Mattresses: Ecosa v Ergoflex v Greywing v Ikea v Koala v Onebed v Ozmattress v Sleeping Duck

(Putting up a modified and expanded version of this comment in a deal post, as suggested by Make it so)

I did some research recently as I was after a single mattress for a spare bed, and also in preparation for changing out a queen mattress within the next year or two. I restricted my research to mainly those online businesses selling "boxed mattresses". Some businesses tell you more info about their mattresses than others. A summary of what I found is given below. Hope it's useful to others in their mattress hunt. Some notes:

  • I only looked at Single and Queen size standard pricing, and mattresses with at least a pocket spring support layer (ie no Bonnell / continuous coil springs)
  • the Ikea mattresses are grouped together by main material type, the rest are in increasing order based on the cost of single mattress, and I've put the Ozmattress models (not available in Single?) together at the end
  • they all have 10 years warranty, except Ikea ones which have 25
  • they all have some form of a trial period, typically 100 days/nights; Ikea has a 365 day exchange policy
  • they all have free delivery except Ergoflex and Ikea (though with Ikea you have the option of transporting it yourself)
  • the materials are listed from bottom of mattress to top
  • MF = memory foam, HD = high density, PU = polyurethane
  • information is correct as of late April 2016, and based on what I was able to find on the business' websites at the time
Mattress Material Thickness (cm) Single Queen
Ikea HOVAG Pocket spring, roll packed. Firm or medium firm options 24 $249.00 $379.00
Ikea HYLLESTAD Pocket spring + MF (firm) or latex (med firm) 27 $349.00 $499.00
Ikea HOKKASEN Pocket spring + mini pocket spring + MF (firm) or latex (med firm) 31 $449.00 $699.00
Ikea HESSENG Pocket spring (187/sqm) + latex. Firm or medium firm 25 $549.00 $799.00
Ikea MORGEDAL Latex + 28kg/cu.m PU foam? Machine washable cover 18 $499.00 $699.00
Ikea MATRAND Latex + MF (firm) or latex (med firm). Machine washable cover 18 $549.00 $749.00
Ikea MYRBACKA MF + high resilience foam. Machine washable cover 24 $399.00 $699.00
Onebed 18cm PU foam + 4cm MF + 4cm Latex 26 $499.00 $899.00
Ergoflex HD foam + air flow layer + MF (9cm 3rd gen 85kg/cu.m) 21 $499.00 $999.00
Koala 3 layers of PU foam 25 $650.00 $950.00
Ecosa HD foam + gel infused MF + Dunlop latex 25.4 $650.00 $950.00
Greywing 17cm HD PU foam + 4cm MF + 4cm latex 25 $795.00 $1195.00
Sleeping Duck Pocket spring + HD foam (modular for changeable firmness) + gel memory foam + latex + bamboo fabric 30 $799.00 $1349.00
Ozmattress MOD Pocket spring (Dynacoil + Xtra middle and Edge Support) + HD foam + latex 28 N/A $899.00
Ozmattress Supra Pocket spring (Dynacoil + Xtra middle and Total Edge Support) + HD foam + latex/MF 31 N/A $1299.00
Ozmattress Grandmaster Pocket in pocket spring (Rhinocoil + Xtra middle and Total Edge Support) + HD foam + MF + quantum gel 34 N/A $2199.00

FWIW I ended up getting an Ikea Hovag. A few days later I saw that Aldi have some "premium mattresses" (pocket spring + MF) on sale for $100 cheaper. Probably would have gone with that if I hadn't already purchased.

For more reading on mattresses, I found The Mattress Underground website pretty helpful. There's a heap of (US-centric) information there, but some good starting points would be:

Update: Wiki now available


  • Awesome effort, thanks quop. It is normally so difficult to compare mattresses.
    As a sidenote, Ergoflex currently have free shipping if you use the coupon "sleep". Not sure how long that will last, but it saved me $100.

  • We've been happy with our Ergoflex. Very comfortable. Not sure how much difference with the much more expensive Tempur mattresses but based on trying them out at HN, I don't think much. They do get a bit hot in summer but nothing a cotton mattress protector can't fix.

