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[PS4] Energizer Dual Charger - PlayStation 4 $19 (Was $49) + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus/C&C) @ EB Games eBay


Eb games ebay store has the energizer dual controller charger back in stock, I got a $5 coupon, I don't know if anyone else with ebay plus gets it but let me know in the comments. Great deal I got mine for $14 with the voucher but free shipping with ebay plus.
Also I know this is a copy of the deal that was posted on eb games website but this is on ebay this time and I want to let everybody know that it is back again! So take this opportunity to grab one while it lasts, and this was $49, that's 61% off retail!! and it also has free express post for ebay plus members!

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  • Free express post for ebay plus!

  • Is the $5 coupon the monthly one? If so I believe that's minimum $50 spend.

    I tried anyway and it didn't work.

    • Mine worked, not sure why, I think it is ebay plus only or the voucher you get from time to time with the $5.01 minimum spend

    • Yes it is monthly.
      You get $5 voucher every month for 12 months.

      Min spend $50 and I think you cannot stack with other codes which makes it almost useless

      • Sometimes you do get the $50 min spend ones, or sometimes the ebay plus only items, or from time to time if you suddenly stop ordering, they send you $5 voucher with a $5.01 min spend to get you back shopping on ebay

      • Huh, I've never seen one of those coupons ever.

        Thanks for the heads up

        • Thats alright, I recently got a voucher for $10 off ebay plus items with no minimum spend, used that on something else before I got this one. And at one point I stopped ordering for 2 months and they sent me a $5 voucher with $5.01 min spend and It got me shopping on ebay more frequently.

  • Good price, grabbed one just now. Thanks for the sharing.

    • No worries, got myself one as well, hope the ozbargain community can benefit from this deal, did you by any chance get the $5 off voucher? Just curious

  • Since it's got its own power charger, does it stop charging the controller/s when reached 100% capacity or does it continue to charge if the controller remains docked at 100% (similar principle to discussions about fast/dumb chargers vs smart chargers)?

    • I am guessing since this is a good brand and has charging indicators so it knows when its fully charged, ir probably will, energizer is the leader in batteries and chargers etc.

  • If only it was Xbox One. ;)

  • I want a ps3 dual charger to charge my controllers that I use to play on my raspberry pi3 and its $39.95. lol so weird ps3 costs more than ps4

    • It's not weird… The base price for the ps3 one is actually cheaper, but it's not on sale like the ps4 one is…

      PS4 $49.95 >> $19.00
      PS3 $39.95 >< $39.95

      Just keep a watch on the ps3 one, or better yet send EB a message and ask them about it..

    • you can find some cheap ebay ones for $15 if you look harder, those are not bad either

  • Hi all, Just received my charger and it works great! Didn't think it would be that good quality but it is awesome quality, excellent for anyone still on the fence about purchasing this and EB games receipt was inside the box as well! it charged both of my playstation 4 controllers excellently and feels and looks much more expensive than it actually is!

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