Returning Mobile Phone on Plan

G'day, I snapped up this deal for an S20+ ( but I'm really unhappy with the phone. I've been trying to call the store to ask about returning it or changing to a different phone (coming from a Pixel 2XL so might go Pixel 4 despite advertised issues), and wanted to know if anyone has any success doing this with JB Hi Fi or any other retailer with plans?


  • Why are you unhappy with the phone?

    If there's something wrong with it you'll be able to return it but, if it's buyer's remorse, which it sounds like, you are stuck with the phone and contract you agreed to.

  • Sadly no buyers remorse or change of mind in the phone industry.
    Unless they contacted you directly then you have no cooling off period.
    If you contacted them direct and signed up then you are stuck with the phone you chose.

    • Certainly not the case if you bought the phone from Officeworks. You can literally buy the most expensive phone they sell, and return under 1 month, as long as it is in good condition

      • Talking about phones bought on a contract not outright.

        • Thought you were talking about phone industry in general
          But agree with you. ACL has spoiled people to the point where they think they’re entitled to a refund after using the product

  • Well I am pretty sure there is a problem with the camera - the shutter speed is terrible. Hard one to prove though, other than showing them the phone's inability to take a crisp photo indoors…

  • best bet is to chuck it on gumtree/FB and buy the new phone with cash

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