  • I checked out Regal Sleep Solutions mattresses recently - they are very good! Unfortunately, I can't afford the top of the range one that I'm after so this guide comes in very handy!


  • Thank you, this is a very useful reference.

  • Handy list. I recently bought a new mattress, without knowing anything about buying one. I was recommended one from Natural Sleep ( I got the Posturest Comfort (pocket spring mattress with 5cm natural latex top layer). It was $999 for a Queen, and I must say it's fantastic.

  • I'm looking for a mattress too. Discovered that IKEA is European standard dimensions, which are different to Aussie standard dimensions…

    I'm so confused about the huge price differences and why that is; and if there are actual differences, if it is worth the price. I've only been looking at IKEA and Snooze so far but have already purchased an IKEA bed frame (this was unfortunately before I learnt about the different standard dimensions).

  • Good list. Why did some give you more info than others? Does that mean there is a difference in quality?

    • The "some businesses tell you more info about their mattresses than others" comment is in relation to what I could find on their website. I didn't ask beyond that, though have read accounts of other people asking for more details/specifics, and not really being given a straight answer (can't recall which business this was though).

      You can draw your own inference/conclusions about the why. The way I see it, you'd highlight the good and downplay/skip over the bad. Or dress it up in fancy words that make it seem better than it is but don't actually provide any meaningful information.

      One of the businesses says their mattresses are made of

      three unique layers of technologically advanced, modern polyurethane foam

      I didn't find any other details about the bolded words, so left them out of my summary.

      • Ok. I hear what you are saying. So stay away from those that tell you nothing or make wild fancy claims. These claims go hand in hand with all 5 star reviews online I find! Did you look at Tempur at all or just boxed mattresses?

        • The reviewers may well be happy with their mattresses, but if I'm looking at two mattresses for similar prices, with similar glowing reviews, and one tells me more details about what's in the mattress but the other doesn't, I'd be leaning towards the former.

          As stated in the OP I restricted my research to mainly those online businesses selling "boxed mattresses". Tempur was in a different stratosphere pricing wise.

        • Tempur always scores high in the mattress satisfaction survey. I own a Tempur, and it is very good. For my most recent mattress (for our child) I bought an Ergoflex, because they advertise that they make their mattresses from the same material (3rd Gen. memory foam) at the exact same density as Tempur (85kg/m3) and comparable thickness, but charge a fraction of the cost. Their openness and warranty makes me trust it, and no other "boxed mattress" company attempts to match Tempur specs.
          Having been able to physically compared the two, I can say that the Ergoflex is very comparible in comfort level. Not sure I could tell them apart.
          Had I known about Ergoflex before, I would have probably bought that instead of Tempur.

        • @quop:
          Thanks quop. I agree with you.

  • Wow, great research indeed. Well done.

    I have a Greywing which I love! My good friend bought an Ikea mattress, which she wasn't thrilled with after a year or so because it lost shape.

    I have had my greywing for about 6 months now and it still feels awesome. I love the memory foam layer. I was won by the fact that they are Australian made, I feel that it is important to grow Australia's economy by being Australian.

    Happy shopping! :)

    • Your friend could have exchanged her Ikea mattress within 365 days. Any idea which model she got?

    • I think you have been had with marketing Cara. Greywing told me their latex comes from overseas so that's not Australian.

      • Greywing's website says "we make, assemble and package our Greywing mattresses here in Australia", also "designed and handcrafted in Australia using premium materials".

        • I guess the catch is that they are not saying where their "premium materials" come from.

        • @Make it so: Yes. That was what I intended to imply, perhaps too subtly :) No other listed business is claiming Australian materials though, so this point make little/no difference for the purposes of comparison.

          On a related note, when it comes to the latex component, nobody is saying whether theirs is natural or synthetic, or the purity % (whether they use fillers). So I have to assume it's the cheaper/less desirable synthetic, and probably made with fillers.

          In contrast, a company like Natural Sleep (that narcoleptic-haze mentioned above) states that their latex is 100% certified pure natural, and that they are "Australia's only bedding producer that makes our own 100% pure Natural Latex." You're looking at prices up to the $5k mark for a top of the line queen latex model though.

