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Thank you, I purchased the underwear. What concerns me? Some guys name on my underwear.
12/06/2022 - 20:04
absolutely, I need some new jocks so I clicked this and immediately though "I'm a consumer, what concerns me is some guys name on my...
12/06/2022 - 08:57
There was no shortage in Australia. GPU's have been readily available for over a year, 6700xt's have always been on shelves.
07/06/2022 - 07:52
you're meant to attach your car keys to the loop at the bottom? Way too bulky
02/06/2022 - 08:27
You can just use windows for free. I used windows 10 for free for years until I found an old laptop with a windows 7 key on it, managed to...
16/05/2022 - 21:10
It sounds tinny when filtered through the safari flaps on their fedora.
05/05/2022 - 12:48
I don't really want to be an early adopter with AM5, I'm thinking I could get something like this then wait until the second generation of...
29/04/2022 - 21:16
Is it one of those games it's impossible to beat without a guide?
27/04/2022 - 07:39
Same here. I'm in Qld, I've never seen this notification from Amazon before.
25/04/2022 - 19:32
Everyone is ripping this but the device seems to get nothing but praise regarding its value at its $400 USD price point.
21/04/2022 - 11:01
Any practical difference for 99% of PC users?
31/03/2022 - 17:06
For sure I could use another TB, all my current SSD's are full with games I don't have time to play.
27/03/2022 - 20:28
Nice, glad I didn't buy oblivion 16 years ago - now it's free!
25/03/2022 - 13:22
Is there any kind of official way to measure that? I haven't really been paying attention, I just plug it in when the battery is looking...
23/03/2022 - 12:33
Grabbed this over the weekend. Did a fresh install of windows 11 and dual booting ubuntu and it's running perfectly, really happy with it...
22/03/2022 - 20:43
I'm using it with a 6700xt and I currently see no reason to upgrade my CPU. I get excellent performance and I'm always GPU bound.
12/03/2022 - 18:54
I've considered that, but everything else I own and touch frequently is in excellent condition. Maybe there's just something about the...
08/03/2022 - 15:51
Yeah, I tried contacting logitech complaining that this kind of wear is unacceptable for a year and a half of moderate use but didn't hear...
08/03/2022 - 13:07
I don't know what it is but it's whatever the mouse is made of - it crumbles away and it's gross. I've never used a master 3 so I don't...
08/03/2022 - 13:01
Some other good games in here - Baba is You, a Short Hike, TowerFall Ascension plus the DLC, Quadrilateral Cowboy... For under 15 bucks...
08/03/2022 - 12:48
I've gone through 3 different MX Master mice, and I honestly wouldn't recommend them. They always start out good and they feel good to use,...
08/03/2022 - 12:34
One of the best games of the last decade, it's rare to see such an obscure game get AAA treatment. People rip on Kojima and admittedly I am...
29/01/2022 - 22:47
# Trustpilot Scores * Lenovo: 1.3, * Dell: 1.3, * HP: 1.3, * Apple: 1.6, * Microsoft: 1.2.
20/01/2022 - 08:34
Nice one, I just ran out of paste the other day.
21/12/2021 - 15:45
Could all the people who commented that this isn't a very good deal please post the alternatives?
13/12/2021 - 18:51