USB-C Cable for Android Auto

I was wondering what the Ozbargain USB cable of choice is for individuals?

I have tried multiple USB-C cables which work completely fine for data transfer / charging / fast charging at home, but my Android Auto system does not seem to like them. I assume most of them are too long and would cause a cable mess in the car anyway.

I'm currently running an Anker Micro-USB with USB-C adapter, but the connection often drops out.

When browsing, I have already found this explanation for choosing a suitable USB cable, obviously targeted at the US.

TLDR: Require USB-C Cable for Android Auto.


  • I'm just using a spare Samsung one that came with a note 9. Works 100% for me. I'm 97% sure I had a belkin one in there originally(purchased from one of many ozbargain deals) and it worked without a problem.

    • Cheers, I will have a look if any of the old boxes for phones contain one or alternatively buy one.

      So far I've been unlucky with: cheap USB C from. Ebay, SGIN cables of different lengths and a short Belkin one.

  • I use currently use a Blitzwolf braided one. Works most of the time. On occasion it doesn't detect properly and I have to disconnect and reconnect at the phone.

    Have used tronsmart and ugreen ones previously, but they seem to fail a lot sooner.

    I suspect the constant plugging and unplugging damages something in the cable eventually.

  • Is the USB socket in the car causing the problem?

    • I don't think so. The reason the connection breaks of is when my phone or cable move whilst driving. When they're not moving, it's fine in the right position.

  • i'm interested in this too. My Android Auto connection is super sporadic. I thought it was b/c i installed the head unit myself :/

  • My go to cable for data connection or Android Auto is a genuine Samsung cable.

    I have bought from this seller heaps and they always work,

  • i found that different cables work with different phones. with my s8 the stock cable that came with it would not work disconnecting all the time and i switched to using Baseus cable which worked without any problems.

    then i got a TCL plex and it just wouldn't work i thought it was the phone but then realised it was the cable again had to switch back to the Samsung cable(which didn't work with samsung phone) and now it works no issue. So i cant explain why but i have always found for iPhone its never an issue with the genuine cable with androids its all over the place as i have tried other phones too with different results and nothing consistent.

    i have the sony ax5000 if that makes any difference.

  • Try cygnet, they have been my go to for cables recently.

    Otherwise you can get that amazon basics on amazon AU.

    Do you have any friends you could borrow a USB C cable from to check it isn’t your car??

  • Are you sure the problem isn't your phone?

    My old xiaomi had issues since I had the dual apps feature on.

  • I have blitzwolf ones and work fine for my android (OP7), but the same brand cables for iPhone 7 fails after a few months.

  • which phone and headunit do you have? I found the genuine cable that came with the phone worked. length shouldn't be an issue. mates got a 5m (dont ask) from kmart that works a dream

    • I have the stock built in unit for a 2018 Hyundai. I will look for the cable from my S8 box - fingers crossed.

      Interesting about the cable length, none of my long cables worked.

      • also check the usbc port on the bottom of your phone. my headunit would take 5 attempts to recognise my phone before starting aa. cleaned mine out and now it works everytime

  • I have had the same problems with AA and my note 10 plus. Tried many cables but the one that worked for me was a Belkin USB model F2CU029BT1M.

    USB 3.1 10Gbps data rate

    Expensive at $38 from Jb Hi Fi but had no problems since.

  • I used a Samsung brand USB-C Cable and it works much better, though the connection still drops occasionally. It definitely improved but I will check with a kthrr phone as well.

  • I'm using a Fasgear bought from Amazon. It was cheap.

    Search for "Fasgear Warp Charge 30W Cable for Oneplus 8 Pro 8, 7 Pro 7T, [3ft] USB C Cable Dash Charging 20W Fast Charge Nylon Braided Data Type-C Cord Compatible with One Plus 7 6T 6 5T 5 3T (1m, Black)"

    It works so well I bought two.

  • I'm using a ugreen one I got off Aliexpress.