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Samsung 65" Q95T 4K QLED TV (QA65Q95TAWXXY) - $3270 (RRP $4659) + Free Shipping @ Appliance Online


Hi, those who are in the market for Samsung's QLED TVs that features a One Connect Box for wall-mounting without having to route cables may like this deal. I myself have been eyeing the Q95T for a while and haven't been able to find the 65" for less then $3'950.

The deal is part of Appliance Online EOFY Sale and seems to end tomorrow.

The TV is listed as Out of Stock with expected delivery from August 14th at checkout.

Use coupon EOFY2020 to bring the total to $3,270 + Free Delivery

The 55" and 75" are also on sale (via the same URL)

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  • Which other Samsung TV's have the fibre cable?

  • good price, $200 more than the samsung portal, which has been out of stock for a while now as well.

  • Ha sorry. Damn that's not bad.

  • Does anyone know how the picture quality compares to the NU8000? I have a NU8000 and it's great but I've heard that the RU8000 and TU8000 have been progressively worse but I don't know enough about the QLED side of things.

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    • MiniLED > OLED

      • How? One is purely emissive, the other is a dimmable array behind an LCD mask.

        MicroLED's are a commercial technology. Samsung want's to bring QDLED's to market next year, which has the potential to increase colour gamut over OLED's. Current QDOT LCD's are already shipping with similar, narrow bandwidth QDOT's and look amazing. Narrow bandwidth QDOT's need image processors to catch up as 12 bit content is limited and gamut scaling is poor independent of resolution scaling (colour banding with some of this year's TV's is bad). But MicroLED's and QDLED's are also emissive and not MiniLED.

        What am I missing?

    • I'm sure there can be cases made for both technologies. However as an LG OLED owner myself (LG B9), it's hard to watch any non-OLED panel now and not see a key difference in an overall watching experience…

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      I agree but the advantage isn't that much over the top of the QLEDs like the one in this post. If you need a 75" though OLED prices are still too high.

    • If you don't run your TV a lot, otherwise QLED > OLED

      • 8 hours a day on the same content? Yes you need lcd

        • Just need a logo on screen for long periods. Just ask my parents with a top spec LG OLED with the "Morning Sunrise" logo burned into the bottom corner of their TV for good.

          • @dtpearson: My B7 OLED did exactly the same after about 2.4 years so no warranty. However contacted LG and they replaced the panel for free. I was expecting the run around but no, LG customer service were great. See my other comments re this in different threads. Get them to contact LG.

          • @dtpearson: Yep happened to my parents also, max brightness, left on for 8 hours a day for the dogs….

            If you changed channels or watched something other than FTA then it's not an issue.

            • @onlinepred: No still an issue, after wife watched sunrise then it was basically off to about 4pm then various FTA shows and ,Netflix, Prime ect till about 10pm. had many more hours on no logo stuff still burnt

              • @ern123: Ouch, that sounds like a defect. I still have my b6 almost 4.5 years later with only very mild burnin from certain kids that they watch on repeat and have logos.

                • @onlinepred: Sorry to clarify.Not still an issue all ok since LG replaced the panel.Meant still an issue probably even if you change stations. A few hows of sunrise per day caused burn irrespective of how often you changed stations/input later.It seemed accumulated over the time

                  • @ern123: Well the pixels have a lifespan, they need to by cycled, and if they don't you risk uneven use. There are many tests online, and show you need to do so much forced watching on max brightness on static images over years, unless you are leading it on a static logo or image over many hours every single day. That's great lg replaced your panel

            • @onlinepred: No still an issue, after wife watched sunrise then it was basically off to about 4pm then various FTA shows and ,Netflix, Prime ect till about 10pm. had many more hours on no logo stuff still burnt

  • I want to get a 75" at this price….:)
    I wonder if we'll see some bargains coming up?

    • https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/samsung-q95t-75-qled-ultr...

      The 75" is RRP$5995 from JB HiFi without haggling. Appliances Online advertise $6999 down to $5819.

      I've never trusted Appliances Online. They tend to over-quote RRP and for an online shop they are often more expensive than bricks and mortar.

      I'll admit the 65" is a good price though as it's on sale.

      When not on sale, avoid Appliances Online for their "dodgy" practices.

  • When I look at that One Clear Cable, it looks pretty unobtrusive and nice.

    LG CX is worth paying an extra grand if you spend much time looking at the screen, though.

    Needs may vary.

    • LG cx Is better and more future proof. 4 hdmi 2.1 ports, gsync. Or if i could find a cheaper c9 all the better.

  • I'm currently awaiting my delivery of this TV from the same store, picked it up for $50 more than this price about a month ago.

    I compared this and the CX side by side before purchasing. I couldn't discern the difference with my eyes and having young children who leave the TV on all the time was enough for me to be discouraged from buying an OLED.

    Having said all that, I'm upgrading from a 10 year old Bravia so any TV is a massive improvement.

    • I am the same. I researched this tv vs the CX for over 6 months before making a decision. The difference is negligible. If you're a CX owner, and you walk into my house and see the Q95T, you're not going to say "oh wow that looks like crap!". You aren't going to really be able to tell the difference apart from brighter and more popping colours on the QLED. For me, a cleaner wall mounted setup with the one connect box, the 0 risk of burn in (especially with kids) and the slightly cheaper price than the CX is totally worth it.

