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TCL 55C8 55" (139cm) QUHD 4K AI-IN Android Smart TV $849 + Shipping (Free Shipping to Selected Areas) @ Buy Smarte


Was browsing for cheap tv and this came up. Looks like a decent deal from a quick search.

TCL 55C8 55" (139cm) QUHD 4K AI-IN Android Smart TV (Bonus Voice Remote)
Condition:Brand New
Warranty:3 Years

Free Shipping to Selected Areas
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Free & Painless Transit Insurance
Brand New- Sealed Item- Manufacturer Warranty
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  • +4 votes

    $849 isn't cheap at all IMO…Any reviews on this pls?

    • +6 votes

      Would strongly debate this, TCL have the $400-$1100 market pretty much tied up

  • +7 votes

    Actually the TCL I have is the best tv I've owned (including Samsung, LG & Hisense).

    Great picture quality, good enough sound if you don't have a sound bar, fast enough Android and a 3 year warrenty.

    Couldn't ask for much more really.

  • +2 votes

    Honestly TCL are making incredible value for money TV's at the moment and this one is definitely up there. I have seen mixed reviews for this one with hit and miss software, however the picture quality is second to none, no reason to go to a higher price bracket unless you're really finicky about backlighting.

    This is coming from experience with my TCL C2us from 2017/2018 still going strong with android tv running without fault.

  • +1 vote

    I am happy with my TCL 70C2US that I bought in 2018.. Excellent picture quality and currently paired with Nvidia shield and Yamaha sound bar.. The best TV setup I have ever had.


      I got the same one 👍, I'm pretty happy with it too. There are a few bugs with the c2us models apparently, but newer models are better.


    This guy looks like he knows what he is talking about:


    I thought about buying this when other stores were clearing it out, it's last years model (at half price, pretty decent).

    Main problems were all software. The motion smoothing is crap and the TV turns it back on by itself sometimes. Some of the apps don't work well, there's various audio issues with certain hardware and TCL's support isn't very good. Those who are happy with are really happy with it, but I'm not willing to risk it.

    That said, there's nothing even close to this display in this price range, it looks a lot better than Samsung screens in the same price range. Just a shame TCL send us the crap products rather than the US market ones, over there they're cheaper to begin with and have fald.


      Yeah I would plug in my HTPC to use if I purchased a TV like this. I wish there was someone making a TV that is designed to be used with external hardware. In that it's a dumb TV that just displays content. Simple HDMI/USB-C/DP inputs and nothing else. No tuner or anything. I imagine it would be cheap and you can just use a shield or a HTPC or Apple TV etc.

  • +1 vote

    Android TV isn't as good as I expected it to be. I'm still on Oreo on my 55C2US. Don't think they will push many updates.. Going back, I probably would have just gone with a nvidia shield and a tv.


    I have this exact model. very happy with it. the built-in soundbar is good enough that I ditch the bulky YAS-107.

  • +1 vote

    Wow! obviously no one here had read about how bad TCL are for warranty claims. Or they are all just shills. Only have to read all the negative press toward the home country to know what's going on here.


    I'm trying to not buy Made in China let alone a brand from China. My Japanese built Bravia has started to fall apart :(