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2x 2XU Men's Run Compression Tight w/Bk Storage $152.91 ($76.46 Each) with Free Delivery @ Running Warehouse


Thanks to this previous deal, I thought I'd test out the code on a pair of running compression tights, and it worked, bringing a heavily discounted pair of tights down even further.

If I've worked it out correctly, the RRP on these compression tights are $150, so you're getting them at around half price shipped. From memory, around $75 for a pair of these is quite a decent price.

I ordered 2 for free shipping (for purchases over $150), but if you only want 1 pair, shipping is $5.

Keep your legs warm during winter. PSA: If you're male, please remember to wear shorts over the top of them.

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    Stupid sexy Flanders.

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    If you're male please DON'T wear shorts over the top of them …. Something bout a fella in tights …. drool

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      I’ll quickly change your opinion once you see me in one.

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        Username checks out!

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    Came here for the comments.

    Have no intention to buy/wear tights.

    Some things are best left to the imagination…

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      Came here for the comments.
      Some things are best left to the imagination…

      Is that why you came… here?


    Make sure you try them on before you buy them - also they are not easy to wear.
    But 2XU's compression pants last quite a while, better than Skin

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    I've stopped wearing shorts over the top most of the time - but I run around my streets after 9pm so you'd do well to sate your imagination.


    Is it uncomfortable to have a hardon when wearing this?

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    we're men, we're men in tights, tight tights!


    Am I stupid or does this sizing make no sense?

    92KG/186CM is LT in tights?

    Does that translate to Large Tall? Does that mean I'm LG?

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      life's good


      The size chart is very generic. You might be a gym junkie that skips leg day and fit into small.

      Since you are on the borderline of sizing, you could be either tall or regular. You might even fit into medium.
      If you have short legs for you height, then go regular and tall of you have long legs for your height.

      Its hard to say without trying them on.

      I've had both regular and tall and the perfect sizing for me is in between.

      Regular is slightly short at ankles and tends to pull down at hips. Talls end up bunching a little at knees or ankles after a while.


      You're right on the border between Large and Large Tall.

      Tall has a longer length between crotch and waist band, and longer leg length.

      Obviously everyone's a bit different but I'm roughly the same weight/height as you, and I go for regular because I find the Tall isn't quite um…supportive enough for my genitals when I'm running (due to this longer length). Again your er…mileage may vary.


        I find the Tall isn't quite um…supportive enough for my genitals when I'm running (due to this longer length).

        How long is that length?

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    womens tights are also on sale and work fine with the coupon code


    Probably superior to Aldi's but anyone can comment quality-wise between the two brands? I just bought some Aldi pair and it's fine for me but never bought 2xu/skins



      The Aldi ones are quite thin, and are less compressing. I've found they tear quite easily, but that was admittedly wearing them while playing cricket and tearing on the knees.


      Aldi ones dont provide enough compression to have any benefit. May as well be wearing normal tights

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    Just my two cents worth.

    The 2XU brad have a draw string, which to me, seals the deal. I have found wearing others that do not, start to sag as you are running. But having the drawstring keeps them in place.

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    I love 2XU compression tights for my HIIT and running (I also wear shorts over the top when in public). Even when it's hot I'll wear 2XU tights for work outs and running because instead of sweat running down your legs into your socks and shoes it's caught by the tights. Much better than getting sweaty runners. Also the added benefit of UV protection on your legs.

    I've tried the cheap compression tights from Aldi, Uniqlo, and 2XU compression tights are in another league. Compression is much higher and the length is also much better. Thicker and nicer feeling (better stitching). I found Aldi and Uniqlo brand to be too long as they're catering to average size without offering any tall size like 2XU does. Uniqlo's compression is very lacking in strength.

    I have the regular and accelerate line. I actually dislike the drawstring on the regular, and have removed it from all mine as they fit on the waist well enough anyway. So if you don't like the drawstring, get the accelerate line with the regular waist band.

    Personally the price sweet spot for 2XU tights is sub $70, which they sometimes are from 2XU website during outlet sales promos. $72 is pretty close, so a good deal if you want 2 pairs.

    Highly recommend visiting a retail store and trying on before committing to a size. I wear size S std length and I'm 165cm tall, and I still find these drop a little on my knees if I pull them up fully without any bunching at the ankles. I always leave them a little bunched up at the ankles to alleviate the dropping on the knees. I've also tried XS size in store, but the ankle opening is even smaller than size S, and they're already very tight there. The 2XU sales person told me as long as you can fit 2 fingers between the opening and your ankle you're fine. They did fit better length wise, but I just wasn't comfortable with how much effort it took to pull over/take off the ankles.

    If you're a MAML, then you should add these to your exercise gear. (Middle Aged Man in Lyrca).

    Also wanted to add that the retail staff are also very helpful with exchanges for faulty goods if you purchase from their online store. I had Vectr socks purchased from the online store, and noticed they had a hole in them and the retail store were happy to replace it. I also exchanged for different version of VECTR socks (cushion, light cushion, ultra light) and they were happy to do so. That is the only thing to consider if you're not buying directly from 2XU, but I've heard Running Warehouse AU are really good with customer service too.

    Oh I just want to put this out there. If you're wearing compression tights (men only) you shouldn't be wearing underwear underneath. It negates part of the sweat wicking that these provide as your underwear will be getting all damp from your sweat since it'll be double layered there. I'd actually want to try running without the shorts and just the tights, but it's totally faux pas to do so - unless you're running late and it's dark so no one can really see your junk anyway. :p

    The tights should be worn like underwear - they're so comfortable. I personally get about 2 wears out of mine before I need to wash them. If you do choose to wear underwear with your tights you will probably get more wears before they get stanky.


    Wow, dedication to spend $77.

    I'll stick to me 'ol $5 Best & Less running shorts :P

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    Thanks OP


    still too expensive…


      Has been cheaper during click frenzy sales