Any specials on subscription news/digital newspapers?

So one of my all time favourite past time hobbies is just reading news but as we all know a lot of news articles are behind pay walls.

Some give few free articles but some are just behind pay walls so I am wondering if there are any family plans or special ways to obtain these paywall articles either cheaply or otherwise.

I know some promotions existed previously but they have all either expired or ended.

TL;DR need my newspaper fix what is the best or cheapest way to obtain some paywall articles.

I read non paywall articles too but I find the really good articles are behind a subscription.

Are there any family plans or reddits or apps/websites I should know about that might have access to subscription content.

For example Singapore air had something similar where it had access to like 150 different newspapers and magazines around the world for free for a certain user base or demographic.

Looking for something like that or any other ways you might know about.

PM me personally if you don't want to comment publicly.



  • So one of my all time is just reading news

    Pardon me?

    • Sorry I think I had a stroke lol

      Brain keeps trying to take shortcuts I end up missing actual important things

    • Apologies.

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention I have now amended it so it should be all good and fixed correctly now.

      I need a proofreader that doesn't report back to google or some online database.

      Any one got any good offline proof reader grammar correction app or software for Android that works without internet connectivity and runs on a local saved stored database so zero key logging etc.

      There has got to be one somewhere or did I just giveaway a free idea.

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    Get a library card

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    Where a site gives a quota of articles for free (e.g Fairfax sites), just open it in the browser's incognito mode. Then you will never reach the maximum of free articles.

    Some universities offer free subscriptions to staff/students. Many news sites offer discount subscriptions to students in general.

    My workplace has free access to certain news sites for staff, I'm sure other employers will have a similar arrangement.

    I think I noticed that some of the paid NewsCorp articles are sometimes exactly the same as the free articles at A lot of news articles these days are syndicated across multiple sites/publications/mastheads. e.g. All the AFL news in the Courier Mail is basically straight out of the Herald Sun.

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    Join a library and get free access to RB digital & Press Reader.
    Most of the magazines & newspapers are there for free.

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      Looking for something I can maybe use on the train or at home.

      And usually are not able to carry anything physical so digital options only for me personally.

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        What they suggested are digital versions.

        Or just read the good articles on The Guardian or News Daily.

        • Ah you are right sorry my bad I think I rushed checked up on some ozb notifications while doing another thing and messed it all up.

          Apologies for the confusion.


          Have a nice day.