        • The sooner they crack down on the whole Australian made claim and not just with mattress companies like GreyWing and Koala but other companies too the better. You see it all the time. They should say made or assembled in Australia using imported materials. They are selling on the made in Australia claim when they are not. Poor Cara thought her Greywing was made in Australia.

        • @Elizabeth70: It might be a necessity to import the natural latex material in these mattresses as it is mainly derived from the Hevea Brasilienis tree (rubber tree) that requires very tropical environments (the Amazon) to grow. Just an uneducated presumption though..

        • @Elizabeth70: I don't know if there's a difference between using the (plain English) words "Australian made" / "Made in Australia" etc and using the "Australian Made" trademark/logo. The latter carries a specific meaning (and requires approval/certain criteria to be met), whilst the former is open to interpretation. I don't see businesses like Greywing or Koala using the latter. Maybe Cara assumed/equated the two. Maybe you're assuming she did.

          I don't know if Australia has any rubber plantations. As narcoleptic-haze says above, it's likely that at some point the raw materials are sourced from overseas. The Latex Mattress Company, for example, is a company that's been around since 1955, uses the Australian Made logo, and sources its rubber from plantations in Malaysia - see link

          Fun fact: once upon a time my dad used to work/help his parents tap rubber in a rubber plantation.

        • @quop:
          We could debate the whole made in Australia claim for hours. The Apple iPhone 'designed in California, made in China'. Not that there is anything wrong with made in China just this debate reminds me of that famous saying.
          PS. What a great fact quop.

        • @quop: Koala mattresses are 100% Australian made, and we're also 100% Australian owned. We are also certified to use the Australian made trademark logo :)

  • Any insight on how Sommuto compares? I see them popping up regularly

    • +1

      tl;dr - pricing at the high end of foam based mattresses, otherwise I think it compares very well.

      Hadn't heard of them before, took a quick look, seems similar to the others in terms of the product, price is towards the high end (especially for a single), probably a bit more info eg FAQs on their website than some of the others, though a few of the topics/answers I'm a bit unsure about.

      I'd think they are a bit more reputable than the other new/er kids on the block:

      Your Sommuto is produced by Australia’s most trusted mattress company, A.H. Beard. A.H. Beard is a family owned and operated business with over 116 years experience. All products are made and produced in Australia. We are extremely proud to be the only ecommerce mattress company which is part of the Australian Made Campaign.

      They also have a few Customer Experience Centres where you can see/try the mattresses - good for those who want to try before buying. Warranty/trial periods are similar to the rest, so you can still buy before you try without much risk.

      • I'd not heard of these guys either. Will check them out. I like the name.

        The more you look the more there seems to be loads of online 'boxed' mattress companies all saying quite similar things. All these companies seem to offer long warranty periods but are only months old. Have any them apart from IKEA actually been in business a long time?

        • Yes, I think some of these companies may be gone tomorrow, so take the warranties with a grain of salt.
          I bought from Ergoflex because they have been in Australia for 6 years, and in the UK for 10, and they are extremely explicit about the composition of the mattress, and how it compares against Tempur (which is the highest rated mattress in Australia according to Choice, the gold standard for memory foam).

        • @Make it so: Some people love Tempur but I'm not one of them. Spent quite a few grand on what we thought would be a near-perfect mattress for us (we're coming from a loved but aged latex mattress) and it's been a disaster. My wife and I wake up every day with our backs and necks sore and I've spent a bucket on osteo treatments for shoulder problems which literally materialised out of nowhere when we got the Tempur. It tends to be a little too firm, and it also "grips" a bit when you sink in so you kind of fight it when you want to turn over or something.

 isn't as flattering for Tempur either - many more complaints to be found there. It's interesting that Choice rated them so highly because my osteopath also said they've had large numbers of people complaining about back issues after getting memory foam mattresses (not just Tempur).

          I'm never going near a) Tempur, or b) a shop that doesn't have some sort of money back guarantee or exchange policy. It's too much money to gamble on something that might not be suitable, and they are not obliged to take it back unless it's actually a manufacturing fault.

  • +1

    Extra info re Koala - the base is 130-30 foam, the middle layer is a proprietary foam that has "memory foam like properties, but is not memory foam", and the top layer is again proprietary but can be approximated to a 30-40 PU foam.

