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10% off Apple Mac Computers at JB Hi-Fi


It’s finally here, I believe it’s the first time since the new 2020 air and pro released.

Excludes iMac MQ2Y2X/A, MacBook Air MQD32X/A, iPad & Apple built-to-order.

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  • How would you guys rate the MWP72X/A? Thinking of getting that from an upgrade from the dual core MBA 2014.

    • That’s what I’m getting but in Space Gray. It’s pricey but you’re getting the 10th gen processor so future proofing somewhat. If you can stomach the cost, then it’s a great machine

      • Pulled the plug, called up OW and they price beat it by 5% - Got it down to $2560ish

      • I've got the MWP72X/A. I also upgraded from quad core. It's a good package with a reasonable RAM and SSD allocation. The graphics are significantly improved over the 8th Gen Intel. I run some steam games via bootcamp and they work well.

        Loving the new keyboard.

    • I upgraded from the 2017 MBP with the dual-core i5 and only 8Gb of RAM. I haven't yet restored my profile from the old machine but I'm hoping to see a pretty good performance boost.

  • Would officeworks pricebeat work?

  • Does anyone know off the top of their head if JB Hi Fi will do custom builds?

  • Just beware Apple is moving away from the intel chips so at one point these will stop being supported.

    • Switching to ARM isn't my preference, that's for sure! It also means no more Boot Camp :-(

    • They guaranteed that they will support Intel based chips in the future. And considering they have 100% of their current Mac's on Intel they will support it for atleast 5 years although most likely closer to 10.
      Also they will finish the rollout to arm based at the end of next year so plenty of time.
      So there's no point worrying about this.

      • Also, there’s still some intel based silicon planned for some future Macs, potentially a 14 inch later this year. I wouldn’t worry about that unless you particularly want the Apple silicon

        • And the way he said it makes me think even in 2021 and beyond they may still sell intel vesions of these Macs, probably until those models have reached the end of their usual product cycle Apple will offer two versions, Intel and ARM. Or maybe he just meant there's a few more Intel models coming until they all get replaced with ARM versions, and they won't sell them side by side.

      • Apple lasted 3 years (2006 - 09) supplying dual versions of their OS. I doubt you'd get any more years than this, this time around. Sure you'll still get security updates for many years to come but not so much new OS's.

        • Apple is very different to 14 years ago, the iphone wasn't around. The fact that even iphone 6S will still get the new ios is saying a lot, a device thats almost 5 years old. They'll also have to cater to those that paid 10s of thousands for their imac/mac pro's.

          • @cchhiillyy: I agree, but the iPhone 6s is the same architecture as the latest iPhone, so it’s much easier to support.

            Back then the only people using Macs were the pros on expensive video editing rigs.

          • @cchhiillyy:

            They'll also have to cater to those that paid 10s of thousands for their imac/mac pro's.

            This is actually a solid point.

            People spend 40-50K on a MacPro would expect at least 10 years out of it. Imagine in 4 Apple stopping support.

            The one thing I do worry about is other developers. Will they produce an Intel and ARM version of their software? Will it make business sense to do so?


          They went from G4/G5 PPC Macs to vastly superior Intel Core-based microprocessors. At some point they really just had to say: "No, we're not supporting that G4 Mac mini anymore, even if it's not that old".

          In this case, it's a side-grade at best. The current batch of Intel machines isn't going to be holding them back. The ARM-based alternatives may better them in performance-per-watt, but they hardly offer a compelling leap in performance or in microarchitecture features.

      • haha, man there is no way they will still be supporting Intel macs for the next ten years.

    • Apple also says it will take two years to finish their plans to make everything work perfectly on ARM. I think I'm still going to buy the launch Arm MacBook, WWDC had me sold.

  • All Apple computers except MacBook Air MQD32X/A

  • Anyone know if this will stack with the first responders deal?

  • anyone knows if they stack or allow student discount on top?

    • There's no student discount offered at JB Hi-Fi.

      • They will almost always price-match apples student pricing. Had my 2020 macbook pro pricematched the day it was first in-store

      • Jb will match the education pricing. But I'd doubt they'll stack with 10%. Could stack with discounted giftcards though.

        • Yes, they do. I did this last weekend when my employee discount provider had 7.5% off JB gift cards. I had JB match the 10% Apple I also get, so that means I paid just under $2500 for the MWP42X/A. Win!

  • I'll just be patiently waiting for the new iMac announcement later this year

    • Gotta wonder what they'll come in at - I'm thinking the same as you.
      Amazing and dependable machines but initial cost hey…
      Still my old iMac is near 10 years old now and still goes like a rocket.
      Only put a bit more memory in ~ 2015 and an SSD a couple of years ago.
      Still having misgivings about upgrading/letting it go!