      • Hi friend can you comment on the night time viewing? Especially with darker scenes?

        I am also weighing up the 95t vs cx

        1 x 120hz HDMI vs 4x HDMI 120hz is a big thing as I have Xbox and will get ps5.

        Plus the advertising baked in Sammy? Is it true that it gets annoying?

        Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙏

        • I understand your concern. I already own a switch and will only be getting PS5. So the TV suits my needs just fine. You should look into a compatible HDMI splitter, I'm not sure that appropriate splitters exist just yet but will need to keep an eye out for them in time for console releases. But also consider that with the one connect box housed in the entertainment unit, you can have both HDMI cables (from Ps5 and Xbox) running to the box. So you can easily do a quick swap into the 4k/120hz port when you go to grab the Xbox or PS5 controller. To me, this is less annoying than the fear of burn in.

          Night time viewing is totally fine. Because there are less local dimming zones, sometimes images surrounded by darkness aren't as vibrant - because there's less backlighting happening to keep the image dark. To b e honest, I don't notice it…it's only because the reviewers picked up on it that I am aware of this issue. But unless you're a professional TV reviewer, you aren't going to be bothered by it.

          EDIT: Also, last year's Q90R had a terrible issue where white subtitles on black backgrounds would cause horizontal lines to appear across the screen. The Q95T does not have this problem. So the dimming zone light management is much improved.

          • @ifreddo: Wow thanks for the detailed reply 😀

            • @agalea101: You'll be able to tell the difference in anything other than a bright room. Game mode on these TV's dramatically worsen the local dimming so if you're using it a lot for PS5 go for the oled

          • @ifreddo: To be fair though, if you aren't picky about picture, you could get an even cheaper tv. Although a great LCD, it's still an LCD and has all the cons of LCD tech. Also given that this price is still nearly $1000 more expensive than 65 OLED c9

            • @onlinepred: If you can still find a 65C9 that's not a display unit, they aren't selling for under 2700 (edit: with some heavy negotiation).

              • @ifreddo: Yep definately missed out on that, just saying that man of my friends and family jumped on the $2600 deal for the 65", and being nearly $1000 cheaper and with a better panel, more features etc it is a no brainer. CX is going for more now, and still has more features than the 95T and a better panel.

                I think it really comes down to your use. If you have a family, and this is the family TV, I would get an LCD. If it's a TV that I can control what gets viewed on it, I would get an OLED without hesitation. If you enjoy movies at night, or gaming at night, then it's OLED hands down also. If I was getting a family TV, I wouldn't spend this much on an LCD anyway.

                • @onlinepred: also noting that if your tv is being placed in area with sunglare, the QLED is the better choice

                  whenever anyone asks I just say

                  lots of daylight? Go QLED
                  little to no daylight and prefer late movie watching? go OLED

                  • @YLD1: Actually the c9 has a much better matte layer that reduces reflections more than the Samsung. Also the c9 is brighter than my old LCD. So really most of what your said is from old OLED stigmas. If Sun is shining directly on your tv, you ain't going to see much at all, so get a cheap tv lol

                    • @onlinepred: hmm must be looking at different reviews

                      each one i see side by side states the anti-reflective coating on the 95t shows it better in daylight

                      • @YLD1: My neighbour got the 95t 3 weeks ago. I have the c9. Comparing from personal experience.

                        • @onlinepred: Yeah I had a LG C8 previously but I sadly killed it by accident.

                          So I know the true love of an OLED but this 95t looks like it's the best alternative as all the C9 are gone and I stupidly was looking for cheap Myer cards to get that E9 from before but missed it.

                          Can't stand my current Kogan 55 tv as a temp solution.🤣

                      • @YLD1: You're definitely right there. RTINGS rates the Q90T better than the LG CX in terms of reflections. Again, the difference is negligible. But some users in the LG OLED thread on whirlpool have reported issues with viewing during the day. They also stated that LG's new Black Frame Insertion (BFI) makes the picture too dark.

          • @ifreddo: I got this TV about three weeks ago and it’s great, but my pet peeve is when the screen is black save for some white text, like opening credits or subtitles, the white text will be a dull grey instead of white. I assume this is due to the limited local dimming zones.

            Do you also have this or have you changed the settings to make this less of an issue? If so please let me know what settings you’re using. I’ve currently left it on the smart automatic mode but with the brightness dialled down cos the default was a bit searing on the eyes in a dark room.


            • @lint: This is how local dimming works. You can only make it better by setting the backlight brightness to a much lower setting. You will never be able to get 1:1 mapping of backlight to pixels like OLED

      • I have a 55inch OLED LG which I love

        I just bought this 65inch because the differences are negligible for the common person

        I'm not going to be pressing PAUSE on each screen and bringing the LG to compare

        just enjoy the tv and be happy

    • You only notice the difference when at home, in the crazy bright shops you can't tell much at all.

  • EOFY2020 showing invalid

  • probably the best next gen console tv (not counting oled due to ghosting with gaming)

  • I was expecting delivery of my order tomorrow (I ordered a month ago) and I received an email today saying that the delivery has been delayed to the end of august.

    No apology phone call.. I had to wait on hold for 40 minutes to speak to someone.

    I'll be requesting a refund.

    Hope you guys have better luck.

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