Razer Blade Studio Edition Touch Workstation Laptop or Razer Blade Pro

I am not up to date with laptops and computers. I have worked hard over the years and have saved up a bit of money to treat myself to something nice for once. I was wondering which laptop is better in terms of performance and durability. Razer Blade Studio Edition Touch Workstation Laptop or Razer Blade Pro? If neither of them, then which laptop should I get for under $10,000? I am only looking for a windows laptop so no mac. Cheers!

Edit: To answer some questions. This is my desktop replacement. I treat patients in different areas across NSW/VIC. Battery life does not matter and the cost does not matter as much. Something reliable to play games with and watch movies on a nice display. Being in some small areas for a period of time can get a bit lonely at times.


  • A couple of quick questions - what you can do is to figure out which of the following you value the most.

    1. Do you value battery life?
    2. Do you value portability?
    3. Do you play games or want to play games?
    4. Do you value aesthetics?

    All that to say - I'm really impressed by the Asus Zephyrus G14. It has the new Ryzen 4000 9 series in it and a dedicated GPU. It somehow manages to kick the pants off anything intel has in the CPU department whilst also getting almost 12 hours battery life for normal day to day use. The only real thing that it lacks is a webcam. Some people prefer no webcam (privacy etc) but I need one for work.

    I would be looking for something with the Ryzen 4000 series CPUs in them no matter what you guy. They are more powerful and use less power than what Intel has out now.

    • Thank you for the suggestion. It looks very good! Has great reviews too! Will keep an eye out for it.

      1. No as it is a desktop replacement
      2. Will just be sitting as home and travelling from time to time.
      3. Not a hardcore gamer just something to pass the time with.
      4. No. Performance is all that matters for me. Razers look ugly, but the reviews from youtube all mention Razer laptops as top performers.
      • OK that's good information.

        Razers are powerful but they use intel chips which aren't as powerful as Ryzen 4000 series (some games do better with intel than AMD - but AMD have higher IPC and more cores). So if you really want a beast then getting something with a Ryzen 4000 series chip is gonna be the go.

        HP's gaming lineup of laptops the Omen are releasing a very very promising laptop - here's a review I have found: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fEUdcIjPtI I think the model number is HP Omen 15-EN0013DX

        The reviewer has the model with the 1660ti GPU - but it can be had with the RTX 2060 for the monster power you crave :D

  • What do you want the laptop for?

    Do you need a 10k machine?

    You know it loses 50% of its brand new value once you drive it off the lot.

    • Got some money to burn before EOFY. I don't necessarily need a 10K machine. However, I have $10,000 left for my tax benefit this year

  • $200 and ill tell ya