but you need to be fully aware that most foams are a very low density which means they will get very hot at night time. Tempur is a brand that had a very high density which means the heat generated when you sleep has no where to be "stored" and as such they do not tend to get as hot as say a Koala, Sleeping duck etc

    Sleepmaker make an amazing range of Pocket Spring mattresses which offer great comfort, minimisation (to almost elimination) of partner disturbance and they are 100% Aussie Made (steel is One Steel, Foam is Dunlop Foams and they are made locally)
    Sealy make a great range of Aussie made Mattresses also but they do not make a pocket spring.

    In house brands are generally made in China or "assembled locally" to claim being Aussie made and even when on special are drastically marked up. This is why "some" retailers require there staff to show you them first as they make the most margin on an in house mattress brand vs a major brand.

    You are in NSW so the retailer i work for is not available locally, but if you do decide to check out Sleepmaker, David Jones have a wide range of them as do Harvey Norman.

    If you have any questions about tech or how mattress pricing works etc do not hesitate to PM me
    As i said my store is not in NSW so i am not going to try and sell you anything myself but am happy to help.
    have done so for a few others on here in recent months.

    In house brands that i can remember
    Silent Partner

    Also King Koil is rubbish avoid like the plague if you can! (Harvey Norman mostly sells this brand)

    • Jimbo! Thanks for the detailed response, mate. I appreciate it. Someone else also mentioned Silent Partner as a brand to look into. I will definitely check it out along with Maddison beds.

      I had no idea memory got hotter, that's a bad thing for me as I struggle on warm nights already. I'm going to DJ on the weekend to check it out, as well as Forty Winks.

      Some shops/brands offer a "X Days Return Policy". Are these types of policies generally hassle free in your experience?

      • Silent partner and Maddison are in house brands brands

        Forty winks do not stock Sleepmaker from my memory, and they are the company that always show you their in house brand first (as it makes them the most money) I was saying In House Brands are usually very over priced even when on sale and you can get better value for money with a brand like Sleepmaker, Sealy etc

        Not saying do not go to Forty Winks, just make sure you know where your bed is made and from what materials.

        Most retailers have a 30-60 night sleep guarantee, this would usually mean you can swap to another mattress (fee is sometimes involved) but returning it would usually not be possible.

        Companies like Koala etc can offer 120 night guarantees because they recycle the foam or on sell it to companies that use it for underlay for carpets etc so they do not loose in the long run. Having a very high return rate is an indicator.

        I had a Koala once, it was comfortable but yes it got super hot.. so hot i could not sleep so went back to traditional style in the end.

    • I appreciate you sharing your expertise. If you don't mind me butting in, what is your opinion of hybrid mattresses like sleeping duck and sleep republic?

      • They certainly have their place in the market. They are not made of the best materials and the density of the foam is very low which usually means they can get quite hot (seems to be the feedback when reading reviews) but for people who are very budget conscious they are very good. The reviews are def positive but they are what they are for the price you pay.

        • I've been convinced to get a sleepmaker with your input and some research from my end. Currently looking at the ones with miracoil + edge support which are on special for around $1000 right now at most stores for a queen size. I can see the more expensive ones which also look great but don't think I want to spend that much right now.

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