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Kirkland Signature Queen Sheet Set 6pc $69.90 (Was $114.99) @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Kirkland Signature's queen sheet set is a 680 thread count (square inch) that converts to 850 thread count (square centimetres) sheet set, making the sheets strong, breathable and very soft. Made from 100% PimaCott-brand cotton, the sheets comes with crease control technology which offers wrinkle-resistant smoothness. The set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and four pillowcases.

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  • Hope the "crease control" is better than their non-iron shirts, which are most definitely not non-iron.

    Anyone had these before and can comment on quality? Could do with some new sheets.

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    It was the same price instore at Costco Ipswich.

  • Too bad you can't get the colour in the picture. Only tan, grey, white.

  • Thanks OP. got one! Hopefully can get more if they are good

  • costco membership required

  • Why are bedding sets always split between sheet sets and quilt cover sets?

    • Because people will have more sheet sets then quilt covers.

    • Same reason why you buy different tops and bottoms. You're supposed to wear/dress your bed with different things :)

    • Because you should be changing your sheets regularly whereas a quilt cover can be be used for a much longer period before needing to be washed. This means its better to have more spare sheet sets and you will probably need to buy more since they will wear out quicker.

    • You're meant to put the flat sheet between yourself and the quilt (like they do in hotels), so in theory it doesn't get as dirty and needs changing less frequently.

      So, the lesson here is always use the flat sheet in a hotel 😂

  • I wonder how this compares to Targets '1000 TC' cotton-sateen sheet sets which can be picked up for between $70-$100. I have a number of the Target sets and find them to be pretty good for the price.

  • Do they have a Double version of this?

  • Is the conversion correct?

  • Ditch cotton. Linen in summer, flannel in winter.

  • https://www.flaxfieldlinen.com.au/blogs/blog/wrinkle-free-be...

    Wrinkle Free Bedding - Is It Worth Your Health?

    • interesting read thanks for that. we have a young baby now so a bit more mindful of things like this. will cross this off the list. just one of the million ways to die in the west!

      • Pleasure. Formaldehyde is everywhere. Iron free shirts same story. Unfortunately these days most things are not good for you. So it's a game of doing your best and compromising. Iron free sheets are in my mind stupid as they will get crumpled quickly anyway and there's no need to impress anyone with what's under your doona. :) not sure how to do wink.

  • What's the deal with Costco online? I've been searching to try and find out more about their shipping prices and where they ship too bust it's difficult to find any information - and I'm honestly a bit to lazy to call them, plus I wouldn't entirely believe what they tell me.

    I don't want to get a membership then find out shipping is some crazy price and they don't ship to where I live.

    • From what I can tell, all prices include shipping. Although in saying that, in the terms I see: Post code delivery restrictions may apply for certain items.

      • Yep, they include shipping in the item price. Most items I looked when it launched, at are significantly more expensive than their instore prices. Haven't bothered looking again since other than the odd deals on here.

    • Membership is fully refundable if you aren't happy with it according to their policy. So far everything I've got from them had shipping included in the price.

  • 1 square inch = 6.25 square cm
    680/6.25 = approx 105 per square cm. Basically a sac

    • This is not correct.

      Thread count adds the number of horizontal threads and the number of vertical threads.

      It is a count. Not an area calculation. (Not a 'squared' calculation)

      It also should be noted that in sheets in metric countries… the square is not a square cm… but rather an area equal to 10cm^2.
      This makes a square with sides 3.16cm

      When comparing with a non-metric sheet count; the square inch used for thread counting has sides 2.54cm as one might expect.

      Now in this case the count is 680 divided by 2.54 = 267.7 times 3.16 gives about….

      846 thread count.

      The industry rule of thumb is: multiply or divide by 1.25

  • Reminder that if your thread count is greater than 600, it probably isn't greater than 600

  • Anyone else thought $69.90 sounds about just right price, not "promo" price?

    • I think $69.90 is about just right for “cotton rich” sheet sets. It’s really hard to find 100% cotton with >500TC for under $100.

    • It's important to note that this is Pima cotton, which is only slightly inferior to Egyptian cotton (real Egyptian cotton from Egypt, not that silly "1200tc" stuff purporting to be Egyptian cotton) so the fabric is very soft, durable and breathable.

      I can't say this unequivocally, but I suspect a truer comparison would be other Pima or Supima cotton sheets, which would make $69.90 a bargain for these, especially when you consider the two extra pillow cases and the higher thread count (if it is to be trusted). E.g. the Target Supima cotton 400tc Queen sheet set, which already represents outstanding value, is $80

      • Do you have any recommendations for quality sheets at good value around the $200 mark?

        • I don't have any in particular at that price range, but I would be looking for, in order of preference, Tencel/Lyocell (either 100% or blended), Bamboo (either 100% or blended with Supima/Pima or Egyptian cotton), certified Egyptian cotton, Supima and lastly Pima cotton. And avoid any of these with fictitiously high thread counts. Some of these cost more than $200, but this is OzBargain so it shouldn't be too difficult to find a suitably priced set.

          If well made, these fabrics will exhibit varying degrees of luxuriously silky and soft feel, durability & resistance to piling and breathability.

          I'm sure others can chime in with some recommendations.

        • I'd recommend blessed earth organic bedding.

  • Received my order. The pillows don’t have closing mechanism which is kind of disappointing