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[eBook] Free: "The Dragon Stone Trilogy: eBox Set" $0 @ Amazon AU, US


The bestselling Dragon Stone trilogy is now available in one complete set. This fantasy series has sold over 100,000 copies in the US and the UK! Discover this epic fantasy series by bestselling author Kristian Alva!

  • "Dragon Stones": Book One
  • "Return of the Dragon Riders": Book Two
  • "Vosper's Revenge": Book Three

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  • Has anyone read these? Wondering if they would be suitable for a 12yr old?

  • OP predict CoVid19 years ago?

  • "Now available".. Lol. According to my purchase history I've had it since 2017.

    Is it just me or 100,000 doesn't seem much for a book?

    • The average sales for traditionally published (through an actual publisher) fiction novels in Australia is 1000 copies or thereabouts. So yeah, 100,000 is pretty good!

      If you put your stuff out through Amazon for 50 cents a copy, then it's easier to rack up the sales numbers. But the vast, vast majority of books released around the world wouldn't get anywhere near 100k sales.

      • Except the OP stated the "100,000" copies was in the UK and the US, not Aus.
        So ~400m population between the two, vs our 25m.

        • So about 16 times larger population, which would make 100,000 sales equivalent to 6,250 here. Which is still about six times higher than average.

          Also, larger population means many more authors and more local competition. In any case, 100k sales is a very good and rare effort. Doesn't mean the book is any good of course!

  • I think these have been free before… A quick check indicates yes in 2018 and also in 2017. And both previous times the deal was posted by nocure.

    I read them one of the previous times they were posted. They're generic fantasy, middle of the road in quality, very fantasy-tropey.

    • so a significant portion of those 100,000 'sales' could have been the free downloads by Ozbargainers :)

  • Can somebody please clarify this? the 1000$ tax free limit when importing items applies to per item or per month/financial year? Thanks.

  • Can these be read with any ebook reader on android etc. Or do you need something proprietary?

    Do you get a file or have to read 'online"?

  • I see a message saying not available for purchase.

  • I've read this series as well as subsequent series. Good read.