      • Yeah I've got three 21.5 inch mid 2011 imacs
        One I purchased brand-new and paid the premium for the 16 GB of RAM and the 2.8 GHz I7 it never missed a beat until 2017 when it started to freeze completely then sometimes it wouldn't boot. I had my fingers crossed it was just the RAM but that didn't seem to be the case. A technician from Mac one suspected it was the SMC chip to be honest I was devastated. I can't go without having an iMac after the first time it started having problems the technician managed to get it working so while it was working I took precautions to find a couple of secondhand models from an advertising company $500 for both of them surprisingly they have the exact same specifications as mine except the I7 processor but they did have the upgraded i5 2.7 GHz so the difference was only .1 MHz and the ability to hyperthread. He suggested I could swap the CPU into one of my replacements but for the .1 GHz difference and hyper threading and the fact I would have to basically fully teardown 2 imacs I wasn't super concerned. he also noted everything about my failing iMac was perfect he's like you've got at least like $500-$700 in just parts from the screen/glass to the power supply. So I just have it in its original box for parts. Sorry for the long message just thought I would share my iMac journey. But yeah I think we're going to have to drop a pretty penny compared to late 2011 when I spent around $2400 for a full spec 21.5 inch.

      • did you have to do all that front panel opening with the suction cup etc etc to do the SSD? I've always wanted to do but still hesitant and worried about cracking screen or the things not sticking back together at the end! :)

        • I looked into it but finally erred on the side of having someone do it. Was pretty sure I could do it as there are videos by people on YT who have done it… but yes, you have to get a kit including suction caps etc. Wasn't quite willing to take the chance. Also, the guy that did it for me blew it out with compressed air in 'key' areas so as to not disrupt things as sometimes such things will. Totally understand your hesitation. I felt exactly the same way.
          Sure was worth it though… ran so much better/faster after that. Fair to say I was getting the 'beach ball' thing more than I'd ever seen. But wow, these newer ones. Bet they'd see me through another ten years with little to no problems whatsoever, and no added expense of having to buy virus protection. Never once have I had a virus!
          Felt like such a traitor going from PC to MAC. But was most definitely the best choice I ever made. God I don't miss those days when a PC that wasn't even two years old would grind to a near halt… even after spending $$$ on 'virus protection'.

        • I've done it multiple times on both 27" and 21.5" variants. It's not too hard, just watch a few videos and take it slow! :)

  • I've just got a macbook pro from Office work for 2080 AUD (priced match), now wit this deal , the price can be roughly 1980. I know there is a 30 day return for office works , but i've already installed lots of softwares and….
    Can I buy another macbook from OW matching JB price (if still valid tomorrow morning) and after delivery, return the new macbook with the old receipt ? do they check the serial numbers ?

  • Any idea how long this sale will be on?

  • I always buy from the apple education store online. They never verify anything and you can buy online and pickup in store. Great discounts all the time.

  • Air or Pro?

    • Base model?

    • there is really not that much weight or footprint difference between the two but most reviewers seem to suggest Air is the right one for most people I think..

    • Air has a newer processor. Pro has a fan which helps when using resource intensive software.

    • If you like TouchBar and you know you're going to be running heavy software, then Pro. Otherwise Air.

      I would recommend Air to 95% of people to be honest. It's so powerful and the TouchBar is a bit useless.

  • Great price. Would be better with TRS

    • Was planned to go overseas next week
      Sad that borders are now close and flight got cancelled
      Otherwise this will be a perfect timing to get the new Macbook Air

  • No 16inch 2020 pro version , only has 13inch version ?

  • Kinda disappointed and also glad my Macs just keep on going.

  • The whole iMac HDD situation annoys me. How much extra could it have really cost to use a SSD?

  • hmmm very tempting to upgrade my 2013 Macbook Air to a new base model Macbook Air… I know the cooling is an issue, but it's hard to judge just how much of a real world issue it is. My Air is a secondary device to my desktop PC so it doesn't need to be super powerful, so I feel like it's probably fine, but…

    • I'm in the same boat as you with my Desktop PC, My 2013 Macbook Air battery is done and I don't know whether to put any more money into it as it only has 4gb ram.

  • Just did a 5% pricebeat at Officeworks using the JB HiFi prices. I would jump on it ASAP before Officeworks pricematches JB HiFi

    • Is it best to call the store direct or is there another number to call? Just trying to find stock in my area now.

      • I called the head office who arranged the price match and organised pickup in my local store :)

      • You will have to call head office on 1300 OFFICE to place an over the phone order or you could go to your local store to place an order.

    • Perfect, OW did 5% price beat straightaway.
      Note, there is a long wait over the phone. Rep mentioned receiving many calls for price beat with JB Hi-FI today.

    • is the extra price beat 5% off the total price, or 5% of the discount?

  • I’ve currently got an iMac but tempted to get a MacBook Pro & sell the iMac..

    Does apple iMac’s have any resale value or is it not worth it?

    • Yes, they do, especially if it's in good shape and you have original accessories. Bonus if you still have the box, too. Check out eBay for indicative pricing, but TBH I've always had better success from Gumtree (no fees, either).

  • Went for the OW match so I could also use my Amex with no surcharge :

    MacBook Pro 13.3" 2.0GHz 512GB 4 x Thunderbolt 3 Space Grey
    Product Code: MBP1320BSG | Unit Price: $2564.14

    Pretty happy with that!

    • Did the same thing with my Amex at officeworks this morning. I always forget jb hi-fi have the 2.5% surcharge. Deal breaker.

  • +3 votes

    Officeworks are getting naughty.
    Tried price beat on phone. Local stock at JB and Officeworks. MacBook Air base model.
    Lady said she couldn’t put the order in as OW has now lowered their price to match JB. Website not yet updated. Still not updated half an hour later! Is this their new way of treating customers?

  • i called officeworks to beat JB price, was told they cannot beat it as JB doesn't have stock online :(