This was posted 1 year 4 months 28 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Buy 3 Items and Receive 50% off Your Purchase @ Nike DFO


Got emails from Nike:
As a Nike Member, you have First Access to our upcoming sale at our Nike Factory Store, buy 3 items and receive 50% off your purchase 07.07.2020 through 09.07.2020, three days before everyone else.

Not able to join us between 07.07.2020 through 09.07.2020? You’re in luck – this offer is will be available to everyone from 10.07.2020 through 12.07.2020.

Confirmed store including:
Nike Factory Store Birkenhead
Nike Factory Store Auburn
Nike Factory Store Harbourtown*
Nike Factory Store Jindalee*

Update:(credit to @YOLO)
You need to sign up on the Nike website and they can check their system and confirm you are a member. Sign up link

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  • WA?

    • nah Sydney, NSW.

    • +1

      Is there a Nike store at the WA DFO? I've haven't been to the Perth one yet but it's not listed on their stores list

      • That's is a good catch. I don't know haha

        • There used to (maybe still is?) one at harbour town/water town but that place is pretty average IMO. Would have made sense for them to put one in at DFO, they have in every other DFO.

  • Nooooooo. I'm out of town!

    • they have these like 2-3 times a year, just join the nike dfo mailing list and you'll usually get notified.

  • -1

    Any vaporflys?

    • Havnt seen vaporflys at factory store. I think they like to sell them out so they have the exclusive appeal.

    • I have seen the Pegasus which is similar to a Vaporfly

      • Although completely different to a vapourfly the new peg 37 is so much better than the old ones. I don't think the brand new model will be at DFO

        • I asked the outlet if they had any new models like the peg 37, was told they wouldnt get any till prob later in the year. still too new.

          all pretty old models at the Birkenhead store at the time for mens sizes.

          • @ssjmark: Any turbos?

            • +1

              @tarken: not the turbo 2 :(

              might get lucky though.. wife found 1 pair which was in her size..

      • +3

        Lol. Pegasus are nothing like vaporflys.

  • +6

    This was on at the airport DFO in Brisbane last weekend but wasn’t advertised. Probably the same in other areas.

    Shoe selection was sub par but they had NBA jerseys / tees / jackets / trackies for very, very cheap.

  • Can you join now to get member access? Or would you need to show email invite in store?

  • Do you need the email to get the extra discount, or just have to be a member?
    Asking because I joined up last week but not got any email (I'm located in Sydney).
    And FWIW, I only joined up because I placed an online order with only a scummy 3% cashback.

    • how did you order online? do they have a website?

  • Is it the same account as my Nike Running App profile?
    Doesn't look like I'm able to login using it

  • Would they have the Metcon React shoes at DFO stores?

  • +1

    Poor grammar, repeated dates…. Either fake or Nike's marketing team aren't working well from home

  • +2

    they had the same deal on DFO BRISBANE last weekend. got 4 airmax, was a really good deal.
    and i got the same email for DFO JINDALEE tomorrow, i’ll take a quick look

    • Didn't see anything at DFO JINDALEE earlier today.

      • +1

        missus found 2 shoes. nothing good on men’s section

  • Wonder how social distancing will work? 🙄

    • They limit entry into the stores. You have to line up outside if there are too many people.

  • Is it 50% off the RRP or off the lowest marked price?

    • Going by past sales its off the red sticker which is the sale price

      • 50% on the lowest price

  • Did any one get an email for Harbourtown Nike Factory QLD? Signed up for emails three times now…

  • do we get 50% off by showing membership or just early notification about the deal that is open to everyone

  • +1

    50 percent off is still a huge profit margin for nike and their corrupt slave factories.. but yeah continue to support them y'all 😔

    • +3

      Where should we be buying our shoes from?

      • If you're genuinely interested, Allbirds are one of the first (if not only) certified B corporations in the shoe manufacturer category

        • I tried to buy from them a few years ago but they weren't shipping to Aus at the time. Good to see they do now though.

    • +2

      Do you have any products at home that are from any of the big brands? If you do, you're supporting slave labour too. That includes any electronic appliances or furnitures at your home. So before mouthing off like a fool, take a look in the mirror.

    • Agree drknyt 100%, Nike corrupt beyond words. Lots of ego's around these threads who just dont get it and seem to close their eyes to support slavery and BLM Knee takers. Now here come the neg club of Lefties.

  • Someone please verify if this is valid. Preferrably from auburn outlet. Thank you. I didnt receive any email either

    • I got the email for the Auburn store so I think it's valid.

      • +1

        I got the email from nike main account. Usually they send from a specific factory outlet account

        • +1

          So do we just walk instore and show this deal or do we have to have the email?

          • +2

            @v7dal: They asked me if I was a member and also asked for my email address.

            • @tarken: I didn't received an email from Auburn store but I'm registered with Nike online store from more than 6 months. Am I eligible? I am thinking to visit Auburn store tomorrow.

              • +1

                @sunny007: I think you should be fine as long as you're registered.

  • Can anyone confirm if DFO South Wharf Nike will be having this offer?

    • Just went and no, DFO South Wharf didn't have this offer. They had an additional 30% off on selected apparel though

  • Just went to Nike Harbourtown. Nothing was advertised. However, they said that they are offering the special on clothing and apparel. You need to sign up on the Nike website and they can check their system and confirm you are a member. Sign up link

    I signed up and it took about an hour to get a confirmation email. Worked perfectly in store and got the discount. Thanks OP

    • Just clothing and apparel?

      • +1

        Can confirm it is valid at Harbour Town - they have a dedicated lane and sale is applicable to appeal and shoes! Got a pair of black and white react element 55 for $50. Nike Men’s Singlet $15 and Shorts $17.50. They will ask for your registered email address. Also remember that this stacks with 10% off offer when completing receipt feedback!

        • I was told 10% off offer cannot be used with other promotion when I was in Birkenhead last time

      • Sorry my bad. Apparel and shoes

  • Thanks OP! Went to DFO Jindalee and managed to snag 5 items, including a 2019 vapormax for only $55.

  • +5

    I went to Birkenhead today. Arrived at 12.30 and got inside the store at 2. So was a 1.5hr line.

    The items I bought and were interested in were

    -Shoes $45 -$50
    - Cotton tees $10
    - Dry fit tees $15 - $20
    - Shorts $15-$20
    - Leggings $15- $20
    - Hooded Down Jacket $60
    - Down Vest $40

    Hope that helps anyone else out!

    50% is whatever the displayed price is (so if it’s discounted already, it’s 50% off that)

    Only for clothing and shoes.

    They ask for your email when you pay to check that you’re a member so just sign up on the site prior to going.

    They didn’t allow the stacking of 10% off for feedback

    Happy shopping friends!

  • Went to birkenhead today. Scanned a QR code to be in the digital waitline that took 2 hours for my turn to come up. The cashier asked me if I received the email/QR code for the sale to which I said yes (i didnt). I had to insist for her to check my email from their system. Other than that amazing prices after the discount.

  • I went to Auburn Nike factory outlet (NSW) today at 12pm, This guy came out with 10 bags. He said he got there at 9:45am, and just left now. 😱🤦🏻‍♂️🙄🤷🏻‍♂️

    Line snaked around three times down the street -

  • Nike DFO Brisbane is running this promo with exclusions. Eg socks, water bottles.

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