[Price Error] Samsung TU8000 50" Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV $429 + Free Metro Delivery @ ShopZero

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Available late July

Get immersed in a captivating entertainment experience at home with the Samsung 50-inch TU8000 Crystal 4K UHD LED LCD Smart TV, which delivers superb picture quality in a sleek, bezel-less design.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) support provides an increased range of light levels for impressive colour accuracy and detail even in challenging lighting conditions
Gives you access to various apps, including Apple TV and Apple AirPlay 2, as well as Netflix, YouTube, or Xbox via Smart Hub* to enjoy watching your favourite movies and TV series hassle-free
Easy content streaming, thanks to its straightforward Navigation Menu, intuitive device recognition, One Remote Control, and Multi View feature
Integrated Bixby and Alexa makes it easy for you to search for content, access your viewing history, and configure settings using only your voice
Ambient mode lets you display pictures or take a snapshot of your wall to let the screen seamlessly blend in with the rest of your interior when not in use

What's in the Box:

x1 50" TU8000 Crystal 4K UHD LED LCD Smart TV

… Interest free with Afterpay, Zip, Humm and Openpay

25/6: Price error confirmed, moved to forums.

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    Credit - Pricehipster

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    EOFY40 for an extra $40 off. Crazy good buy. Shame its interest free and cant be bought outright?

    Also note late July Delivery

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      There is a PayPal option for full payment.

    • Paypal

      • Yeah just saw Paypal in the checkout. thanks!

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      What’s wrong with interest free instalment?

  • Please put retailer in the title

  • Shopback - 3%

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    are they legit? why so cheap?

  • wow is this the same as this one at The Good Guys?

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    This can’t be legit

  • Bought one.

  • Yeah, the price doesn't look right. I bought anyway since the purchase is protected by PayPal.

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      Received a refund and an email saying the item is "out of stock" with a $20 coupon.

  • Surely that's a price error? Less than half the normal price. Good luck chasing refunds later.

  • same here - bought via paypal

  • unreasonable cheap.

  • +1

    ordered with PayPal.

    • Me too, I used 'Pay after delivery' as I'm fairly sure this order will get cancelled xD

  • not android tv.

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      android tv sucks. coming from someone who has two sony tvs with android tv

      • Android TV rules! Coming from someone who owns 2 high end Sony TVs.
        It's seamless with Android phones.
        Android TVs with lower end processors / RAM suck.

        • would love to know which high end TV's you have. mine aren't the latest but were high end at the time.
          65in X9000e and 55in A8F.

          interface on both are laggy and sometimes you have reset the OS when chromecast stops working for no reason. annoying as hell.

          • @keejoonc: Smart TVs suck in general.

            Use them as a display and get an external set top box.

          • @keejoonc: X9500G have had maybe one hiccup in the first year - just needed a reboot. Otherwise seamless and fast in terms of smart apps, chromecast function etc.

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    Not gonna bother with this price error would be wasting time chasing refund.

    If it was a bigger name like amazon then they might have honour it.

  • Have to wait until late July to see this ending badly.

  • Don't bother price error

  • had it in my cart and they took it out

  • Gone, page refreshed itself while I was typing in my address, removed from cart.

  • +2

    Looks like it's been taken down now.

  • Can we price match it somewhere JB hi-fi Harvey Norman

    • Go on, try it. It's probably only $400 under cost. LOL

  • Ordered.

    edit. Its gone now.

  • price error but got one anyway

  • Ordered - price error most likely..

    • update: Still no cancellation e-mail… fingers crossed

  • Beat me to it by a few minutes, very likely a price error though good luck to all who give it a shot

  • Good luck everyone.

  • +1

    shopback was quick. Sent A$8.56.

  • The link is gone now. Google cache shows
    as for $1,025

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    LOL - Ozbargain army is so quick to act.

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    Thanks. Ordered one. Code EOFY40 brought it down to $389. Lucky if it gets honoured.

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      Good luck, keep us posted!

  • bought it for $10 just 2 days ago :/

    oops sorry wrong post :D i was gonna post this for iphone cases :D

  • This place is known for price errors.
    You'll end up with a refund and they don't hand out credit for the mistake.

  • That's why call shop zero.

  • Just got the price error e-mail

    $20 sorry credit

  • terribly rubbish seller.

  • On a scale of Rosman Computers to The Good Guys, where does this seller sit on the OzBargain scale of ethics for price errors?

  • Order cancelled with a $20 coupon

    • Did you pay with Paypal?

    • Minimum total of $150 to use the coupon :\

  • Haven't got a cancellation yet.

    • Me neither, bought about 10 mins into the deal and Paypal have taken my money

      • "A seller can’t attempt to correct the error or claw back any money after they have processed your sale and accepted payment, as the transaction (and the contract) is deemed complete at this point" - Not sure if this applies to Paypal. I hope so

    • +1

      Got it now haha.

  • shite website run by turkeys so plenty more price errors in future

  • order cancelled due to item not available or temporarily out of stock. at least say you f'd up rather than providing some BS excuse.

  • Got same email. Shame!

  • +2

    A "deal" that never even existed and it still gets 100% upvotes…

  • Would anyone be kind enough to send me the $20 voucher if not using please :) ?

  • Shopzero is the last place I would have expected to see a bargain.

    Came here to check if it was a pricing error… not surprised.

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