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LEGO Chinese New Year Fair (80105) $126 and Lion Dance (80104) $84 + $5.95 Delivery @ Mighty Ape


Daily Deal from mighty ape, has been cheaper before but a good little discount if your looking for one now. Orders over $100 come with a free $1 gift too.

New Year Fair 80105
Lion Dance 80104 OOS

Should be able to stack with this Zip deal to get $20 Zip credit for purchases over $100.

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Mighty Ape Australia

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  • The free gifts they value at $1 I would like to buy stacks but no cigar !

  • I love these so much but financially can’t afford them right now.

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    Amazing what gets censored here…

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      No no, they are just people who suddenly got sick and needed to be admitted to the Re-Neducation Centre for urgent brain surgery.

  • Looks like Lion Dance is sold out now

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      Huh? People rip into the Australian Government ALL THE TIME. I certainly do as a member of a free, democratic society where I can express my opinions without worry of imprisonment. Have you never read the comments posted below any article concerning our local, state and/or federal leaders?

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          yeh gonna need a valid source on that,

          Who are you? The Minister of Propaganda?

          Five seconds of Google searching will come up with dozens of sources from both sides of the political spectrum echoing those numbers.

          not random photos from some media conglomorate

          Try satellite imagery of 500 camps and prisons identified in mainland China. You don't need to be Rhodes Scholar to identify enormous plots of land with huge perimeter walls, barbed wire, guard towers and giant cell blocks to be anything other than a prison or a concentration camp.

          what are you even referring to?

          History. You know, the thing the Communists love to erase and deny?

          The Great Leap Forward.

          The fact that you're ignorant of the the greatest mass murder by a single entity in recorded human history shows you might want to do some reading before weighing in on geo-politics.

          you're literally living on an island annexed from the Aborigines, talk about hypocrisy

          You're literally talking to a person who is not of Anglo-Saxon Australian descent and whose ancestors never subjugated any indigenous peoples.

          Australian Government =/= British Empire.

          Nice display of Whataboutism comrade, now why don't you try focusing on my original point.

          The British Empire's excesses during the colonisation of Australian pales in comparison to Communist China's historical legacy.

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    I'm waiting for the Tiananmen Square special edition.

    • One with Xi in it along with Trump lego with lion dance I would consider

      Better to have a Bat as well name Covid-19

      Where's my lego with masks??

      Dang I want my coronavirus edition

    • You can build an MOC, build a tank with a minifig standing in front of it.

      • MOC is no fun, Lego releasing an official version would be very interesting and Lepin can then monopolize the Chinese market.

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    The people and comments on this post are absolutely cancerous, holy shit.

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      If only we could make them disappear without a trace!

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      Congratulations comrade! 50 cents have been deposited into your account for your patriotic commentary in defence of the motherland.

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        Australian-born and have been living here my whole life. I have visited China before, and I genuinely feel sorry for them knowing how much ignorant people like you LOVE to shit on their culture. The majority of the people there are incredibly kind and compassionate, with a few special cases being the odd ones out (older generation in particular). I completely agree with you in the sense that the politics are beyond fked and the CCP is disgusting, but coming into a post and trashing a traditional culture that existed before the CCP was even around is very sad and you need help.

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        Havent you heard? The new payment rate is now only 20c thanks to the trade war and impending economic crash.

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      Yep, the trolling posters here don't even bother distinguishing the CCP and anything Chinese related.

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        So instead of saying there is too much gun violence in America. I need to distinguish and say there is too much black on black gun violence in America?

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        the CCP and anything Chinese related.

        There's legitimate criticism to be levelled at both.

        A nation which loves torturing animals to death in bizarre, ritualistic festivals, eating all manner of species clearly unsafe for human consumption and promoting the extinction of numerous endangered species because they believe tiger penises are an aphrodisiac and rhino horns cure possession by spirits or some stone age BS is clearly perpetuating and indulging in the psychopathy that trickles down from the highest levels of power in the CCP.

        • That's funny, nothing Australian hasn't done. Continue on.

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          Then what do you have to say about aboriginal rituals? Oh the irony…

        • Countries that celebrates Chinese lunar new year: Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Mauritius. It is also a public holiday in countries such as Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and Vietnam. Although Japanese now uses a different date, they still shares the same zodiac with Lunar years. Thought you should know this when another Lunar year deal pops up.

  • Insert 50 cent joke great value, $149 elsewhere. Might buy one ahead of new years next year. Thanks op!

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    Pretty good deal actually. Once you fact in the $20 free credit and the 2 legos worth about $18. You paying about $180 for the 2 items delivered.

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      Upvoted for being the ONLY comment on this entire page that is actually about the DEAL.

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    Half of these comments are funny trolling, the other half is CCP operatives.