    I purchased a queen koala, have had it for 4 sleeps now, and the above descriptions seem accurate. The top is almost a pillow top type layer, I would estimate at approx 4-5cm, the middle layer definitely does absorb you after a while. I'm not a person who has back issues, but I am tossing a lot at night and waking with back pain and am finding that my hips are sinking into the mattress more than shoulders (avg body shape and size) when on my back. It is very soft, I'd say medium to soft. I'm finding that it is not maintaining a natural spinal posture. I'm gonna give it a few more nights, to give it a decent week, but will probably be trying the ecosa to see if that provides better spinal posture maintenance

  • +1

    Extra info re Ecosa (I just ordered a Ecosa and will be comparing it to Koala):

    Ecosa Group: Our top comfort layer is natural latex which has 70 m2/kg high density. The second layer is gel memory foam which as 60 m2/kg high density. The support layer also has a high density of 60 m2/kg.
    Ecosa Group: Our top layer is a 2cm natural latex, followed by 5cm gel memory foam and 18cm high density support foam. Unlike traditional memory foam, Ecosa uses high density Gel memory foam which cost 20% - 40% more expensive. Gel memory foam has all of the wonderful features like traditional memory foam. In addition, the gel visco has a cooling effect that would achieve the desired temperature stabilisation. It also gives the foam more strength, avoid sinking in the bed too deeply. All the foams in the Ecosa mattress have environmental certifications that ensure they are safe and non-toxic. Our gel memory foam and base support foam are SGS certified. Our top latex layer is Class 1 OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified. The highest standard that guarantees the foam is safe for use by babies and children. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

    I confirmed the density unit typo, should be Kg/m^3.

    Seems to be a similar construction to ergoflex / tempur. Densities are lower than the latter, with ergoflex and temppur using 85kg/m^3 MF and PU support.

    Looking at the thicknesses and densities (not knowing IFD measurements), I'd say the ecosa is a similar and slightly cheaper alternative to Tempur with approx 25% lower densities.

    • Howd you go mate?

      • +3

        So I track my sleep using Sleep as Android - very accurate and good.

        Objectively, on a good mattress and a good solid sleep I get 65-70% deep sleep. On the Koala I was getting 40% and on the Ecosa im averaging 52%

        Subjectively, the koala is comfortable to sit and lay on when awake, but for sleep I find that you sink in too far and not equally from upper to mid body causing back pain and hence tossing and turning.

        The ecosa is much firmer, a true medium firm I'd say, that softens as you lay on it given the memory foam. I personally find it much better in terms of sleep quality than the Koala. I will be requesting a refund and return on the Koala.

        Having said that, the ecosa is not as good as I hoped for, and granted this is possibly personal preference, but I find that I must lay on my back for it to work well, if I wake middle of night and come back to bed and lay on side (because the area I was laying on before is now soft and so doesnt provide as much support as it did before you lay on it), there's a lot more tossing. If I get through th whole night without waking, then its quite good. Again this may be personal preference.

        I'd say the Ecosa is a much better bed in terms of sleep quality than the koala. I can't compare it to a good quality (reference?) latex mattress as I've not had one, and dont know how to get a good trial on one in my home

        • Thanks for the review!

        • Thanks for the review on the Koala, I'd been browsing that website a LOT lately, and was very tempted (particularly as there's a $100 discount code showing on an add on my browser just now).

    • Thanks very much for the valuable comments about the Koala and Ecosa.
      The main issues I face are (i) back pains and hips sinking too much when a mattress is soft,
      but at the same time, (ii) if the mattress/surface is too hard, I get pressure point pains on back and shoulders.

      Trying to solve both these problems at the same time is hard: tried many combinations with mattresses/toppers etc, but could not get a good compromise. Naturally, (i) still takes precedence.

      So, at the moment, resort to 2 camping mats on the wooden bed, and a memory foam topper - to provide a less sinking feel. But the downside is it is a bit hard. And getting pressure point pains. Still the best solution so far.

