Mattress Comparisons

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This list is restricted to mainly online businesses selling “boxed mattresses”. Some businesses tell you more info about their mattresses than others. Hopefully this information is useful to others in their mattress hunt. Some notes:

  • Only looked at Single and Queen size standard pricing, and mattresses with at least a pocket spring/other support layer (ie no Bonnell / continuous coil springs)
  • All have at least 10 years warranty, some have 15, Ikea mattresses have 25 years warranty
  • All have some form of a trial period, typically 100 days/nights; Ikea has a 365 day exchange policy
  • All have free delivery except Ikea (though you have the option of transporting it yourself)
  • Materials are listed from bottom of mattress to top
  • MF = memory foam, HD = high density, PU = polyurethane
  • Information is correct as of November 2016, and based on what was on the business' websites at the time.
Mattress Material Thickness (cm) Single Queen Where Returns Go
Ausbeds Sienna R45 Zone Pocket spring + HD foam + latex + gel infused MF 33 $600 $945
Ausbeds Sienna R65 Zone Pocket spring + HD foam + latex + gel infused MF 33 $600 $945
Ausbeds Jasper R7Pocket spring + HD foam + latex + Bamboo 32 $500 $945
Ikea HESSENGPocket spring (187/sqm) + latex. Firm or medium firm25$549$799
Ikea HOKKASENPocket spring + mini pocket spring + MF (firm) or latex (med firm)31$449$699
Ikea HOVAGPocket spring, roll packed. Firm or medium firm options24$249$399
Ikea HYLLESTADPocket spring + MF (firm) or latex (med firm)27$349$499
Ikea MATRANDLatex + MF (firm) or latex (med firm). Machine washable cover18$549$749
Ikea MORGEDALLatex + 28kg/cu.m PU foam? Machine washable cover18 N/A $799
Ikea MYRBACKAMF + high resilience foam. Machine washable cover24$449$699
Ecosagel infused MF 3cm + Eco-Tex foam 4cm + HD PU Foam 17cm25$799$1099
ErgoflexHD foam + air flow layer + MF (9cm 3rd gen 85kg/cu.m)21$649$949 Women’s refuges in the Hunter Valley and Newcastle area
Greywing17cm HD PU foam + 4cm MF + 4cm latex24 $695 $995
Hugo14.5cm HD foam + 2.5cm gel-infused MF + 5.0cm gel-infused 80% latex + 2.5cm gel-infused MF24.5$695$1095 The Salvation Army
Koala3 layers of PU foam. Note; Koala changed to 2 layers (5+18) in late 201623$650$950 "We work with a number of Australian and international charities, so your returned mattress will likely be donated to a community overseas or in some cases recycled and brought back to life as construction products here in Australia"
Lazybed17.5cm PU foam (30kg/cu.m) + 7.5cm Davina MF (48kg/cu.m)25$600$800
OscarsHD foam + latex or MF (double-sided)30 $499 $799
Onebed18cm PU foam + 4cm MF + 4cm Latex26$800$1100 Red Cross
Opulay(interchangeable layers to adjust the firmness - Soft or Firm) + HD foam + gel infused MF + PU foam 25$895 $1295
Ozmattress GrandmasterPocket in pocket spring (Rhinocoil+Xtra middle+Total Edge Support) + HD foam + MF + quantum gel34N/A $2199
Ozmattress SupraPocket spring (Dynacoil + Xtra middle and Total Edge Support) + HD foam + latex/MF31N/A $1299
Ozmattress MODPocket spring (Dynacoil + Xtra middle and Edge Support) + HD foam + latex28 N/A $899
Sleeping DuckPocket spring + HD foam (modular for changeable firmness) + gel memory foam + latex + bamboo fabric30 $799 $1349
Sleepy PandaPocket spring + latex + MF + bamboo fabric30 $499 $549-$949
SommutoHD foam + gel-infused MF + 'comfort' foam26$990$1290
Zenna100% Natural Latex, Machine washable bamboo cover20$895$1295
Sleep RepublicGel Infused Memory Foam + Natural Latex + Pocket Springs31$599$1199Donated to charity
EVA MattressGel Memory Foam + Natural Latex + HD Foam + 5 Zone Pocket Spring32$400-650$700-850
zzzAtelier Store5 Zone Pocket Spring with 10cm Eurotop34$539$839
zzzAtelier Outlet5 Zone Pocket Spring with 10cm Eurotop34$132-165$236-295No returns(?)

For more reading on mattresses, The Mattress Underground website is pretty helpful. There's a heap of (US-centric) information there, but some good starting points would be:

For detailed side-by-side comparisons of mattresses available in Australia, see https://betterbed.co/compare