Concave Volt + TechStitch Firm Ground Football Boots - Silver/Red Orange - Sale $39.99 + $9.95 Shipping @ Concave


One of our 2019 Volt + colourways available on sale at a great price. Also free shipping on orders over $100. Afterpay also now available.

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  • Can you do a better price on a group buy for the OzBargain Soccer Team?


      we can definitely look at something here, send me a message with the details and I can see what we can do for you

      • send me a message with the details and I can see what we can do for you

        There you go Scotty.

        Thank me later…

  • Description: If speed is your game then the Volt is for you. We all know that feeling in the heat of a game, when adrenaline's rushing through your body, you're sprinting towards goal and find that opportunity to hit off a shot but for some reason the ball goes flying into the stands. Look no further. Combining the lightweight needs of modern day football and our unique PowerStrike Technology, the Volt is the boot for players that love flying down the wings and thumping a strike into the top corner. Oh and you're struggling with the knuckleball technique? Here's your answer!

    FFS OP, how about some real info like what material are these made of? The so-called "Description" is a "cool story bro" but has no useful info. Please take this as constructive criticism.


      Very valid point here, we recently moved to a new website and this additional product information is being added in as we speak. This was available on our previous site.

  • At this price, I'm considering giving them a go even though I don't need new boots right now.
    But my goodness is it hard to find some decent reviews from reputable reviewers.

  • Aren't these soccer boots? Might need to update title. :)

    • +1 vote

      These are actually AFL, football (soccer) and rugby boots. We have pro players across all these sports wearing our boots. I hope this helps.

  • Hey mate I have a fat foot. Would these suit? Season starts this weekend


      Hey buddy, are you able to draw around your foot standing and give me the width measurement. This will help determine if these will fit width wise OK. These are quite a standard width but the knit material is very flexible so should give nicely.

      We have a never range (Halo +) which is wider fitting but these are all still at full price

  • Can't see an ethical sourcing policy (or similar) on the site - keen to try a pair but only if they're made in fair conditions. Can you help us out? Thanks

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