No Sarking on My Roof - Has Builder Missed It?

I have very limited knowledge on house standards and building codes..etc.

Got my first H&L package from a reputed builder more than a year ago. Not many issues with the house but found out recently there is no sarking installed under roof tiles. Have not found anywhere in contract either. My roof tiles are ELABANA type with 22.5 degree pitch. A 6 star energy rating house if that helps.

Asked builder, they say it is not required and not mentioned in contract.

Is it mandatory standard to have sarking ? Quick search on google says it is.

How can I resolve this issue ozb's ? Need your suggestions please..
Do you think Consumer Aff. Of Vic can help if it is mandatory ?


  • You should refer the matter to the solicitor you engaged when entering into the contract.

    • My conveyancer was there to finish the legal work of titling …etc. But they don't really check whether sarking is present in contract or not ? Do they?

  • Maybe look it up in the building code then check with Conveyancer + Builder.

  • A quick google would suggest that it is mandatory in order to comply with the Building code of Australia, however the only indication of this is provided by the actual supplier, so i'd treat this with a grain of salt.
    Basically someone telling you to buy their product because they've legislated it.

    The consensus though on forums seems to be mixed, with forums indicating its optional due to increased costs and as long as the area is ventilated you seem to be able to get away without it. Only real definite areas are in fire zones.

    • Yup. Thanks. Actually I referred all these sites and they all increased my doubts now :)

  • We built home last year with volume builder. They don't install sarking by default. It is an additional cost. Check in your contract and if mentioned that sarking will be installed under roof tiles.

    • Thanks for your insight. Yes I have not found anywhere in contract about Sarking. With your comment, it seems sarking is not mandatory.

  • Sarking is not mandatory in Vic.
    Some builders will include it as standard but others regard it as an upgrade that you have to pay for

  • It's not mandatory for houses. Unless you specifically requested this they won't just do it.

    • Wrong. Depends on BAL fire rating.

      • For this example it is right. Because OP does not have any BAL requirements so it is not mandatory. If he or she did have BAL requirements, then the certifier would not have granted occupancy without sarking being installed.

        • Yep that's right, but to make a blanket statement that it's not mandatory for houses is incorrect, as it is mandatory in certain fire rated zones.

          • @madreece: Also sometimes used to replace / add to ceiling insulation for proper r ratings. Also some tiles specify it as a "requirement" (for watertight?).

          • @madreece: There is multiple other reasons why you would need sarking as well, but I'm not going to list them all out. For the purposes of OP it is not mandatory, because if it was, he/she would have it and the certifier would have made sure.

  • There is a dedicated online forum dedicated to those with sarking issues…

  • so does state guidelines supersede federal? From what I read Vic doesn't require sarking but Australian guidelines do require it.

  • Oh for sark's sake…

  • For anyone considering a build in future, get sarking as part of the build contract. It's almost impossible to retrofit (without re-doing all the roof tiling again)

  • If you are in VIC, it's not mandatory. I had to pay extra and ask them to include the item in my build contract. If a house is deemed to need bushfire protection, then sarking will be part of the protection package

  • Get the builder back and sark him off.

  • I recommend getting an independent building inspector to prepare a defects report for you prior to you signing off. It give you a bit more standing hopefully.

  • we built last year, our building requirements were set by council, they are the ones who approve the DA. sarking was in our package/contract

  • +2 votes

    All these comments and we haven't gotten to the shiny side up / shiny side down debate yet.

  • All these comments and I still don't have a clue what sarking is.

  • Australian Standard AS2050:2018 section 3.1.1 states "Sarking shall be provided for all roofs where the design wind classification category is greater than N3… Sarking may also be necessary in other circumstances depending on roof pitch, length of rafter, fire hazard or tile type".

    Your roof pitch of 22.5 does not require sarking unless your rafter lengths are over 6m.

    Note - wind classification is different to wind region. You should find it on your geo tech report. Alternatively Google Wind Classification Victoria and choose the pdf from Monier which explains how to calculate it yourself.

  • Sounds like most builders they are just trying to pass the buch I had somw work done here on the inside (asbetos related )and i had insulation in the roof Wasnt there wheen it was supposed to be finished and all i got was it was not there to start off with

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