      I am also sensitive to smell. Bought an IKEA synthetic latex mattress - after a few sleeps, just could not bear the smell, which will not go away. As far as support goes, latex seems the best. But genuine latex mattresses also has a smell (not as strong, I agree), which I am worried won't go away. So a bit hesitant to make the investment.

      I am reading keenly others' experience, to see how to improve my situation.

      • We sadly recently had to dispose of our old latex mattress that was fantastic while it lasted (which was 16 years!) but eventually lost its shape a bit so we'd kind of sleep in a slight dip. I'd be tempted to go a latex again, but for the money. The smell wasn't an issue for us, or at least it faded away pretty quickly from memory.

        BTW I'm a pretty warm sleeper but didn't have too many issues on it, or at least not that I could attribute to the mattress. If I got warm I'd just throw off some more layers.

        Currently with a Tempur and absolutely hating it. As soon as we find something that doesn't cause both of us back, neck and shoulder pains we're selling it or dumping or whatever. So much good money thrown down the drain…

        • Thanks for sharing your experience. Yes, went and checked Tempur as well, and did not like the feel. And I have a latex pillow, and the (slight) smell will not go away, especially when sleeping sideways, with the nose close to the surface. So, not game to invest in a latex mattress.

          Now I am using an airbed - and it is a great improvement :-)

          There are problems associated with airbed:
          (a) need to pump in more air every couple of days;
          (b) for more comfort, I put additional layers of eggshell topper and mattress topper. Since airbeds cannot breath, every morning, I have to roll back these layers for it to air, otherwise moisture can accumulate on top of the surface, which will not be healthy.

          Otherwise, I would say this is one of the more comfortable solutions I have tried.

          Ironically, this is one of the cheapest solution, but the most comfortable. But of course, not sure how long the airbed will last.

        • BTW If you have had good experience with latex mattresses, that is probably the way to go again. The most comfortable sleep (in terms of lack of aches and pains) I have ever experienced was on latex mattresses, synthetic or natural. Even if the smell (esp for synthetic latex) was an issue.

          So much good money thrown down the drain…

          I can totally relate to your comment … Bought a reputable pocket spring mattress for a few grand, slept on it for a few months, and then relegated to spare room, due to too much aches and pains. Finding a suitable mattress can be so difficult and costly, that is why now I am trying the cheap solutions.

          And also why I think perhaps it is better for you to stick to what you were happy with for many years.

        • +1

          @bluesky: Actually we went with the Tempur because it was (or so we thought) a very similar feel to latex, but it turned out not to be the case. Our original latex was natural latex, by the way - I have no idea whether the feel of natural versus synthetic is the same.

          Anyway we bit the bullet and went with a OneBed. Ordered Thursday night at 9:30pm, turned up Friday afternoon and had our first night sleep on it last night. It's a little firmer than I was expecting / hoping for, but as it turned out both my wife and I woke up this morning feeling FAR less aches and pains than with the Tempur. I used to wake up feeling like my upper back was all jammed up, but this morning it was actually fine.

          It's still too early to say, though. We thought the Tempur was good for the first night or two and then realised it was causing us different issues, so I'll see how the OneBed goes over the next couple of weeks.

          And I wish we had a spare room to relegate the old Tempur to. Currently it's jammed up behind the bedhead in our bedroom!

          Hey, anybody wanna buy a Tempur mattress? It's awesome, really! :)

        • @tophorus: Yeah, Tempur will feel more like memory foam. Had tried memory foam, and didn't like the moulding, and it feels quite hard actually.

          Due to your message, I read up a bit on OneBed. Great to have the latex component on top. Wonder how the middle component - memory foam will make it feel/behave.

          Wish you all the best, that you have found your suitable bed. Would appreciate very much if you can give some feedback about OneBed sometime later - any pains/aches, does it sink etc. It does take a few weeks to tell if a mattress is suitable.

        • +1

          @bluesky: We have had our OneBed mattress for about a month now and unfortunately I think we'll have to return it. It's definitely MUCH better than the Tempur, but it's still just a little too firm for both of us and we find we're waking up with some aches and pains still. The problems with Tempur were far worse though, I suspect because you end up sinking into it and it makes it much harder to shift around once it's adapted to your shape.

