Toilet Paper Shortages Soon?

Was at Costco Casula in the arvo and it seems like every second person had toilet paper in their carts. I'm wondering if the news about shortages in Melbourne has forced people to start loading up again? Thoughts?


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    not sure about melbourne, the post like this certainly will create panic

  • My thoughts are to total banned on these type of social media comments.

  • A second wave is coming. We've already cashed in our super to short when it hits.

  • freaking telling people not to panic buy. bunch of idiots

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      bunch of idiots

      Most of the country is controlled by Fox News and the ABC.

      Guess what that makes most of the country.

    • bunch of idiots

      I blame schools - about half of all school leavers have below average marks.

      OTOH, look at what they have to work with - about half of their students have an IQ less than 100.

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        "…about half of all school leavers have below average marks…"

        By definition, about half of all school leavers will have above average marks as well

        • You're being upvoted by people who dont know the difference between an average and a MEDIAN

          50% of school leavers would be above the median, and 50% below.

          Averages are always skewed by outliers and it is absolutely not true that 50% could be above or below the average

          • @jnewau: Thanks, you saved me the trouble.

          • @jnewau: If we’re being technical, a median value is an average. (Although granted, the mean (another kind of average) is what most people here refer to when talking about average.)

          • @jnewau: Assuming it's roughly a normal distribution, the median is expected to roughly correlate to the mean. On such a large scale as a whole state/country, I'd expect the mean to be the same as the median, unless there's some other factor causing a non-normal distribution of grades.

          • @jnewau: I think it was a tongue in cheek comment. It is funny.

      • 100 ? You're being very generous here !

    • I was going to post the same thing but… Best me to it.

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    Meh. Haven’t heard of anyone having to wipe with their hands during the last panic buy.
    Media’s at it again, posts like these don’t help either.

    • Keeping the people up to date with current affairs helps the community.

    • What's wrong with posting about it? People are idiots for stockpiling TP so its hilarious talking about it.

      • Because it creates a false sense of urgency, people will legit see posts like yours and say "Huh damn people are sure going a bit crazy over toilet-paper/rice/pasta etc. again, better stock up so I don't miss out on any when I need some" and the cycle goes on.

        • Only morons do this.

        • The post is meant to highlight the fact that people are already doing it.

        • It's not a false sense if the toilet paper really will be gone when I get there and need some. People calling out those who go buy some as stupid or irrational seem to not be thinking it through properly themselves or else being disingenuous. As I said in part of another reply here: if I possibly/probably can't get some when I need it if I wait, then it behooves me (selfishly perhaps, not ethically; but rationally) to get some (and maybe extra) now - and if I don't, and then can't get it and needa take a dump and can't wipe, then it's kindof irrelevant to me whether all those other people who bought it all up before I got there were doing it for good reasons or bad, or were being fair or unfair. Of course I think the FIRST people who go and who buy excessive amounts, who are the root cause, are being grossly unfair and shouldn't do it, but someone who hears about it happening and is almost out, who maybe is someone who for whatever reason can't drive from supermarket to supermarket looking for it; they're hardly being crazy or stupid

          • @Popid:

            People calling out those who go buy some as stupid or irrational seem to not be thinking it through properly themselves

            They are thinking it through properly, but it's panic-buyers, like you, that are missing the whole point and so are failing to understand what the more rational people are thinking.

            It's a self-fulfilling prophecy that panic buyers are creating. There is and was no actual shortage, the problem was people panicking and buying 4x what they actually needed and the supply lines can't account for the new uptake overnight, and so it took time for the supply to return to the store. If everyone could suppress the emotions that you are feeling right now about "missing out" then there will be no shortage. By going out and "stocking up" right now because you think there will be a shortage then you are creating the shortage by buying more than you need.

          • @Popid: There is nothing wrong with grabbing an extra pack or two for this exact reason.

            Just no need to stockpile a six month supply like some idiots will do.

    • Whats wrong with wiping with your hands? Most asian countries use water and hands:-)

      • We don't live in Asia.

        • I like Japanese system though.. kinda fills the voids of having to deal with pail/ mug or even cold water. Nice and cleaner.

        • Different continent but technically we are in the Asia region of the world. It amazes me when people try to draw a big distinction. Look at a map, the distance from Australia to New Guinea is around 150 km

      • it's winter and it's cold lol.

      • please don't touch anything, mmmk?

        ps: you gotta have a lot of faith over there in Asia.
        All you get is a small pail for splashing water and a bar of soap everyone else touched. Better make sure you get all that stuff under your fingernails when you're done, pray to God the bottom of your footwear isn't contaminated with little bits of … somebody else's product.

