How Do You Do Your Coffee?

New time Dad here, I have a feeling I may be consuming a fair amount of coffee over the coming weeks!

I’ve previously gone to local cafes to purchase my daily coffee, but was thinking of trying it at home (especially being down to one income!)

For reference, cafe order is usually a flat white with 1/2 a sugar.

I’ve only really done instant coffee at home, but looking for something a bit closer to cafe coffee. Keen to see how the ozbargain community do their coffee at home. A full machine seems a little expensive for a first timer.

For bonus points, do you froth your milk beforehand, straight from the carton, or otherwise?

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    At Home - Cold Drip


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      Pods suck. Bad coffee, bad for the environment.

      Pods. The inkjet printers of the coffee world.

  • $4 large, flat, optionally cute barista, and local shop could make me get 2 a day easily… having a machine at home, buying and grinding beans are too much maintenance, I dont have time for that and I’d like to support small local businesses.

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      actually it probably takes you less time to make a coffee using a machine/clean up afterwards than it does to go to the local and back home again

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    You know this is a rabbit hole right? How far down do you want to go?

    There are a lot of really good cheap setups that you can at least try before you spend any serious money. Get a small burr grinder and either a french press, an Aeropress, a moka pot or a pour over. The grinder is the real key; freshly ground coffee makes any method taste so much better.

    If you decide that's not close enough to your cafe coffee, then you can look at espresso machines. Sunbeam and Breville do decent cheap machines. Or if you do the maths and decide you can justify it, you can go straight to an Italian machine like my Rocket Giotto.

    And when you realise you can save more money if you roast your own coffee beans, that's when you realise you've fallen too far down the rabbit hole and you now have a new hobby.

    And avoid Nespresso. It manages to be both expensive and not that good. Those pods cost as much as a $1 coffee from 7-11 and I reckon the coffee tastes roughly the same.

  • Bialetti Moka on the stove top! Strong black cup of coffee. We use Pellini Top (100% arabica beans).

    • 'Bialetti Moka on the stove top!'

      ah - the aroma of freshly burned rubber …

    • I like the IKEA ones as they are made from stainless steel and feel like they are made better.

  • I do a home cappuccino about once every 2 days (aldi capsule machine + frother) no sugar.

    Daily I drink one Turkish coffee with 1 tablespoon of sugar.

    Tea as much as possible mainly black no sugar. About one with disgusting tea bags and a whole lot with my double boiler and loose tea.

  • I saw a YouTube video where a chap was saying to put some instant in a cup with some milk, then put it in the microwave and blast it for half a minute to let the milk mix with the instant, and then add water. His thoughts were that doing it that way meant that the coffee had a better crema(spelling?). I’ve tried it and I think it does make it taste a little better than just adding hot water but I also think that it’s not ideal to put boiling water straight into the cup?

    I’ve tried capsule machines but I personally didn’t really like the taste, it’s also expensive I found.

    The instant I buy is the fairly finely ground Nescafé Gold I think number 3 strength. I’ve found the more coarse ground instant tends to taste more ‘instanty’.

    • I don't think instant is ground as such, it's pulverised and then reconstituted into granules. I reckon the make the larger granules to make you think it's more like actual ground coffee compared to the fine powder of cheap instant coffees.

      • I completely forgot that they freeze dry them. Yeah, you’re right it’s not ground like regular bean coffee either. Yeah it could be that they would make it look less like instant. Instant definitely has that reputation of being cheap, and often nasty.

  • I have an ECM espresso machine at home and grinder that cost way too much for me to call myself an ozbargainer. BUT they make excellent cafe quality coffees. I drink a double shot small latte a day, and taking into cost of only ingredients, my daily dose costs anywhere from 30c-90c per cup.

    I have had moka pots, nanopresso, capsule, and breville coffee machines. They all vary in taste and quality. Pods are BY FAR the worst - save your money, get a grinder and moka pot and you can make yourself a fantastic quality long black. Breville barista express was okay for a couple of years, then I sold it to fund my current machine - unbeatable quality.

  • I use a Breville Smart Grinder Pro to grind beans, buy em from places like Industry Beans, Dukes,etc. IB has been great recently during covid postage delays with their Express Post parcels arriving within two days.

    Use a Moka Pot or French Press at home, mostly straight with a touch of milk. Delish.

    For work I grind some beans before I leave and take my Aeropress with me for my morning coffee.

  • the MOST important part is the bean - a good, freshly roasted, freshly ground bean, so pods are just out for me. no way! but I'm a short black drinker, so you really notice the difference in beans, milk and sugar is going to reduce that impact.

    I now use a flair ( ) which is a handpulled espresso like machine, signifcantly better than an aeropress ( used this for a few years ) - around $250

    I'd consider cold brew too ( ) you can make enough for 1-2 days in a single brew - at only $50.

    yeah, breville burr grinder, FTW.

    adding milk will still be a pain, with both these approaches tho.

  • We have a breville dual boiler and grinder, was $1079 3.5 years ago, we buy organic beans from Byron Bay Coffee company $82 delivered for 2 x 1kg bags.

  • Cowboy style. Bulk coffee powder ($7 for 500 grams) + hot water.

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    Vietnamese dripped coffee.. just ground coffee no machine required,

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