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      Just because people don't agree with the "funny trolling" does not make them CCP Operatives.

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    Here comes all the OzRacists..

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      The CCP are today's Nazi's. That's not racism, just a fact.

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        It's a deal. It's Lego. It's all about Chinese culture. Now tell me how is it connected to CCP? Some people even linked this to coronavirus. Yes, it is pure racism.

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          Don't bother reasoning with the racist who can't differentiate between Germans and Nazis.. Nor Chinese from CCP.

        • +9

          I have given up wasting time on these people. Like they make up their mind from some exaggerated or just fake "news" and apply it to 1.4 billion people, claiming they are all guilty. Yeah and they think they are thinking "independently".

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            @random-guy: Non withstanding if this is an appropriate place for the conversion you think China committing genocide, annexing free nations and subjugating poor neighbouring nations is exaggerated or fake news? And you think you're thinking independently?

            • @mr fox: No I am not even thinking, and you are 100% absolutely right.

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          Nobody is attacking the Chinese people nor the Chinese culture here. Simply mocking the CCP regime is far from being racist and well justified.

          As to your question about how is something about China is connected to the CCP, is that a question even worth asking?

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            @truetypezk: Why would you even brought it up here? everywhere you see the word 'Chinese', you gonna brag about CCP? stop polluting please, not a fun of CCP and certainly not a fun of your ideology either, hater.

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              @wch0852: Well if you think this is not a good place to discuss about it, why are you even replying to me? If you want other people to decide for you what you can say or cannot say, pls go to China. (or the brand new China-HK)
              The more we talk about and condemn CCP the faster it gets dissolved and the people in China live a better life. If you are not a fan of CCP why dont you play a part in that too?
              As to calling me a CCP hater, is that supposed to be good or bad? Very confused here.

              • @truetypezk: Cause you opinion has polluted the comment section of a LEGO deal. You are confused? what are you on about? I don't care whether hating CCP is a good or bad thing, just like you don't really care whether people in China can live a better life or not. I'm a spider hater, but does that matter? Do I have to tell that to every predators and prays or should I kill off every spider nest I see? Besides, why don't you go to China THEN let others know what you think how they can be better off without CCP. You sounded like you are trying to justify your racism toward Chinese, using anti/pro-CCP comments as a glorified reason for hatred, cause you don't really make any sense with comments like 'what you can say or cannot say'. I've been there, I've said a lot bad things about CCP in their face, yet here I am, back in Australia again.

                • -1

                  @wch0852: Hmm because like some have already mentioned, to the civilised world CCP is today's new Nazi (far worse in fact) and being a Nazi hater doesn't exactly sound worse than a Nazi supporter.
                  I dont see how your spider-phobia is a valid analogy of CCP but I am pretty sure it is your right to tell everyone you hate spiders and nobody is going to condemn you for that. You dont have to tell everyone but nobody should prevent you from doing that, just like nobody should prevent others from condemning the CCP when they deem fit.
                  Whether I have been to China is totally irrelevant to what we are discussing here. Saying Chinese is a piece of sht is racist, saying CCP is sht is well justified politically criticism.
                  If you are also anti-CCP and just dont see why some people (including me) here start to condemn the CCP from a Lego deal, maybe all you need is a more active brain.

                  • @truetypezk:

                    Whether I have been to China is totally irrelevant to what we are discussing here. Saying Chinese is a piece of sht is racist, saying CCP is sht is well justified politically criticism.

                    This amuses me. Not gonna argue with the rest, not because I agree with you. Your logic is flawed, you should go to a college. Save those for a paper.

                    • @wch0852: Oh my logic is flawed, how resounding and convincing! You must have learnt that in college.

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            @truetypezk: Are you sure linking a Lego set presenting Chinese culture with coronavirus isn't racism? Some comments here clearly said they want a coronavirus virus set to match this set. It's simply mocking the CCP regime? If you really think so, then you are a racist to me.

            Just answer it. How is a deal post about a Lego set simply presenting thousands of years old Chinese culture connected to the CCP which is less than 100 years old?

            • -1

              @timelordau: I seriously dont think that is racism. If you run into a Chinese on the street and shout "coronavirus" in her face, that is racism because you are drawing a hasty and unjustified conclusion purely based on the target's race.
              However, what is happening here is when we hear Chinese culture, we think about China, we think about the coronavirus which originated from China and spreaded worldwide thanks to the CCP's system which makes cover-ups an almost inevitable choice for those officials involved. I hope this answers your question about how they are related.

              • -3

                @truetypezk: "when we hear Chinese culture, we think about China, we think about the coronavirus." Then making a comment "want a coronavirus virus Lego set to match this Chinese culture set" is appropriate?

