[PS4] PDP Energizer Dual Controller Charger Station $19 (C&C / in Store) @ EB Games


RRP $49.95. Free Click & Collect on in store.
There's also a couple available on their eBay store with free Plus delivery Edit 2/7 1230pm: Back in stock (3 remaining)

The station lets you know when it's charging via the connection by appearing in red light (charging) and green (fully charged). It is powered by the included AC power cord. Keep those controllers charged and get back in the game with the fully licensed Energizer Power & Play Charging System for the PS4 by PDP.

Note that has its own power adapter, it's not just a stand with micro usb cables.

Some more info pictures here on Amazon since the EB listing is light on.

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  • Thanks, grabbed via eBay for free delivery

  • Ebay cleaned up. Bought the second one.

    Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP got one click and collect

  • This seems handy; not only for charging but to neatly put the controllers away

  • Thanks OP, was looking for a decent double PS4 controller stand just this morning!

  • Awesome find thanks op

  • Good price but not a fan of these dual chargers.
    We have this one and the ps4 branded one and this one feels really frail by comparison.
    The kids also find it tricky to mount the controllers to charge

    • I have one too and can attest that it can be a pain to mount the controllers.

    • Does the controller plug into the charger via micro usb?
      I'm looking for a charger that does it like Nintendo, where they plug a tiny adapter on the end of the Pro switch controller, which you just rest on exposed pins on the charging dock. Like, you don't need to "plug" the controller into the dock if that makes sense.

  • Grabbed this during days of play for the same price, nice little controller charging cradle, good price too.

  • Thanks OP, bought one to add to my list of stuff I don't need but was too good to pass up.

  • My daughter has the Xbox version, for extended play times the batteries don’t last as long as normal (using a headset) but she has two controllers so can swap between them.
    Official Microsoft packs lasted a fair bit longer.

    • Playstation controllers have built in batteries.

    • This isn't the "extra charge" version with the little battery attachment. (Although that one is also on sale for $39 atm)

      This is just a dock to charge two controllers at once.

  • Thanks OP got one

  • Thank you, I mangled my 2 controller charger not long ago so it only fits one controller now.

  • Would this work for PS5 controllers? haha

  • Grabbed one thanks.

  • Good deal. I tried to buy one online (click and collect forrest hill) but was unsuccessful for some reason- I tried cards and Paypal as well. Just kept on getting the same message, something went wrong and yes I tried both Chrome as well as Edge browsers, just in case. Any ideas, why or just the website- No stress anyways, I will try buying it in store tomorrow.

    Thanks for posting the deal, was looking for one.

  • Back in stock in their Ebay store. Grabbed one. Thanks OP!

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