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[Pre Order] Samsung LC27F390FHEXXY 27inch Curved FHD Monitor - $199 + Delivery @ Bing Lee


Currently on Back order status. Expected to be in stock in August.
For those who are happy with
Monitor Screen Size: 27"
Panel Type: VA
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Display Resolution: 1920x1080
Response Time: 4.787
Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
Wall Mountable: 75.0 x 75.0 mm
Can think about this monitor for $199.
For those who want better resolution, bigger size can look somewhere else.

Edit/Update : Thanks to Price Hipster

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  • Hmm no display port or DVI.

  • Anyone comment how 1080p plays on 27"?

    • +18 votes

      It’s terrible.

    • Depends what you are using it for. I honestly have no issues browsing a website or watching a youtube video. It's never going to be top tier for $199 anyways. I'd say for $199 get it if you need a second screen for non film viewing or high end gaming.

    • Have a 27" 1080p monitor went from a 24". There's no real difference imo especially if your not an enthusiast.

    • Fine for day to day use. Been using one for about a two years without issue. Not gaming at all.

    • Depends how far away you sit from it. Not great for gaming, but fine for baic web browisn and work from home uses.

    • I use a 1080p 27" for work and gaming and it's fine to me. Not as sharp as my 32" 1440p but it's not unusable. Has a bit less screen real estate though, really only enough space to have two windows open side-by-side.

    • Imo, not bad at all man. Go to jb or something and see in person. It's honestly not as bad as people chalk it up to be.

  • $200 for a basic 60Hz monitor… what??

    • you think its over priced? im after something fairly basic, but suitable for long office hours in front of screen (i am in i.t. support role, and now unfortunately wfh). also liked that it is 27" and coming up to EOFY. Have you seen anything better for ball park same price recently?

      • For your needs, a 60hz LCD monitor is perfectly fine for officework. Don't really need Freesync / IPS / 144hz panels for typing documents..

        a higher resolution however is worth paying the extra for, with 1440p (QHD) resolution being more and more sought after nowadays.

        • Yeah this or a 1080p 144Hz monitor in this rough price bracket, because either way you're getting much better panels and a much better experience.

          Eye strain is also induced through a poor combination of backlight flicker, colour temperature, motion resolution and angular resolution.

      • Definitely look for an IPS no matter the resolution

        Only reason to get a VA panel is if you must have high refresh. This model doesn't even have that

  • Can this be connected to my surface pro?

    Would these be good for everyday use? Watching movies, youtube, office works? Not gaming

  • I ordered 24" 3 days ago from Officeworks at $218. After checking this post, asked them to match with Binglee, they refused saying that the can't match on back order.
    Luckily checked officeworks, they have it at $148 now. They matched their price and got $70 reduced.

    Thanks @dpkmax.


    When did 4k monitors first release, was it 2013 or something, just curious because wouldn't 4k monitors be affordable by now as their seems to be a monopoly on basic 4k monitors.

    Makes you want to just buy a TV.

    • 4 k are about $350 ……once you own one you won’t go back to 1080 p.
      price will take longer to drop dramatically because more pixels means less yield for 0 dead pixel
      love my 27” 4 k ips for office work.

      • +1 vote

        I dunno about going back, but with 3 1080p with ratio of 1080x 5600 its okay for racing games or flight Sims.

        But buying 3 at 4k wouldn't even be feasible for any current you of today, strange how Nvme are dropping faster then 4k monitors and they are stil new.

        Only AOC and kogan are affordable the rest have a manopoly even on outdated 4k screens.

      • any good and cheap 4k recommendations?

  • This is a good price for an everyday monitor. With 27inch/1080p/60hz, it is good enough for your day to day work, just don't expect it to be a gaming mon.
    bought one, thanks!

  • So, this is fine for non-gaming application?

  • Response Time: 4.787….


  • I looked at this monitor last night and it was out of stock at Officeworks & JB Hi-fi, this morning ended up splashing $700 on Dell S3220DGF on Amazon. After looking at this deal, felt guilty and cancelled my Amazon order and ordered this one right away. Hopefully dont regret it, would be using it for work, training and lots of youtube. Thank you for posting this!

    • will be sufficient. most of youtube is at 1080p anyway apart from a few rare YouTubers who will go to the effort of processing 4k. longer to export and upload.

    • Dell was a overkill for your use case . So this is okay and much cheaper

  • I bought one of these in 2018. I've been playing Doom Eternal on it at 1920x1080 and I've never had any bad thoughts about the picture quality.

  • Bought this from JB HiFi on Thursday for $199 for the oldest cygnet. Excellent value and cygnet loves it.

  • Buy the other 27" curved monitor model lc27r500 when there is a deal.

    • What advantages you see for lc27r500 over this? I recently bought lc27r500 for $280+ but I dont see much difference between this and r500 online. Can you guide me on this regard? If there is no much difference I will return r500 and buy this one. And one more thing what you recon to have this a secondary monitor along with lc27r500?

  • Came here for the 1080p comments, was not disappointed.

  • Not everyone have very good vision or sit close enough to have the pixels distract them. For some people the 1080p is fine. It’s best to see it in person to decide if it will suit you.

    VA has its advantages and disadvantages. Just those who put it down for not being IPS panel seem bias base on the specific advantages that IPS has; Or possibly don’t know the advantages of VA technology and just repeat the general recommendation to get IPS.

    The power consumption of this 27” is something like 25w, and I also a fan of curve screen, maybe not to everyone pref.

    Lastly this 27” is under 200.

    Please decide if this monitory suit you. If it doesn’t, please elaborate on the reason to help others make a better inform decision.

  • Delivery in October. No thanks.

  • 1080 comments are going crazy! ;) Make sure you have a look at a 27 inch 1080 p screen before deciding. Some people here have superb eye sight and bless them.

  • Anyone who has this monitor either 24" or 27", can you kindly advise if this monitor has speaker built in?

    I can see that there is a volume control, but there is not sound coming out unless i connect my external speaker to audio input which is located at the back of monitor. Am i doing it right?

    Thank you:)

  • Thanks OP! Got one, need a monitor for my laptop to work from the office. At this price, can't really complain!

  • The price has gone up!