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Apple AirPods Pro $339 @ The School Locker (OW Price Beat $322)


just received a message EOFY One day offer (30 June 2020)

Officeworks price beats School locker. (by 5%)

edit: Date correction

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  • OW only if they dont match And beat it by a cent

  • Think it’s more SOFY on July 1st…

  • Is OW gonna price beat this?

    • I got the same deal last time from Officeworks, OW price beat by 10%.

      • I am sure you meant by 5%.

        • true,5% sorry.

      • Hi Martin,
        What time did you went to Officeworks that time?
        I am scared that the online thingy will sold out before 8am

        • the previous deal was in May for about 2-3 days, I think I went the last day and they were happy to price beat.

          Not sure how this deal will be, you might want to check their website and then call OW.

  • Damn missed out 😔 price back to $399.

    • +2

      It’s in 3 days

      • Oh sweet.

  • Do they price match Dick Smith? Currently $339 there - https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/buy/apple-airpods-pro-apple/....

    Tecobuy for $310 if you didn't care about getting them local from Australian retailer (I know warranty/ACCC rights is ideal though).

    • No. Dick Smith is owned by Kogan, and in both catalogues they generally supply grey import items.
      You may be able to fool a rookie O/W operator for a price match.

  • +1

    Picked up a set this morning from Office Works. So far I’m really happy with them. The medium tips fit me out the box but I’ll try the small ones as I normally use small ear tips on my Haylou GT1s.
    Transparency is really impressive and useful.
    But the ANC is the star for me. I’m in my wife’s car and just put my APP’s in and switched to ANC and the car noise is gone! It was a little creepy and disorienting for the first few mins. Is this what driving a hybrid or electric car sounds like?
    The sound quality is a noticeable improvement over the AirPods 2. The bass extends lower, the midrange has more detail and the highs seem more balanced.
    Thanks OP for posting the deal.

  • No shipping?

    • it should be free shipping, but i would get it from OW with Price beat.

  • -1

    screw this deal, it lost me $322.05

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