This was posted 1 year 7 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Sunbeam EM5300S Barista Max Espresso Coffee Machine $369 Delivered @ Appliances Online


It looks like this deal is back. This coffee machine with integrated grinder was given an 81% expert rating by Choice magazine. Cheapest elsewhere is $499

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        • Yep! Pity it was such a fire hazard as it made a good cup of coffee

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    Cheers OP. Finally pulled the trigger and bought myself a Coffee Machine.
    I am an impatient OzBargainer based in Syd, so called about the delivery date of August and they were happy to find a way to ship one from VIC for me which should arrive next week.

    I have been really happy with all my past experiences from Appliances Online, great support and customer service.

    • I just called to ask the same thing and they said they were unable to do it. Apparently they're out of stock across NSW and VIC :(

  • Planning to buy Aldi's De’Longhi Distinta Espresso Pump Machine tomorrow at $149 and a separate grinder.
    Would this be worth over Aldi's?

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      I was planning to do the same. But after doing a bit of research I decided to buy the Sunbeam as it has generally good reviews and the price is great. Also the Choice magazine recommendations have worked for me in the past.

      • Bought one after reading your comment. Sadly delivery is on 2 Aug.

    • For $150 it is not bad but we have this machine now and I cannot wait to upgrade
      Our one is now 3y old (I think) The steam wand builds up too much pressure and leaks water (or boiling hot steam). It also has so much pressure while frothing milk that the tip of the steam wand/nozzle (not the steel ‘cappuccino maker’ seen in most photos) actually flies off the arm and Into your milk, scaring the life out of you and ruining your milk. Every morning I’m frothing my milk like a hawk, adjusting the flow up and down or having to stop to let it ‘blow off steam’ which doesn’t create good milk

  • Assume this is Sunbeams fewer-featured competitor to the Breville Barista Express? Anyone used/had both and can comment?

  • Is the grinder a conical burr one?

  • Nice price. I've already got a grinder and have been eyeing off the Breville BES920 - must resist this as an impulse buy given I've not researched it. Super cheap though!

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      If you've already got a grinder, the BES920 is fantastic. For reference, we paid $790 when we got ours a few years ago with our local "The Good Guys" store. The price was not advertised.

      Sometimes it pays to ring around - being that it's so close to End of Financial Year… now might be a good time!

      • Thanks mate - I may just do that :)

    • Second vote for the BES920.

      Solid, fast heat up (for a boiler), wakeup timer, can pour based on volume or time, PID temp control. Just works in my opinion.

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    As @blaze points out, the EM4300 is on special for $202 .. and from the choice results it seems like it is as good as the EM5300

    So if one doesn't mind having separate machines, for an extra $32 you can get the EM4300 and the Breville Smart Grinder Pro ($199 from Myer).

    Not as cheap, but is it possibly better overall value?

    Edit: Is there anything else that is better about the coffee making part of the EM5300?

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    Bought from good guys ebay click and collect then claimed ebay best price guarantee - $350.50 and can pickup tomorrow

    • its showing as out of stock on appliance online website. Did Ebay honored price guarantee?

      • it was showing as preorder for me when I did it. I think as long as you can succesfully get to checkout page then they usually honour, though you may have to coach them through the checkout

        • Thanks.. I'll try that.

          • @immu999: Done.. Thanks a lot. Now canceling other order.

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          It will work with Price Guarantee. I chose not to buy on eBay because it doesn't apply the discount, rather it gives you the difference back in the form of an eBay voucher

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            @dengziyi: Correct. Didn't knew before i ordered.
            Was canceling the order from Appliance Online and they offered me an early delivery date.

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    Wasnt it $350 odd with a $100 Barista Pack free for Mother's day. Its good value but far from amazing price. Hold your horses

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    Price matched at good guys to pickup straight away. Thanks op

  • This or the $89 kmart machine (which was top rated by Choice)

    • Exactly how I'm thinking.

      I think the Anko model before was good too, but was semi-automatic?

      • I think the Anko model before was good too, but was semi-automatic?

        Who knows but it isn't available now.

        This one will do the job. But how long will it last? The milk frother is not easy to use but you can adapt and get good texture.