                PURE RACISM!

                Same as your logic:
                When you hear black people culture, you think about Africa, you think about the HIV. You also think making a comment "want a HIV virus Lego set to match this set" under a deal post about a Lego set showing black people is alright????????

                I'm done with you. Bye!

                • -1

                  @timelordau: Well dont be a hypocrite, are you sure when you hear about China nowadays the first thing come to mind isnt coronavirus? On the other hand, when I hear about "black people" probably I will wanna comment on what is happening in the States right now.
                  Speaking of HIV, did the "black people" orchestrate an intentional and systematic coverup which allowed it to spread to the world? We are anti-CCP because of what they have done, the black people didnt do nothing why would we wanna criticize them? If you read my reply again, Chinese culture is simply a jumping board to the CCP atrocity, which is our target here. Nobody accused the Chinese people of anything.
                  Once again, "all black people have HIV" is racism, "black people were first discovered with HIV" is a factual statement. See the difference?

                  • +1

                    @truetypezk: Look at all your comments. You did nothing but sophism, keeping mixing up the CCP with Chinese people and using anti-CCP to cover up your racism. At least be a BRAVE racist.

      • +3

        Yep. All Germans are Nazis too according to your racist logic.

    • +2

      Here comes all the OzRacists..

      You mean China apologists and snowflakes?

      Not one comment that's been made here is legitimately racist. The OzBargain moderators do their jobs quite well and such comments are inevitably removed.

      You're just using loaded ad hominems to stifle legitimate criticism of an inhumane and corrupt regime.

      And forget the Nazis, they could only dream of a state so totally under the control of the one and only legitimate political party .

      • +3

        any of your comment related this deal?
        go somewhere else for your political views.
        This is O Z B A R G A I N. you are ruining it

        • -1

          Arent you doing the same? If you think political debate is inappropriate here then why are you expressing your own political view at the same place?

          AND I am sorry but who are you to decide what is appropriate or inappropriate here?

          • @truetypezk: the f I didn't see him talking no politics in his comment, what drags are you on? And tell me, Is it appropriate to strip in Ikea?

  • Where's Jackie?

  • -2

    Thanks, will wait for the Lepin version.

  • +10

    I bet all those who are dissatisfied about China are also the ones buying a lot of Chinese made products…………

    That's why the word Keyboard Warriors are invented.

    Great deal, now I finally bought it.

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    Lunar new year..
    Most of Asians celebrate lunar new year. Not only Chinese.

    • -3

      This product specifically depicts a scene from a Chinese New Year event. Your comment is irrelevant.

    • +1

      I always like to explain this to my friends but unfortunately there is still a lot of people dont really see the problem with "Chinese".
      I would like to say that "Chinese" is a pretty unfortunate word that has multiple meanings in different circumstances. They are all mixed up subtly and used interchangeably-but often incorrectly. When you hear the word, you probably think about "Chinese food/new year/characters" (culture), tourists from China(country of origin/citizenship), perceived racism against the Chinese (mistaken notion of Chinese as a race), Indonesian/Vietnamese/Singaporean Chinese(often perceived as race but actually referring to cultural heritage)
      The first thing is that Chinese is not a race. There are over 50 races in China, majority being the Han, yet there is not a race called "Chinese". You cant really be a racist against the Chinese simply because it is not even a race to start with.
      If you carefully recollect how your negative notion of "Chinese" builds up, it was probably because of visitors from China. We cant use the word Chinaman but in fact that is the most precise way to address this group. Due to the CCP's "education", morality is torn down, religious beliefs are banished, unimaginable and hideous things happen in the country all the time. Visitors from China do all kinds of ridiculous things which are outrageous to the civilised world yet widely accepted or at least tolerated in China. This is why Chinese get such a bad name. Saying "Chinese is blah-blah-blah" is actually equivalent to saying "The Yankees are…" "The Brits are…", which is more of expressing a stereotype.
      On the other hand, Chinese culture and Chinese heritage is perfectly fine. There are vestiges from the uncivilized times just like any other cultures do, but I rarely see people condemning the Chinese culture. (There is an important exception but irrelevant to what I am saying here) When you talk about Indonesian/Singaporean Chinese you will probably stereotype them for being shy/non vocal which is a trait of the Chinese culture, but being obnoxious is something unique to those from China. This obnoxiousness did not come from the Chinese culture, it came from the CCP's destruction of the Chinese culture and traditional virtues and their grandfather Marxism.
      The solution is pretty straightforward, get rid of the CCP so that China-Chinese can also join the rest of the world. It better happens fast before this cancerous cell spreads to other parts of the world, which has been happening as we speak.

      • -2

        Yeah… no, you are not justifying anything.