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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a children's novel by the American writer Mark Twain; this is the first of two related works between them, the second of which, sort of ideal below, is Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. In the novel are narrated the adventures of a boy who lives in the southern United States, at a time shortly before the Civil War, and is set in the fictional town of St. Petersburg in Missouri, on the banks of the great Mississippi River. Places and people are partly autobiographical, inspired then the life of Twain, her family and childhood friends.

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  • Convenient as this may be, pointing the built-in web browser to http://m.gutenberg.org/ and downloading the mobi files may be more so and applicable to virtually all popular public domain works?

  • Surprised it hasn't been pulled off Amazon

    • It's probably the politically corrected version.

    • Amazon are still selling songs from slave and Jim Crow era uncensored with full N-words including which mocked black people. An example linked below "Run N*gger Run".

      Amazon doesn't censor.


      • @Sweetling
        Bookstores, including Amazon, as a rule don't censor. If a sovereign state where they are trading imposes a censorship, then they co-operate under the law.

        In Australia, we no longer have censorship, instead operate under a codified system of classification that covers films, tv, books, magazines & periodicals and games.

        Back in the 90's I owned and operated a bookstore and had a few instances of customers objecting to the sale of some book titles and on the other hand also objecting why I did not sell other titles (mostly defamatory). Life is never perfect. Ever.

        "Gone With the Wind" which was taken down voluntarily by streaming services a few weeks ago has now been restored to their lists with disclaimers (but neither edited or censored) as it still represents a place and time and now serves to illustrate and perhaps educate us all of this period of history. Revisionist historians cannot erase or rewrite the past.

        • I agree wholeheartedly…do we rip up most of Rome because they built a lot of it with slaves (if not directly then with the precious metals mined by slaves)? As you said, it was the norm for the times…you can't change history simply because you don't agree with it or it is unpalatable. It is time people got over the past instead of trying to bleed governments dry expecting handouts for things that happened centuries ago…the sons should not pay for the sins of the fathers…you don't see the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Egypt etc. asking for reparations for the Roman invasions do you?

  • Great book.

    But it's always free, just like all other books that old. It's out of copyright period, and easily obtainable online for free.

    Not a bargain.

    • +10 votes

      For you, not a bargain. For anyone who did not know that it is a free book, this is a bargain.

  • surely he has finished painting the fence

    • You should have turned the page. He only painted a bit of the fence, and every other boy in the village 'paid' to paint the rest…

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