          In terms of pros and cons:
          - Very little movement from partners moving around
          - The mattress actually has an "edge" unlike some, so it holds its shape and firmness well right up to the edge
          - The price, like a lot of these direct mattress companies, is pretty damn good for what you get
          - No issues to date with overheating, sagging, etc.
          - Just too firm for us - but probably great for people who prefer firmer mattresses
          - It's petty but for some reason I thought the delivery box would have wheels and a handle, but it must have been another company's… you have to manhandle it through your doorway!

          Hope that's of help to someone out there. Anybody aware of any companies that offer something similar to OneBed but less firm?

      • Are you still sleeping on the camping mats?
        I’ve got back issues as well
        Where did you get your mats from?

        • Not any longer. I was using the el cheapo $10-$12 mats which you can buy anywhere. But pretty sure if you get the better ones, with self-inflating etc, then better still. But I must say, the air mattress is probably a much more comfortable alternative comparatively-speaking.

          Now, I am using a deconstructed King Koil spring mattress, which when bought seemed firm and good, but softened soon after and became unusable. Removed the middle foams (2 layers) and left just the memory foam topper. The spring was still giving too much, so added cardboards, where the removed foams were. Totally a waste of money, but trying to make use as much as possible.

          It was a brand new mattress and I was really hesitating with this deconstruction bit, but seeing at least 2 threads on OzB of people doing this, I went ahead. And can report it is so far so good. Not the greatest, still give too much due to spring. But no serious back pains. Will probably move on to experiment with something else, because while bearable, still on soft side.

        • +1

          @bluesky: ok thanks. Let us know if you find a better alternative. Thanks.

  • Interesting but heavily focussed on IKEA. There are a lot of new Australian online suppliers who could be on this list, two of my friends have bought Sleep Republic pocket spring Queen for under a grand and both think there fantastic - haven't bought myself but reviews look good. Also seen Somoto which is foam but don't know anything about them.

    • Interesting but heavily focussed on IKEA

      Because the list was compiled for my own research/requirements, and Ikea has more than one model, so appears multiple times (as does OzMattress). Feel free to contribute info about other suppliers you know about.

      If by Somoto you mean Sommuto, this was mentioned in an earlier comment.

  • Hey OP. I suggest you create this a wiki article so others can edit/contribute/update.

    • Maybe when I get some time to look into it. Meanwhile if anyone else is keen feel free to take what's here and start without me.

  • +4

    Wiki article created, note the wiki uses different link and table styling.

  • What are all these online mattresses compared to brands like Sealy and Sleep Maker etc at shops like Super A Mart? They all have prices comparable to these online stores with their own brand of mattresses so is there a reason why I would buy from these online stores over just the normal brands from Heavy Norman etc.

    And out of this big list, what is the most recommend out of all of them. It is a bit hard to make a choice on any mattress when there is a million choices.

    • I think buying online is supposed to be cheaper than what you can get in stores. That is my understanding, anyway.

      • Hm yeah that is what I thought too, but is it really?

        I've been thinking of getting a Koala mattress but is it actually worth the $600+ ?

        • Note above comment about the koala mattress if you have issues of mattress being too soft. Just based on this description from OZB member above, personally, the Ecosa sounds like a better mattress. But of course, it is very subjective and depends on what you are looking for. Good luck, and would appreciate some feedback, whatever mattress you happen to choose eventually.

        • Thanks mate,
          Any idea where the Ikea mattresses are made? I might just go and look at those in store and buy one if it feels good. Prices seem to be a bit more fair.

        • @Macgyver: Not quite sure, TBH. The mattress I bought from IKEA afforded only a few sleeps, because the smell just won't go away. It could be the synthetic latex, or it could be the fire-retardant chemicals they use. Not quite sure which. So just check for this, if you are sensitive to smell. Good luck! They have many mattresses to choose from, and being able to try is a distinct advantage.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for all the info. I'm looking at pocket spring Sleeping duck and sleep republic, they look like the same company? Has anyone purchased one and can comment at all please? Driving me mad, and no bad reviews which seems suspicious. Was going for a sleepmaker but the reviews were so terrible and it's 2.5 times the price of the sleep republic. Would appreciate any information that any one has. Thanks : )

    • We've had our king sleeping duck for over a year now. We've changed the insert from medium to firm - medium is great for snuggling in during winter, but I sleep hot so back to firm during a warm Melbourne summer (we don't have aircon)
      We love it.
      Hasn't changed shape, no indents. And we're both heavy and tall.
      Great price and customer service was amazing.
      We have it on 2 cheap single box bases until we find a bed we like.
      We were going insane with bedding companies - this way we got to change it to suit us.
      It is heavy and has no handles to move it… my only complaint.

