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20% off Microsoft Surface (Laptop 3 / Pro X / Pro 7) + Extra $25 off Any Online Purchase over $400 - @ The Good Guys


Good Guys Online only sale with 20% off all Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Pro X and Laptop 3 (excludes bundles).

Plus using promo code get an extra $25 off. Use discounted gift cards for even more savings if you can.

E.g. Surface Laptop 3 Black i5 256gb - RRP $1999 now $1599 then less $25 = $1574
Surface Pro 7 Platinum i5 128GB - RRP $1499 now $1199 - $25 = $1174

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


  • Microsoft Type Cover keyboard and Surface Pen stylus sold separately

    That's another $249 :/

  • Same discount as MS site, except the $25.

    • And Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi, however they all end on the 5th, whereas Microsoft's sale apparently ends tomorrow

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/548583

    6.5% off TGG gift cards for AGL customers.

  • No surface Go discount is crap, and if in the market for a pro might be worth holding out for the Surface Pro 8.

    • A quick Google shows that it is likely to be released in October this year.

      A few websites have also mentioned potential delays due to COVID.

      In the past, was Pro 7 at release immediately buyable in Australia?

      Seeing as it's July and there is no pre-order, October doesn't seem likely?

      • Yep all are typically available day one now, Aus is one of the launch countries, we got the Surface Go 2 at launch during covid so I'm pretty sure we'll get the other on time too.

        • Thanks for the info.

          I think I am going to return the Surface Pro X. It is a beautiful device but the performance isn't there for the money (I'm not reviewing the product; just echoing the many other reviews - but I stubbornly wanted to see for myself anyway).

          Now I'm looking forward to the Pro 8!

  • If you have an edu email you can request a 10% off all surface devices through the website. Received one last week and seems stackable with this code and the current 20% off price even though it says not available with any other offers.

  • Would not consider Surface devices after having screen scramble issue on my Surface Pro 4 :(

  • Not a computer I would buy again after the surface laptop 2 ssd died with a HDD cross and UEFI looping ( you can’t even open the laptop to replace the SDD )

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      (you can’t even open the laptop to replace the SDD )

      You can with the new models.

  • Is it straightforward to return a Microsoft Surface @ TGG within 30 days of purchase?

    …or Harvey Norman, JB-HiFi, etc.?

    What's everyone's experiences?

    • I've returned a laptop to the Microsoft online store. It was very simple. No hassle whatsoever.

      • When you say "returned", as in, change-of-mind return?

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          Sorry, I just looked through my return history and it's a bit complicated.

          I bought a Matebook X Pro from the Microsoft eBay store with a discount code. When I received it, I was unhappy with the coil whine so I asked if they could replace it. They replied saying they can't, but I can simply return it and buy it again.

          The discount code expired so I asked if I could buy a new one at full price, initiate a return, and return the first one. They said yes I can do that, so I did. If it's under 30 days they don't really care about the reason as they have a change-of-mind policy. Of course, the item has to be in like-new condition.