Transaction dispute after buyer received the item through PayPal and now not returning calls

Hi there,

I sold my phone through Facebook Marketplace. Transaction was done through Paypal. I delivered the phone to buyer. After 10 days buyer claimed somebody else used his credit card and disputed transaction. Paypal asked me about the information. 

I provided them with all the conversation (messages) and buyers details as well. At the end paypal decided to close the case in favour of buyer as they said I don't have any shipping details but in the messages you can clearly see that the buyer bought the phone and collected it. 

Now issue is buyer is not responding and paypal has deducted money from my account. I have not only lost my money but phone as well.

Does anybody know what are my options here?

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  • None. Cash only on Gumtree and FB Marketplace. Please search on the 48000 other times this has happened.

  • this ones obvious. Bikies man, you obvs know where they live I hope…

  • You accepted PayPal for that? no one else to blame. but yourself.

  • Did you get the buyer to sign as having received the item?

  • This scam is so crude and basic.

    But it works on so many people.

    • Yeah, it's quite sad aswell. Because most the time when you put an item for sale, you want it sold ASAP.

      Hence you would fall for it thinking "PayPal" is safe.

      I had a guy messaging me for three days on Gumtree asking for my PayPal account.

      I kept telling him to link his GumTree to PayPal and we can go through PayPal, lol.

      Eventually I gave up and he obviously was just there to execute the above scam.

      • Does linking his Gumtree to his PP make it much safer?

        • I think when you link Gumtree to PP, there's an option to tick they have collected the item or posted or something along the lines of that… Would've been a first time for me, so it alleviates the Gumtree and Pick-up/Paypal scam

  • Whenever I sell stuff on FB/Gumtree and people don't want to pay cash directly, I ask them to tranfer the money to my Bank Account in the Cayman Islands. That quickly shuts them up and go for the Cash Option

  • All jokes aside, if you know their address why don't you lodge a Police Report

  • IMEI block it.

    • ^ This, stuff the scum.

      • This will stuff the poor sucker who buys it from them for 'half price', not them. Oldest scam. But i agree, they may then go back to seller and 'complain'.

        Surely this can be on the Ozbargain banner "GUMTREE/FACEBOOK IS FOR CASH FACE TO FACE ONLY"

  • +1 vote

    Report it stolen with the police.

  • thats funny because in their exclusions for buyer protection they say that second hand items that are picked up without shipping are not covered

  • Okay, how this works is they first look for listings without the IMEI listed. They then know that they have a soft target. You might want to try ringing Paypal and speaking to a manager. Other than that, your only option is to block the IMEI with your phone provider. You can also try the police, maybe this person has done this a lot.

  • Deadbeats. Sorry mate, your money and phone are gone.

  • Does anybody know what are my options here?

    You have only 1 option.

    Wave your phone and money goodbye and write the experience off as a life lesson that you won't forget quickly.

  • Block the imsi. Report your phone stolen to your telco

  • I would do the same as singingwolf has said.