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[eBook] Free: "Aquaponics: An Introduction To Aquaculture and Aquaponic Gardening" $0 @ Amazon AU, US


When you download The Aquaponics 2 in 1 Book Set,
In Book 1, An Introduction To Aquaculture - An Introduction To Aquaponic Gardening, you'll learn the basics of Aquaculture and Aquaponics, which are the practices of producing fish and plants at the same time, in the same environment. You'll also learn how to understand, plan, execute, and maintain a simple aquaponic garden.This technique has been around for many centuries. This book can help you decide if this style of farming/gardening is right for you!
In Book 2, An Introduction To Aquaculture - An Introduction To Aquaponic Gardening explains the pros and cons of setting up an aquaculture farming system that will provide you with both fresh fish and fresh vegetables. It also describes the various types of fish, and the different kinds of plants that are suitable for this type of food production. You'll also learn fun facts about aquaculture, the basics of fish farming, and much more!

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    Thanks OP.

  • Smells fishy to me….

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    Back to $3.99 on AU.

    • Same same US

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    I clicked on the buy now with one click button and was charged $3.99 from my account. I should be more careful and look at the price first but when it was listed as free I just clicked away. I have requested a refund from amazon, seems a straight forward process. I'll be more careful from now on.

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      Just log into your account and request a refund from your purchases.
      I did this before and it’s instantaneous.

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    Vermiponics is better than Aquaponics. If you already kill your aquarium fish don't bother with aquaponics lol fish are sensitive and require a lot of TLC with balanced PH and filtering out ammonia (too much fish poop in the system). Vermiponics is just worms they can survive if your pump dies for days of course your plants will hurt but this is a much easier system to maintain because worms are hardy creatures and provide exact nutrients plants evolved with.

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