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Oppo Find X2 Pro 5G $799 Upfront + $65 PM for 12 Months @ JB Hi-Fi


Previous deal is back for anyone that missed out! :)

JB HI FI is having a mobile madness sale along with some other handsets.

Oppo Find X2 Pro 5G
You will need to port over to JB who uses Telstra network on a 12 month contract (no Boost) as a new customer.
- $799 upfront cost
- $65 PM for 12 months ($780 for 12 months)
- 80 GB worth of data per month
Total Minimum Cost $1579

You can also choose to cancel the contract for $390. That would mean you own this phone outright at $1189 (799+390)

GSMarena specs

This phone is a direct competitor of the Samsung S20 series IMO. Its missing wireless charge but can enjoy at 120HZ without reducing resolution. Suited for exynos haters. Enjoy!!! :)

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  • Got one, highly rate, was a oneplus owner previously, Oppo owned by same parent company too as oneplus.

    specs on par with the oneplus 8 pro also.

    • I have a Oneplus 6 now which I find great, but wouldn't mind a camera with some zoom for travel. How is the one on the Oppo?

      • i'm limited to 5 responses a day atm on this haha.

        I went from a oneplus 3T would of kept using it if the screen had not shattered again (user neglect)

        zoom is crazy on a phone, the image stability helps a lot to get the perfect photo too.

        I am very novice when it comes to photography.

    • I went from S10. Amazing phone. Smashes anything else in the market

  • if wireless charging and 0.5" bigger, will get this

  • So can I get a new number with Telstra on this deal at JBHIFI, as soon as the number is set up I pay the first month & also cancel in the first month?

  • Have one got it preordered. The phone flies through each task including games likes cod, asphalt. My personal concern was battery life which is around 5 to 6 SOT with 120hz and qhd but the insane charging demolishes this issue. Only regret should have got orange rather than ceramic.

    • What's wrong with the ceramic black?

      I'm hoping against hope that JBhifi has the $55/month plan again ($65/month plan with $10 port in discount). Would have snapped up that plan with the Oppo Find X2 Pro if I wasn't away.

    • Yeah the charging is unreal, I just left my charger at work and chuck it on for 20 mins each day and it fully charges. Best phone I have ever had.

  • just call JB, they said you can get a new number, so it’s great value for such an amazing phone !

    • Yes, will be charged ETC $390.

      • Do you know how to cancel the contract without paying the first month 65 dollars? I just don’t activate it?

        • You will only be billed pro-rata during the first month.
          Once you cancel they will adjust the bill so you only pay for 1-2 days that you actually use.

        • These days, cancellation is an issue as Tesltra chat and call centre isn't immediately available. So the best way to immediately cancel the contract is to buy a $2 SIM card from any non-telstra MVNO and port out to that. It will be completed within minutes and your contract will be cancelled.

  • Worth looking at this way of getting it too. Costs $1155.40 if you value the Flybuys points at full face value.


    • Optus coverage is an issue for most.

    • I am not getting the superior Telstra performance we had few years back. I had been on Telstra and Optus together for many years now and had never seen the gap closed that much and in fact many times Optus are better. I live in Sydney CBD so other areas nay be different.

      Both this deal and the Optus/Flybuys has its good and bads and you need to examine the numbe to see which one is suitable to you.

      My concern with people who is looking for this phone is nor aware of its possible downfalls and got suck in by the spec on paper. OPPO is know for its poor software update record, neither its local warranty support is any good. Couple that with a rapid lost of handset value of OPPO, I will ask people to think twice before picking up this phone.

  • Orange or black?? I know the black one is a lot heavier but the orange is not really my taste … why don’t they have the green one that is sold in China

  • I thought Oppo was exiting the market. Hopefully not.

  • I thought its 55/m with telstra credit applied

  • Is this dual Sim?

