Rented out garage space but can't find the person who rented it to take their stuff back

Living in an apartment complex I have an outdoor garage lock up. I rented it to someone for 6 months (paid up front) to store whatever they wanted in there.

It's coming up on 6 months in two weeks and they need to either pay to continue to store their stuff, or remove it.

I've been unable to reach them, the phone number I had (mobile) has since been disconnected.

Turns out all they've stored in there is a car, with rego that expired in March.

What can I do? I have someone else wanting to rent the space, and if I can't find this other person to remove their unregistered car, I have no idea what to do!

Thanks !


  • Roll car out into street, change locks, give key to new renter.

  • Check the body in the boot for any cash first.

    Wear gloves.

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  • You didn't get an address?

  • Call a towing company to move it to a parking spot. If he ever comes back add the cost to the next six months storage.

  • This has all the makings of a store house for a drug dealer. Check the car for a dead body.

  • Do not take the plates off the car fill your car up with petrol and leave without paying. This will definately not get the police to quickly track them down. :p hahha

  • facebook, email?

  • That's probably the cheapest way to offload junk…

  • What type of car is it?

  • If you've got the car I would contact the police who could contact them via the rego. I'd give a little more time before taking that path though.

  • Try putting the phone number into Facebook or even google. Do you have their name? If you have their name try searching that on LinkedIn or just google them.

    If you have proof they rented it out, e.g. text messages, ad on Facebook or gumtree then possibly try the police through the rego. They might help.

    Putting it out on the street isn't a good idea. At the end of the day, you had an agreement. Now that person might have their car with you or they might have gotten caught up in this Corona virus rubbish.

  • Did you sign a contract with them? What does it say about this situation?

  • The car was probably a get away vehicle and needed to disappear.
    Check and see if it was reported stolen and look for a corpse in the boot

  • I assume you've listed garage for rent on a forum somewhere, and they've paid and that's it. If so, I'd suggest you do a bit more research to protect yourself and the renter if things go wrong.

    You entered their rental without their permission. If the car or items were stolen and police come knocking on your door - you'd want to be able to confidently say and prove that it's not yours or you weren't the one the stole it and here is Person X's details.

    Do you have, say, any photo ID of the person with their address?

  • you could track down the owner by the VIN number

    • And how do you do that?

      • the VIN number is on a rectangular aluminium plate under the bonnet
        it will also have the build date on it
        the VIN number is the long number, it should also have letters in it

        just jot it down and ring up the local rego place or check online,
        it might say who it belongs to
        Or you might have to just take it to the cops and the cops will do the rest
        they can get into the rego data base if you are not allowed in
        It will show who where the previous owner was and the previous address & his or her licence details & the such

        humans have the medicare number that follows them throughout their lives
        a car has its VIN number, VIN is Vehicle Identification Number
        It tells everything about the vehicle
        that it is a 4 seater and it was made in the year of 2010 and it is a Commodore 427 supercharge motor

        • I asked because I didn’t know where to find out the details of the owner, not because I didn’t know what a VIN is.

          The rego is probably just as easy to check, but just as unlikely to net you the persons contact details. Sure, you might be lucky enough for the police to try to contact the owner for you, but they won’t hand over details. The times I’ve contacted the police to have a car moved for roadworks the best they can do is try to contact the owner for you. If the owner has changed number and not notified the rego office you are out of luck.

          The VIN can tell you about the car, but not the owner. Checking it online will tell you the make, year, model and rego status, not much more.

          Maybe you could find the info with a court order, but that’s not an easy route to take.