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Happy Socks from $1.50 @ David Jones


David Jones are having a huge sale on these happy socks, being further reduced from previous post. Managed to order a few Beatles ones from local store click and collect. Seem to have multiple styles available.
Edit: Please sort price low to high

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    This works out quite nicely with the recent $20 voucher…too nicely…

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    Show $19.95 to me!?

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      Sort price low to high and the cheap ones will appear.

      • Sooo noob!!!ahahsh

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    Loads of options only available for click and collects and stores are very limited. Just found about 5 pairs that they would send in the post though. Nice post OP.

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    Good deal for anyone close to Mundarah.

    But this deal is like click bait.

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    Added some Beatles to basket but closest store in stock is 600km away.

    Back to the Yellow Submarine for me

  • Stock is 800km away.

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      Or is it, socks 800 Km away?

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        Haha I like yours better

    • 1457.40 km away 😵

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    Can I get a refund if it doesn’t make me happy?

    • Not happy Jan.

    • I bought the Beatles Bright Spot socks for $5 in last Deal - wasn't any happier so got a refund.

    • No, it's the socks that should feel happy.

      The Beatles Fish ones look kinda blue, so I'm sure you could get a refund for those.

  • Is this brand better than bonds?

    • Bought last Deal - reasonable quality, especially at this price.

    • I’ve bought quite a few Happy Socks over the years as gifts and for myself. They are fun but quality isn’t great. Tend to last much less time than other socks and are very thin. You’re paying for the novelty and design really.

      Uniqlo socks are much cheaper and quality is way better.

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    My locals showing none of anything, I’d say you would have more luck heading in to look

  • Damn 3268.3km away for C&C

  • Are these socks one size fits all? There is no sizing info on the website.

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      For Happy socks

      Mens = Euro 41-46
      Womens = Euro 30 something to 40

      Only real way for us to check is to see if DJ's lists it under the mens or womens department.

      And thank you missus for that info…she's…ingrained it into me…damn

  • Plain black socks make me happy.

  • Thanks OP.
    Couldn't get the $1.50 deal, but managed to grab a few from the $2.70 selection.

    4 pairs works out to be $10.80.
    Bit more expensive than the Costco deal if you have membership.

    • Same. Ordered 4 pairs for $10.80.

      But stock levels aren't likely to be accurate. What I ordered wasn't in store recently. Am expecting order could be cancelled.

      Annoying when it shows in stock at local store 2km away, but at checkout shows only available 15km away. Ordered anyway.

      • You are correct…
        1 pair has already been cancelled from my order :(

        • Got ready for pickup email!
          Ordered 2 CATS at another store - still waiting. Expect it won't be available. There were only 2 at store.

          • @the INFIDEL: I was pessimistic in my prediction.
            Both CATS socks ready for collection.

    • 80% Cotton, 17% Polyamide, 3% Elastane
  • Managed to only snag one pair of $2.70 at my local, rest were 2000-3000km away!

  • Thanks Op. Found 4 available at my local store ($2.70 ones)

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    Thank you, snagged three pairs!

    Also worth checking a bit further down in the sort by price - they have a 6-pair box of Beatles socks @ $20 and a 6-pair box of Rolling Stones for $26.

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    Expect some orders may be cancelled. So don't pay by PayPal as refunds in past have been to DJs gift card!

    I checked stock in local store last Deal & didn't see these clearance socks that it says are now in stock at that store!

    • Both my orders are ready to collect!
      I am surprised!!

    • That sounds illegal, how can they do that?

  • Its showing no option to add to cart

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      Just ordered $2.70 socks.
      Most cheaper socks can't be ordered. Or no stock nearby.

      When out of stock, price reverts to normal & can't order.

  • Excellent find.

    Got a couple of gift boxes.


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    Watch these get cancelled like last time.

    • Yep, mine just got cancelled.

    • Received ready to pickup email for 4 @$2.70ea🎉

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    The David Jones website is completely useless.

    You can't search by items that are in stock in your store. So I added EVERY sock to my cart that I'd be happy to wear.

    You can't check what store the sock is in stock in until you go through checkout.

    You can't just set any store as your store, you have to find an item that it is in stock in, which involves clicking into it and waiting for it to load, for loads of items until you find one.

    Then when you finally find one sock that's available at your local you try to buy it. Get an error page.

    Try to go through the whole process again and have to find the store it is on stock in again.

    Now it changes its mind and it is only in stock in stores 3000km away!!

    Urgh what a waste of half an hour.

    • The most laughable thing about DJ's website is that unless you manually fiddle with the URL you cannot filter by size.

    • +3

      The lesson I learnt from this experience is that I will never shop at David Jones again. The experience both in store and online is absolutely horrible. It's like no-one in their IT dept has ever used the Internet before…

      • yep

        Their online store is shit, period

        End of story


        Game over

      • You can be SURE that this was built by a contractor like IBM or something. Meets the business requirements on paper… they just never evolved it after that.

        • I bet they still have Lotus Notes and still use Blackberry…

          • @1st-Amendment: They were still using Lotus Notes in 2018. But no Blackberry; managers had shitty prepaid Telstra phones that you'd get for like $20

            Source: ex-staff

    • +4

      It is truly awful. It is almost like they do not want you to shop online but force you into their stores.
      Here are the things I want in an online shop:
      - filter by size
      - set local store
      - all items to be available for shipping (or disclose if only available for click and collect before opening item page)
      - don't show my items that are out of stock - or show that clearly before I click them.

      Not to mention it is bloody slow as well.

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    In store too?

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    crap website. pass.

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    And just got an email saying they have no stock and my order has been cancelled.


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    I refuse to use the David Jones website, 90% of items are C&C and you have to search one by one. WORSE, alot of items are sold out and still listed. It's been like this for years no wonder they're going broke.

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    Head into the store, i just went in and got a Beatles sock box (3 pairs) for $11

    • I got three pairs Beatles socks, yellow submarine for 8.10. David Jones castlereagh street

  • For those wondering they had more than 20 pairs of Beatles yellow submarine left. Sydney city store castlereagh. 2.70 a pair

  • They also had 20+ yellow submarine at Robina last night