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      Actually, serpserpserp, the Kmart one got an ordinary rating on choice;

      Kmart Anko Espresso Coffee Machine CM5013-SA


      Manual Type.
      Coffee temperature consistency score 80%
      Taste test score 70%
      Ease of use score 64%
      Milk frothing score 60%

      This abovementioned Sunbeam did well though.

      Manual Type.

      • +1

        Actually, serpserpserp, the Kmart one got an ordinary rating on choice;

        Yeah sorry. I think the taste test score was up there compared to some of the other expensive machines. It was best bang for buck.

        The two low scores in ease of use and frothing can be overcome. They aren't easy to use initially but after some work you can overcome them.

        This abovementioned Sunbeam did well though.

        $600 RRP price difference too.

    • The Kmart machine is shit. Couldn't get rid of the chemical taste at the start, descaled it and ran water through it a few times. Took a long time to heat up, and when it did it was never hot enough. The espresso it poured was incredibly bitter and that was with using the double group handle cup. Barely could heat milk hot enough. It's junk. I returned it, that was the best part. Refund took a day to drop. Defs a paid spot in Choice I think.

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    Great machine but don't expect it to last very long. My barista wife is not a fan at all after she encountered a few defects after 6 months. Pay more and go with Breville

    • What sort of defects did she find?

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        Water began to always leak at the bottom, the pump was quite weak, and she mentioned the customer service was terrible. Having said that, it was great for about 6 months.

  • Just from a coffee point of view
    This or Nespresso?

    Sorry to ask a dumb question

    • this is much better than any Nespresso pod machine (in my strong opinion).

  • I'm waiting for the more user-friendly EM4300 to go on sale for around $160 or so again.

    • What would be the Breville equivalent of the EM4300?

  • I'm torn between this and the prospective price drop of a Breville Precision Brewer…

    • Breville Prevision Brewer is for a different cup of coffee though - drip compared to espresso for the Sunbean. You could make long blacks with the Sunbeam but i always find drip coffee cant compare if black is preferred.

      • Excellent point! That definitely guides me towards the Breville, thank you for your perspective. Now I just have to wait for that half price drop…

        • No worries! I do love a drip coffee - have never felt a long black can be a substitute for a nice drip coffee. I'm hoping for a half price drop on the Breville Precision Brewer too, kind of wish it comes with a grinder (i got the older Breville Youbrew - which is nice, can be tuned to grind automatically for a fresh cup the following day).

          • @MJ90s: Have you gotten into doing pour overs?

            If you prefer the gravity-approach, to espresso, then that could be a good stop-gap until you get the precision brewer. And, it's a cheap alternative.

            • @fookos: Thanks Fookos, i do pour over from time to time, i have a simple Hario V60 - with just normal paper coffee filters & a hand grinder i bought from Aldi. Otherwise, im thinking of buying a gooseneck kettle with a variable temperature, like this one (

              What do you think i need to spruce up a pour over coffee ritual?

  • -3

    Looks cheap and nasty, will satisfy a few OzBargainers

  • +10

    I am NOT recommending this machine at all. The grinder started to stop after the warranty (12 months) just finished. The company refuses to repair, the case is with ACCC right now- the company refuses to cooperate.

    Moreover, the service agent said Sunbeam doesn't provide spare parts for this machine. It means, after 12 months, if something is broken, you have to buy a new machine (from your pocket, of course).

    Ask yourself: am I happy to pay $369 for 1 year longevity machine? If yes, go ahead.

    Go to productreview website to get some more recent feedbacks- seems like the quality of this particular machine went down in the last few months/years.

    • Glad I waited before buying this. I did look at reviews and people complained about the grinder getting faulty and general leaking.

    • +1

      Good on you to post your experience.
      If it was posted earler so many wouldn't have bought this.
      Those who can cancel will be better.
      What a crap?
      Saved me, thanks

    • luckily I didn't pull the trigger last night. I will wait for Breville one.

  • some reviews of electric shock on productreview

  • This is a really good price, have a look at the price history here. It's been steadily falling since April, but there's a chance the price may fall further:

    For anyone after the EM4300, that's also the cheapest it's been since April:

    • Is this a better option with a good Grinder?

  • I believe some of you who had bought just cancelled your orders? I got early delivery email, from August to next Monday…Thanks bro

  • Not the best price but picked up a bes920 today for $795 from tgg after using gift cards. It was marked for $899 instore.

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