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RAVPower 20000mAh 60W USB PD 3.0 Portable Charger $63.99 Delivered (Was $79) - Works for Some Notebooks @ Sunvalley Amazon AU


I was searching for backup charger for my Laptop3 and found this.
Currently ranking #1 on Amazon both in Australia and Japan.
I thought $63 in AUD was good when it cost JPY7799(AUD$105) in JP but will return to $79 after the time sale.
Also weight 372g is good among the competitors.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Which one is better quality, ignore the price, this RAVpower or Kogan

    • Kogan's may charge more but I would choose Ravpower due to its weight 372g, Kokgan 600g

    • Damn that Kogan looks like a specs monster - 102W !?!? I wonder what the longevity is - that's the same power of the brick that powers my MBP 16" !

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      You wont be allowed to take it on board if its Kogan's

      • Yes, you can.

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            @Rogerrra: 102W is the power output, not the watt hour capacity.

            Its definitely still fine to take onto a plane. Here are the specs on that Kogan power bank:

            26,800mAh @ 3.6V = 96.5Wh

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            @Rogerrra: You can get an exemption up to 160wh. You don't need an exemption for up to 100Wh.

            But this isn't 102wh - it's max available power output at a given point in time (87w + 25w). The total stored power is more likely 26.8A x 3.3v = 88.44Wh. In other words, it will run down in around 52mins when outputting 102W.

            Edit: correction as per the above comment, it's 26.8 x 3.6 = 96.48wh. Or 57min on full power.

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        oh you can't do boards? what about planks? :^)

    • That powerbank has been cheaper here

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      All these cheap powerbanks say their total output is over 100W BUT only one PD port is capable of
      achieving a max output of 25W on the Kogan and 30W on the RavPower.

      These powerbanks roughly charge at 65% of the speed from normal power bricks that come with 13inch laptops these days. To be honest it's actually good enough if you're not doing anything intensive lol

      • The Kogan can do up to 87W on the USB PD port. That's enough to charge almost all laptops.

        "Intelligently identifies the optimum voltage and current to safely keep your Type-C laptop, phone and tablet running at peak performance with PD 3.0 up to 87W"

        • You’re right. That is impressive for only $80.

          Considering it’s a Kogan though, it might as well be China branded

  • Can this charge Surface Pro 7?

    Or Xiaomi Power Bank Pro 3?

    • If it supports USB PD then yes. Aim for 60W in order to get a similar charging speed as the included Microsoft charger. If you use a lower powered pack, then you will likely just slowly charge or even only maintain the current charging level.

      And yes, it will charge the Xiaomi Powerbank Pro 3.

      • it will charge the Xiaomi Powerbank Pro 3.

        I mean RAVPower or Xiaomi is better? 😊

        • yeah, also curious…my PB Pro 3 is arriving today…I wonder if I should post it back and buy this or just hang onto it…

          • @Kundi: The PB Pro 3 does QC if you have compatible devices, this RAVpower doesn't appear to.

            • @norkle: Just wondering I have a desktop multi port Blitzwolf QC 3.0 charger but no USB-C.

              Will that work with USB to USB-C cable to charge Surface Pro 7?

              With USB-C charge any reason why have to use USB-C powerbank?

              EDIT: Ignore it, just watched youtube video, USB-C charging needs PD charger.

            • @norkle: RAVpower does QC according to Amazon web site

              • @Legolas: Ah, I can see that now, glad you pointed that out - it's usually much more obvious.

  • +3

    Been waiting for a good deal on a decent 60W+ PD charger. Thanks for the post.

  • i think this deal is finished?

    • Nope. Code is still linked in there

      • The code will only take the price down to $67.99, not the origian $63.99.

  • Any desktop PD charger deal?

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