  • Has anybody ordered/tried out the Hugo Matress ( - I'm trying to choose between it and the Ecosa at the moment.

    The main difference appears to be the order of the layers-

    Ecosa goes (from top to bottom)- Latex, Memory Foam then Support foam

    Hugo goes- Memory foam, Latex, another Memory foam then Support foam.

    Any educated guesses how these would compare in firmness etc?

    • +1

      I would guess the Hugo will feel firmer - because you will be in contact with Memory foam. Latex gives more, and supports. From my experience, memory foam will mould to your shape, but once it settles, it feels rather firm. But of course, other factors, e.g thickness of each layer, will all play a part to determine the overall feel. So it is just a guess. Personally, if I have to choose one to try first, I will go for the one with Latex on top first.

  • Can anyone vouch for the Grandmaster by Ozmattress? I am in the market for one but the only thing holding me back is the price. If it's a complete class above the rest I'd spend the money as it's a 10 year investment but if it's only marginally better than others going at half that price.. well.. this is why we are on Ozbargain no? :P

    • Yeah I've been wondering the same thing. Looked at buying the Grandmaster a few months ago but something about all the overly positive reviews surrounding these mattresses put me off. It's also strange how every one of these "mattress in a box" websites have the same marketing feel to them…kinda like Shampoo Ads.

      • So I ended up purchasing the med-firm grand master. It doesn't come in a box, it's sealed with plastic like a normal mattress. But it's heavy… like really heavy… like it took two moving guys and me to take it to my apartment on the first floor heavy!

        Been sleeping in it for a few weeks now and it's definitely comfortable, not too firm but not plush either. I do feel a difference on my back. And the bed is sturdy and there is definitely minimal disturbance when someone moves on the bed.

        If you have the means, go for it. It's a very well made, sturdy, full mattress that your back will thank you for.

        • Cheers for the reply. It's definitely back on the list.

        • @mossfrog: I just received my ozmattress Mod at the begging of this week after lots of research and a trial period on a Koala. I must say I'm really really impressed with the quality of the bed, it's firm but soft (I got the medium to firm) and it suits my wife and I perfectly. It just seems super well made and for $900 I spent, awesome value. We're both fairly light people so we didn't need to think about getting the grand master and honestly the difference between the Supra and the MOD seems pretty slim that paying an extra 400 didn't seem at all worth it, and now I've received it, it feels even more true. The Koala feels like a crappy kids bed compared to this. The koala for us was too soft, and it was kinda killing the middle of my back. They're idea of medium firm is pretty off I'd say. For a similar price, for me it's a no brainer to go with ozmattress (I understand mattresses are really subjective though). Obviously we haven't slept on it for ages but I'm really, really happy so far and the price you pay for the quality you receive is pretty wild.

  • I'm thinking of buying one of the online mattresses to trial. But whose to say before the trial ends the business will go close? Such as Lazybeds, Koala, OneBed etc?

  • +1

    The Koala mattress seems to be two layers only now but I can't find any further details on a quick google. We just had our first night on an Ecosa. Will see how it goes over the next 80 days or so.

  • Some interesting reading from Choisssse. I've always felt like I'm getting taken for a ride when looking at mattresses in store.…

  • So I've been sleeping on the lazybed for the past week or so. It's fine, but I do find it gets quite hot, and honestly, it's not amazingly comfortable. Thinking about returning and trying the Ecosa, but the Mrs thinks the lazybed is fine. Can anyone with experience with both compare them?

    • Would you please let us know how did you go with the ecosa? I am thinking to buy one.

  • After reading these comments, I am still confused ! A lot of people say the mattresses they have choosen are too firm. I do like a "soft" mattress, we have been accustomed to sleeping on pillow top mattresses. Am I going to be disappointed with these mattress in a box ??

