What Is a Reasonable Discount to Aim for with Natuzzi Italia

Hi, when buying furniture such as from Natuzzi Italia, what should I aim for as a discount?
Some furniture shops have eternal 40-50% off, but I'm not sure what the deal is for Natuzzi?

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  • As an owner of natuzzi leather couches, I can vouch that they are worth every cent. The leather is real, unlike 90% of the fake leather couches in other stores that will crumble after a few years.

    Anyway you certainly won’t get 40 or 50% off because of the real leather factor. I guess try your luck in store and see how you go.

  • Up to 40% off now, according to their website.

    • Up to 40% off now, according to their website.

      Nothing at that discount appeared available when I visited the store.

      At best seems 20% off, not sure if I'll bite at this discount level.

  • Any other experiences or opinions about Natuzzi Italia?

    Got to decide this weekend, arrgh!

  • One more question.
    Anyone had to choose between Natuzzi Italia and King furniture?
    Which did you choose and why?
    What else made the shortlist?

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