[PS4, XB1] Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled $49 (RRP $69.95) @ EB Games eBay & In-Store


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  • Also available from EB Games eBay Store (Free Delivery with eBay Plus)

    Same price delivered at Amazon AU

  • Did they put microtransactions into this game post-release? Thought I heard this somewhere.

    • Yes but you can still earn the in-game currency without paying.

    • Yeah, you can buy "wumpa coins" to purchase items in the game's store, but you'll also get 30-80 from each race (depending on track length). You get double that on the weekend, with skins costing 1500 - 2500 coins.

      Providing you're not trying to empty the store, you can amass enough pretty quickly.

  • I bought this bundled with Spyro for $64.95 from the Microsoft store a few weeks ago. I don’t know what price it's back up to now but it's more worthwhile getting both games for $25 more.

  • Bought this at Target for $49 release day promo.

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