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Philips HUE White A19 Starter Kit $127 @ The Good Guys | $89 @ EB Games


Add intelligent lighting to your home with this starter kit. LED technology offersvibrant illumination while using only minimal energy. Plus, you can control the lightusing your smartphone or tablet by connecting to a variety of compatible apps.

Found a cheaper similar version thanks to @lostix


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  • Is this the new one or old one?

    • old non Bluetooth one from picture

      • new one not released yet?

        • The bulbs are released in Australia. The kits don't seem to have arrived yet.
          The new Bluetooth white bulbs are the 'sultan' shape like the Ambiance and Color bulbs, rather than the traditional round bulb shape.

  • Some Target stores may still have this at $50. My local does they have 2.. i think it's still there as it's screw in and just white globes and not ambiance..

    • I got two of them today in Pacific Fair Gold Coast. $50 each.

  • The Good Guys Auburn has 4 of them yesterday for $60

  • What's the difference between this one and the one for sale at EB Games: https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/loot/257776-philips-hue-w... ?

    • Looks the same..

      • OP feel free to update :)

  • Are these the ones that will no longer work with Google ?

    • Why wouldn't they work with Google?

    • +1

      The kit contains the Hub V2 so it is compatible with Google. The hub that doesn't work with Google is the round V1 hub, they haven't been available from retail outlets for quite a few years.

      • OK, ta

  • Anyone think Amazon with drop the playbars back down to stupid prices again. I wish I bought 2 boxes..

  • Thanks hbutt and lostix!

    I just bought this Starter Kit and the Go Lamp from EB Games, but both boxes come opened and the contents within are wrapped & sticky-taped in an EB Games Plastic Bag.

    Are these second-hand / refurbished / returned products? OR is this just the norm? Haven't tried the actual lights & bridge yet.

    • +1

      I bought my starter kit from Amazon and OW, both packaging were not justifying their RRP, idk how they go with such expensive tech and bad packaging., OW told me that they keep product seperate since they only put boxes out on aisle and when someone purchases them, then they put in their box.

      • Hbutt, thanks for that info. I agree. A

        The lights & bridge being wrapped in EB Games plastic bags inside the outer box, indicates that the boxes have been opened, but I can't tell if EB Games staff have done this to new items to make sure they stay secure during shipping / on the shelves (my optimistic side thinks this and it matches what OW told you about keeping the product separate) or whether they have wrapped if after its been returned from a customer (pessimistic side).

        I thought its strange and would love to hear if anyone else has noticed something similar.

  • This deal requires an update - OW back at $149

    • Link please, it shows 189

      • +1

        Sorry, I meant The Good Guys but I can't edit my comment for some reason

        • Fixed.

          • @Okayy: If the deal has expired (price increase) please mark it as so, do not change the price in the title to something higher as it misrepresents the votes.

            The votes would have been for the original posted price of $127

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