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$5 or $10 off Your Next eBay Plus Item, No Min Spend @ eBay


Logged into ebay today and noticed a voucher "$10 off your next eBay Plus Item" - expiring 30/7/20 - possibly targeted…

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  • I only have $5.

    • same here

  • +5

    Lol possibly. My possibility detector is detecting that this is possibly one of eBay's hyper targeted bullshit promos.

  • psmedley when did you last make an ebay purchase?
    Wondering if they target people who don't make many purchases or reward those that do

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      I purchase all the time and never get the targeted offers.

    • Last ebay purchase was Friday….

  • What page are these again? I've forgotten since I've literally stopped buying anything but absolute essentials

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      Move your cursor to "My ebay" in the top right-hand side & then click on "My eBay Summary".

      • Thanks, found it. Mine is $5 off expiring 19/07/2020. I only made a few small (<$5) purchases this year.

  • Minimum spend?

    • No min spend for mine.

  • I got this because an item "didn't arrive on time". Everything I ordered arrived fine, but an Apple Watch from the Plus sales never updated its tracking to say delivered so I'm guessing it's from that.

    • Yep pretty much the reason people are getting them

    • yep - thats the one I have too (late delivery)

  • I didn't receive any such offer. Pity.

  • Not possibly targeted.

    Definitely targeted.

  • If you have ebay plus you get this $5 every month?

    • $5 off $50 spend yes - this is $5/$10 off with no min spend

      • Do they email you a code monthly or something? I don't have any codes or anything for my eBay plus account and am about to purchase something $200+

        nvm, has to be an eBay plus item.

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    Received $5 off, here are the T&Cs

    • -1

      So nothing for "paid" trial, ffs ebay ****middle finger****

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  • Nothing

  • $5 only.
    eBay Plus Items are more extensive!
    What can we buy for $5?

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    Could anyone provide a search link for eBay Plus Items $5 and under?

    • I signed up for the trial month.
      I can't find a way to search for ebay plus items, just browsing on the limited categories.
      Checked their help which tells you nothing

      So as per @d2joy would like to be able to search for ebay plus, but not restricted to $5


    • OK found it.
      When you run a search, there is a filter on the left hand side for ebay plus (along with price, location etc)

  • Is eBay Plus items always more expensive. I am yet to find any eBay Plus items lower than $15 in order to use this coupon. For example the same adapter selling at $15 is sold by another non-Plus seller at $3 ish including postage.
    In fact I have never bought an eBay Plus item since I signed up the free trial. There are always other non-Plus sellers offer way lower price.

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