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expired [Sydney Only] Darling Harbour Eat.Love.Pizza Promotion - Buy 1 Get 1 Free Pizza


Hey guys,
Just got an email from Dockside group in their new restaurant Eat.Love.Pizza (previously Ice Cube next to IMAX), just click on the link to print vouchers.

Takeaway (Pizza 20x15cm): Buy 1 get 1 free (price range around $10-$15 each pizza) - Valid until 23 Dec 2011
Dine-in: Buy 1 get 1 free (price range around $26-$30 each pizza) - Valid until 31 Oct 2011

Keen to try their takeaway but won't say no to their great location and view, enjoy =)

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    hmm, sounds like good value for a city lunch, thanks! :)

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    Here are the prices…

    Hop into a Kangaroo pizza !!!


    Hmm interesting. I wonder if the dine-in pizzas are larger since they're double the price of the takeaways, otherwise I'll probably just stick to the takeaways =)


    Anyone tried please let us know, would love to know their quality.


    and ice cube is closed? didnt know this..


    I went there not long after they opened. The pizzas were certainly nothing special, and for the prices they were charging they were a bit of a rort. Quite light on the toppings, and not in the amazing Venetian way. I'ld much prefer a burger from Grill'd in Harbourside for that sort of cash.

    Two for that price would be ok though.


    Got the email too. Totally worth it with 2 for 1 using the takeaway option. Go and eat on the big steps on Cockle Bay!


    I like the idea of 2 for 1. There is lots of competition in the area with the new Darling Quarter venues. But are takeaway pizzas really the same size as the eat in ones?

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    I undo my positive vote. They are a pack of wankers.

    1) The pizzas (which are at least admittedly on display at the counter so you can't be surprised once you order) are VERY tiny. We're talking maybe one and a half times the size of an average slice of bread.
    2) After ordering on the phone in advance and confirming I can use this promo for 10 pizzas, I turned up and had the woman at the counter not knowing what promo I was talking about (she had some hand-out voucher with a similar offer but one-per-order). She had to call the manager to confirm the promotion existed, and the manager would stil rather I walk away from the entire order than honor the promo as agreed on the phone in advance.

    So in short… f**k them, definitely won't be wasting my time to see if the bottled water really is $10 or not, because that's the least of their problems.


      Yes, annoying that they agreed over the phone and then turned you down, but unless they agree to put your 10 pizzas through as separate transactions, then as per the T&Cs on the voucher they can turn you down. Here's the T&Cs from the voucher:

      "Minimum order of one takeaway pizza per transaction per person. Limited to one free pizza per voucher, one voucher per transaction."


    i had 2 boxes of their pizza now, buy 1 get 1 free all staffs know about the the promo. yes different size betweeenneat in and takeaway (so as the price!)
    in short, you get 4 slices thin crust base pizza (not wood fired) for $4-6 depending which pizza you choose

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