  • I don't suppose anyone has encountered these style mattresses in Charity shops around Melbourne? There must be so many returns, where do they go!?!

    • I suppose they just replace the encasing and sell them as new again ;)

    • Don't think they sell them, but rather give them directly to people in need.

  • +1

    We've had our king sleeping duck for over a year now. We've changed the insert from medium to firm - medium is great for snuggling in during winter, but I sleep hot so back to firm during a warm Melbourne summer (we don't have aircon)
    We love it.
    Hasn't changed shape, no indents. And we're both heavy and tall.
    Great price and customer service was amazing.
    Have just bought a Koala for the spare room on a friend's recommendation. Keen to compare… but figured you can't go wrong with 120 day return.

  • I had to return the Koala because of its heat retention problem. Does anyone have experience on Sensus iGravity?…

  • They are overbuilding the mattresses here in Australia. The best mattresses I slept on were in budget hotels in Thailand. Just a slab of HIGH DENSITY foam (not latex) in a 100% waterproof encasing. Nice and firm, simple + inexpensive to produce, clean forever and best sleep. Doesn't get hot like memory foam does, and doesn't give you backache like metal springs do.

    • Actually I have to agree with this, just went on a weekend away and the beds were basic 10ish cm foam mattresses (maybe Dunlop), anyway I found them really comfortable and slept really well on them

  • +1

    I highly recommend NOT buying from Sleepy Panda.

    In my case, they did not honour the 100 night trial. And it's not like they gave me valid reasons for not doing it, they just simply did not reply to my emails. When I tried to call, I got a message saying their phone had been disconnected. Apparently they paid their bill, because when I called a week later, I got their voicemail, but the next day, someone finally answered. When I requested the return, they started coming up with terms and conditions. They said I had to try one of their mattress toppers before returning, and because I bought during one of their own sales, "special" terms and conditions applied. They also started telling me that the mattress sells for $10000 in store under different brand names, and that they were mattress and sleep specialists (not sure how this was going to change my mind?).

    I noted that none of these conditions are advertised on their terms and conditions page, and that in fact I met all the t&cs for a return. The person on the phone said they had to speak to management and would get back to me in the next 24 hours. All I got was an email with a copy of their terms and conditions (yes, the same ones that said I was entitled to a return). I replied several times stating my case, but got no response.

    Luckily, I paid via credit card, and was able to plead a pretty strong case for a chargeback.

    • Have you got your money back at the end?

  • This mattress is really taken my eye, and I have read lots of people purchasing via afterpay - lots of the people who have bought them have said how comfy they are…

  • What would OZBer's recommend as a good king-single for my son?

    He's about 90 kilo & is always warm— so I don't want to get him a mattress which retains body heat (foam-topping, etc). He likes a firm mattress or his back bothers him.

    Best price-to-quality?

    We're in WA.


  • I just got the Ecosa. Wife already complaining. Unwrapping the bed and it is really so low. I think its really shit really..

  • Any updated thoughts guys? Thinking about getting the Koala but hearing a lot about heat retention. Any other suggestions?
    Would love anything that is good for the lower back.

    • +1

      When I was searching I noticed a few references to the Ergoflex mattress. I believe it's similarly priced to the Koala, and the site I was using recommended it for bad backs.

      • Thanks mate. I finally went for the 624 mattress.

  • Has anyone tried Sleep Republic here? About to bite the bullet and order based on my research but there's a lot less discussions about it compared to the Koala's and other pure foam mattresses

    • What do you think of the 624?

  • @quop - interesting reading the new comments to your original post today. I last commentated on this post two years ago give or take. Have you done an updated table?

    • No, hasn't been on my radar. In any case this information has long since been wikified ( and is more current there. I also note there's a link to a comparison website at the bottom of the wiki.

      • Thanks for the link. There's even more choice these days.

  • I bought an ecosa but it hasnn't worked out and I am probably going to send it back. I was thinking of trying a koala or sleeping duck. Is this just a waste of my time? Sleeping Duck has pocket springs so would probably worth trying and I like the fact that you can customize each side differently for each person.

    • What didn't you like about the Ecosa?

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