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$3.99 wedding gloves - Free Shipping (No Coupons needed) - Expires at 15/10/2011


Hi everyone,
Long time no see. I haven’t post any promotion for a month as I have read the suggestions from Jlove. And we want earn more popularity from ozbargain. Then we come up with a really madness sale for this Halloween.
All wedding gloves from our site are selling out at cut-throat prices: $3.99 only plus FREE SHIPPING. No Minimum Orders.
Valid from Oct. 10 to Oct. 15

Thank you for kind comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  • +3 votes

    They must have sold out of wedding handcuffs


      Wedding handcuffs? sold out? Could Anyone help me explain this? We have plenty of wedding gloves in stock.
      By the way, I'm happy to see a vote up on this bargain. Thanks a lot. Feel that our efforts have been rewarded and acknowledged.

  • +2 votes

    Can we just buy one glove for $2 ?


      Are you kidding me, jv? All the wedding gloves are selling at a loss to earn popularity. It couldn't be lower.


    Haha, I cant remember what I said a month ago, but +1 for reading suggestions and improving the deal, rather than continuing to spam, like what other REPs tend to do.


      Thanks Jlove. You said website that lack of popularity will banned by ozbargain. If we want to stay longer at this site, we need to earn more popularity. We're trying now.

  • +1 vote

    Hi cdfe

    You said that you'd like feedback so here are a few comments about your site/presence on ozbargain.

    I think part of the reason your deal didn't get a huge number of votes (although 12 is a respectable number) is that not many people are after a pair of wedding gloves. I mean, first you have to be about to get married, and then secondly you have to want to wear gloves with your dress!

    However, it seems your site sells more than just wedding gloves, or even wedding dresses. You also sell some nice formal dresses, cocktail dresses, etc. These will probably appeal to more people than wedding-related items. The school formal season is coming up, wedding season is coming up (with a lot more guests/bridesmaids/mothers-of-the-bride than there are brides!) so people who are looking for dresses (not wedding dresses) might be interested.

    Also, the ozbargain community likes big bargains. Can you give a code for (say) $50 or $100 off your products? Can you give a code for 30% or 40% or 50% off your products? I have no idea whether it's possible within your business model but those are the kinds of deals that ozbargain gets really excited about.

    Finally, looking through your website (and I don't mean to be rude), I noticed that in a number of places, the english used is wrong/strange/clearly foreign. On one level there's nothing at all wrong with that (it's still perfectly understandable) but on another level, I think people will think that it's more "professional" and trustworthy if you have fluent english throughout your site. If you like, get in touch and maybe I can help you with that?



      Then we come up with a really madness sale for this Halloween.

      I think the wedding gloves are for Halloween haha either its for scary bride costumes or weddings = Halloween.

      Personally, I wouldnt buy clothes that need perfect fitting online (dresses, jeans) unless its an extremely good good bargain.


        Hi Jlove, our dresses are custom tailored for best fitting. And I would like to start a extremely good good bargain for you.


      Thanks jenerally, I have tried to offer discounts on dresses. But we only get negative feedbacks. And when I scheme this promotion, I have thought about dresses. You know, there is no dresses for Halloween from my site. Then, I choose wedding gloves.
      How could you help us to make this site more professional and trustworthy? Thanks in advance. We would be glad to get in touch.

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