  • Got this last time around. Great phone. Went back into JB a week later to complain about 80gb being too much, they dropped me back down to their $45 45gb plan(more than enough for me) free of charge, which made it even better value than it already was.
    ($45 x 12)+799 = $1399 for new phone plus 12month plan for $200 less than buying phone outright with no plan.

  • How does Telstra ETC work if I use for couple of months? So will it be 390 x (10 remaining months/12)? I have heard no ETC after 6 months - is that correct or there will be some ETC even if you cancel after 10 months?

    • There is ETC applied prorata. So even if you cancel 1 month before the expiry of 12M period, they will charge you ETC. Thats what happened with me when I cancelled my contract even during the 12th month.

  • Just got a black one from JB and paid 799, and then went to the Telstra store next to it and they cancel it for me without any questions, Telstra confirmed that I will only be charged $390 for cancellation. Happy with the purchase

  • Guys just to double check can we store credit on this deal thanks

  • I guess you can probably go to a Telstra shop and ask to drop it to 45 dollars plan. Then cancel it, the cancellation fee for 45 dollars plan is only 270, so still work out cheaper , but I just cancelled my 65 dollars plan. Still happy with the price though

    • You can do this through JB directly, Telstra themselves in store cannot sign you up to the JB $45.

  • is the plan provides free international call?

  • this is so tempting, but may wait to see what the galaxy note 20

  • Bought it from the last deal. Can't really fault it.

    The only downside is that 120hz with high resolution drains the battery quickly, but the supervooc charge sort of compensates that.

    If I have to add one more, the ceramic model is a bit heavy.

  • I just started getting a green tint hue on screen, anyone else have this problem? after 3 days of use it shows on low light, in dark and on grey backgrounds.

    • It may have something to deal with its DC dimming. Google "dc dimming green" and U may be able to find some info useful.

      • OMG I love you turning it on fixed it, i didnt have it on.

        THANK you so much, I never knew this setting was a thing lol

        NVM it made it red now? and darker

        • OMG, Oneplus 8, S20, FX2 PRO…. these are all phones over 1.5k and they can't even get the screen right?

        • It is kinda a hardware issue and may need to wait until they update the firmware. Maybe contact Oppo or JBH for a solution?

          Also, from a health perspective, don't use phones in a extremely dark environment :)

      • Now its turning dark blue and very dark, what is happening, is this normal??

  • Hi, I am trying to use the app to contact Telstra so that I can cancel the contract. The app does not seem to work….🤔

    I click on get help but it does not 'load the page'.

    • Telstra 24X7 are useless these days. Try to walk into a Telstra store to do it or like others suggested, just port the number out.

  • I am in a remote part up north. Might have to ask a feral goat, wild cow or bull or a dingo ha ha ha….

  • Gutted I'm an existing telstra customer….can anyone think of a work around?

    • Port out wait 2 day or so and try your luck back in

      • I'm an existing telstra customer too, wondering if anyone has ported out and been able to sign up with telstra again shortly after.

        • With Telstra. Got ported to circles then went in store and got jbhifi to port me back into Telstra 2 days after

          It really depends on who U get at jbhifi and if your super nice

  • I assume this $65 JB plan is the same as the new Telstra Medium 80Gb plan? i.e. includes 5G network access?

    • I think it include 5G access but no POM data.

    • Purchased this phone yesterday from JB Airport West (Melb). I can confirm 5G Network access with this JB plan. Got 210Mbps download in Ringwood this morning. Also, JB erroneously had flyer posted in store which said there was $10 per month port in credit even though that deal expired a week or two ago. When I pointed this out half way through the purchase the staff member had to check with manager. It was confirmed $10 credit p/m was finished so instead I was offered $120 off the upfront phone purchase price. So ended up getting this phone for $679! Something to look out for in other stores maybe?

  • I was in JB hi-fi Belmont WA and noticed they had the $10 credit in the promo sign.


  • Anyone having luck finding a decent case for this phone??

  • Oh no I'm missing out 😞…