A human answering service.

I used to think human answering services are stupid. However I’m screening all my calls because every day I get spam calls and if I answer I know that’ll just put me on some list. But I also need to receive work calls. Telstra speech to text doesn’t work or else that’s be fine. Anyway what’s a cheap human answering service that you can trust in case a personal message is left. Also it might make people think I have a receptionist.

I remember a friend had one like 18 years ago and I don’t know what he paid, I assumed at the time it was cheap. But maybe I assumed wrong. I have dual sim numbers so I can just use it on one number and not the other, if it costs per call. I probably would want to filter a lot of people through it though. Not that I get a lot of calls, a few a day at most, but it’d be nice to not have to fear my phone every time it rings with an unknown number, because they usually don’t bother leaving a message. If they suddenly connected to a person I bet they would leave messages.


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