Hunter valley wine trip

Looking to fly into Newcastle, hire a car and hit the road for a wine tasting,b&b trip to the hunter valley.Looking at 3 nites,thurs-Sunday.Any must does or recommendations will be welcome.


  • My manager did a trip there the other week.
    You need to make a booking for every cellar door wine tasting and most are now charging a 'cleaning fee' that they deduct if you buy something.

    I haven't been there in years so I won't recommend anywhere specific in case they have become, less good.

    • Good to know. Going there next week and wasn't expecting this. Will check it out. Thanks

      • We did the wineries around Orange on the Long Weekend.

        We weren't charged a cleaning fee but everywhere required booking and a tasting fee of at least $10pp. I was happy to pay that as it reduced my mental obligation to buy overpriced or substandard wines.

        We also had to book (weeks ahead) for any restaurant or cafe, whether it was breakfast, lunch or dinner. Even the Take-away offering at some of the top restaurants had to be pre-booked.

        Accommodation was booked out and (over)priced accordingly.

        I know the regions are crying out for city folk to come and spend money but they aren't doing themselves any favours at the moment.

        This period should be a time when Australian tourism operators show that a local holiday doesn't have to be crazy expensive or have sub-standard service or facilities but they just seem to want to do the minimum possible for the maximum amount the market will tolerate.

  • Depends if your coming from Victoria.. in that case your not welcome.

    • I live in the Hunter Valley and couldn’t agree more… (oh, and “you’re*”)

  • To the wannabe comedians ….flying in from Brisbane and I know we will be covid free

    • +1

      covid free

      Yeah, everyone else thought that too.

    • Don’t worry about the jokers. The hospitality businesses in these locations have been on lockdown for months. Some of them would be more than happy to take your money.

  • +1

    Scarborough wines do a nice cheese platter to accompany your tasting

  • Brokenwood do a nice sampling bit exxy $25pp pretty sure it was cheaper than that last year. There’s a $50 option with canapés. They’re near hunter valley gardens which sometimes have events on during year. The chocolate and cheese shops are not great very overpriced and touristy. If an hr drive not too far Wyong milk factory has a great boutique cheese factory with free samples and a small chocolate maker with a good selection.

  • Krinklewood in Broke is fantastic. A little out of the main HV area but well worth it. Great wines and scenery.
    Brokenwood definitely. Audrey's has a beautiful view as well.
    Make sure you go to the right Scarborough, I always get them mixed up lol.
    I always go to Amanda's on the Edge for lunch or dinner. Cute, cosy and delicious food!

  • Stay in Qld and help your own state.

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