1440p 27 Inch Monitor under $300? (2nd/3rd Monitor setup)

Hi all,

I'm trying to find a third monitor that is under 300$ just for casual web browsing, youtube and sometimes to edit my stream. Im not too sure how many Hz i need to perform this task smoothly but all i need is for it to be 1440p and 27inch to match my main one. Thanks in advance.

edit: I've decided to go with the AOC Q27P1 as of right now, still keeping an eye out for the Viewsonic VA2719 when it is back in stock for my 3rd monitor, thanks all

edit 2: I received the monitor today and everything seems good except for the one thicc of a bezel, its so thick that it makes the my other 27inch monitor looks small. But overall, a great option for a second monitor.


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