      • Because nobody ever caught an illness from Asia, right?

      • I'll waddle over to the sink, splash some water on my hands and wipe arse, drip my shitty arse water all over the floor as I rinse my hand to repeat. Don't see anything wrong this method!

    • We were down to 2 half rolls. It was a real issue for a lot of people.

    • May be sponsored news by supermarkets?! They should be making hell lotta money! There was another news recently about heaps of sanitizer stock but no demand :-(

    • having to wipe with their hands

      = Washing with water? Probably a cleaner option anyway, at least not the worse option in lieu of tissue rolls. I agree with you - it wasn't that people didn't even have water even if the tissue shortage was severe.

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    Crazy, but I don't think we can blame the 'media' for this one. According to an earlier report today, Woolworths has re-introduced limits on certain products in Victoria:

    "Toilet paper, hand sanitiser, paper towel, flour, sugar, pasta, mince meat, long-life milk, eggs and rice will be return to their two per person limit at all Woolworths’ Victorian stores from Wednesday afternoon. The company said it was a preventative move made in response to “significantly elevated demand”.The supermarket's managing director Claire Peters assured customers stores would remain open and the company had plenty of stock in its warehouses."

  • I've never understood the panic with toilet paper. There are so many other things that I'd find it harder to live without. Not having toilet paper seems more like an inconvenience than a dire situation.

    • Logical thinking didn't stop the toilet paper shortage the first time around. It won't stop it this time either.

      • Wonder if the logic could be as simple as 3 months ago everyone stockpiled 3 months worth of toilet paper.. and now are in need again

    • True, just goes to show there hasn't been a dire situation in Australia. Covid has been just an inconvenience for most but sadly people don't realise that. They think they've managed to survive some major crisis and hardship. I really hope Australia doesn't face any real crisis as the vast majority are totally unprepared.

    • Tell me about it. Worst case scenario you hop straight into the shower after doing your business. Big deal.

    • Everytime this happens India laughs

    • It's because people want to maintain their level of comfort and there is no alternative to toilet paper.

      You would never find that we would run out of food, because there is always something to eat. If there is no chicken, buy beef, if there is no beef, buy pork, lamb, kangaroo, fish, squid, tofu, etc.

      There will always be an alternative to a food. It is very unlikely we will have a shortage, because you can't hoard that much perishable food, without the risk of it going off.

      No hand wash? Buy bar-soap.

      Everything else has alternatives.

      I'm not saying it's right, I'm just suggesting why this is happening.

      I guess you could suggest using cloth wipes, but that goes back to maintaining a level of comfort.

  • There was no eggs in coles I went to yesterday, so annoying, I didn’t check the toilet paper isle though, but yea panick buying is probably back.

    • Pretty sure they don't keep eggs in the toilet paper aisle so you didn't miss 'em.

    • I don't get the logic behind hoarding things like this either. Surely if you actually thought not leaving your house for a period of time was a possibility you'd get foods which are dense in nutrition, go fairly far for their physical size, don't require refrigeration and keep for a long time. I don't think eggs are one of those things.

      Me (vegetarian though), I have like 2 or 3kgs of dried lentils and some rice etc that I can make into curries in the event I legitimately had to self quarantine for some time. Fairly dense in calories and not at all unhealthy.

      You'd need a shitload of eggs, pasta etc for the same nutritional value. Although admittedly you can't go past the protein density in eggs by comparison, but it's not like that's going to be a major concern while self quarantining.

  • Yup its back here in melb, you people are animals

  • Bloody Victorians……..

  • /facepalm

    If COVID caused diarrhoea Id understand but damn people are stupid. How do they exist?

  • why do people panic, at worst you now have a purpose for the million odd socks you own

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    Actually, is there a link between this panic buying of toilet paper and the ongoing spread of COVID-19? Do you think it is the same moronic people who can't listen to instructions to save their own (and other) lives, and now think the best thing they can do is go out and buy heaps of TP?

    • there a link between this panic buying of toilet paper and the ongoing spread of COVID-19

      Don't give conspiracy theorist ideas.

    • Making home-made masks from TP? (⌐■_■)

    • Depends on the individual.
      If they're buying extra to avoid having to go to the shops again in the near future (i.e. minimizing their exposure to the public) then they're obviously not increasing the spread.
      But if they're just panicking driving around to 5 different stores in one afternoon trying to buy all they can before it disappears they're a f'ing idiot.

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