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[Amazon Prime] Amazon First Reads - Early Access + Choose 2 of The 9 Kindle Books for July 2020 for Free


Get early access to two of nine editor-picked Kindle Books: Prime members can exclusively choose two Kindle Books in the selection to read for free. Note that the price remains $1.99 for everyone else.


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  • Now the question - Which 2 books to pick?

    • There are no reviews on the AU store, and only a handful on the US site.

      However, solely based on the low number of reviews on the US site, I picked:
      The Last of the Moon Girls - 5.0 / 5.0 rating, 5 reviews
      Trust No One (Devlin & Falco Book 1) - 3.9 / 5.0 rating, 7 reviews

      I probably won't ever read either book though ;-)

      Edit: and apparently I can get neither since I'm using the US store for kindle (from before there even was an AU store), and I won't want to update my settings to use the AU store when every other kindle book I have is in the US store. Annoying.

      • I use goodreads to check out reviews.

        Not that it matters since everyone has their own tastes: I picked The Last of the Moon Girls and White Out.

      • I won't want to update my settings to use the AU store when every other kindle book I have is in the US store.

        If you update your settings to AU store, your books from US library get transferred to AU store automatically. But you won't be able to buy from US store anymore.

        • And you lose family sharing, as Amazon AU does not support it.

          This is the one thing that keeps me from moving my kindle books from the US to the AU store.

  • Ooh we get to choose two this time. I think a lot of people are going to miss that and just pick one…

    I wish there was a sci-fi and fantasy option each month. Most of the options are crime/thriller/murder mystery type books.

  • Goodreads ratings:

    Title Avg. Rating # Ratings
    The Last of the Moon Girls 4.85 48
    Trust No One 4.50 16
    Across the Winding River 4.40 30
    Clover Kitty Goes to Kittygarten 4.38 16
    Her Final Words 4.25 4
    White Out 4.21 114
    The Son and Heir 3.98 988
    Stealing the Crown 3.00 1
    Rival Sisters 0 0
  • I choose “Her Final Words” and “Trust No One”. I just ordered a Kindle Paperwhite this morning and been looking for some e-books.

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