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Logitech G604 LightSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse $85 @ Bing Lee via eBay


I bought this recently for $112 and thought it was a bargain but this is the cheapest I've seen this mouse priced since I've been looking… Not a bad mouse but it feels a bit small and I don't have giant hands, so go to Bing lee or other shops and have a feel before buying. They usually retail around $125~.
OK, looks like Bing Lee online sells them for $85 as well.

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    Here's a link to Bing Lee
    $85 there as well.

  • Weight: 135G, with AA battery. That seems pretty heavy. The Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed Wireless that was on sale last week (different body comp material etc but almost a copy) is 83g.

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      Way more buttons on this one though, for those that will use them.

      Also a huge fan of Logitech’s smooth scrolling when not playing a game.

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      Drop in a AAA lithium and adapter to shave those g's. Being more serious, just bought Mm710, nice device and I don't notice the cable much compared to wireless.

      • Wow 53g on that mouse. That's so light!!

    • There is probably a small weight inside the mouse to improve on feel.

  • Hmmmm I was waiting for the G903 to go on sale. Thoughts on this vs the 903?

    • The G903 is on sale at EBGames for $180. I almost bought it, but am now waiting for the G502 Lightspeed to come down in price because it has a better comfort factor.

    • Recommend used but good condition G900. Got one for $40 a few months ago, absolutely love it

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    I just bought this and I was sceptical at first, but it's proven to be the perfect mouse for gaming/productivity.

    1. Multiple buttons to map, I have the top 3 for last track, next track, and pause; the bottom three for forward, backward (in a web browser) and DPI settings
    2. Bluetooth connection uses less power so it's good for productivity, but I can switch to wireless for gaming which is more responsive
    3. Logitech-exclusive free-wheeling scroll, as well as the ability to scroll sideways by pushing the scroll wheel sideways
    4. The weight's almost the same as my G502, and the weight distribution is great
    5. Ergonomic AF - I have a relaxed claw grip and my palm is slightly above the mouse, so I can rest it if I get lazy and my grip barely changes. I have what I'd call medium size hands for a guy? Some with smaller hands have complained about the rise of the mouse, but it's perfect for me.
  • How does the body size compare with the G300s?

  • This vs the G304?

  • woo THANKS OP! got one

    now what to do with my upopened MX3 master….haha

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      Flip it on fb marketplace. And then flip this later if you don’t end up opening it. The fun is in the ozbargaining, not in the owning ;)

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        I just keep them unopened in the drawer. Nice collection already

        • +1 this. Got a replacement for my original one through warranty a few years ago, has sat unopened and sealed in my desk. Can't bring myself to open or sell haha

  • I have this mouse and rate it, use it exclusively on wireless and only have to change the battery maybe every 3 months.

    • As someone that is currently using a g703 I envy this haha. I've upgraded/sidegraded to the Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed Wireless which has similar battery.

      • Do you find the shape/size similar? I have a g703 and am looking to get another one to leave at another location but would rather the cheaper price of the razer

        • Should be coming today then will let you know my thoughts. I'm more excited to finally use a mouse wireless again. Really enjoyed the g703 when it is wireless - but the battery (and working from home) made it too annoying to charge nearly every second day (so I just keep it plugged in with its thick rigid cord).

          • @exc3113nce: Ok thanks. Looking forward to hear how it compares. I agree the battery life is poor, thankfully I only need to use mine sparingly so it's less of an issue

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    Great mouse, have been using it since Dec 2019. The major selling point for me was dual connectivity - Bluetooth and radio (just like my old G603). Using Bluetooth on my work laptop and can switch to a radio dongle in my desktop PC with a click of a button.
    A single AA battery lasted me 6 month with 9 hours per day use, mostly Bluetooth.

    • I'm so unimpressed with my G703's battery life, shoulda gone for the G603. The G703 lasts me like 2 days then I have to charge it again, not too much of a hassle but I'd rather set and forget.

  • Trying to decide between this or the G502 (wired)… which is the similar price on Amazon now. Initially wanted to go for G502 lightspeed (wireless) but it’s way too expensive.

    • Sold out now, so I think your choice is very clear :P

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    Please enter a quantity of 0 or less :(

  • How does this compares to G304/5 and G703?

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    250-km wireless range. Really??

    • That is for the PTFE feet durability.

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    Available on Amazon now as preorder, for those who missed out.

    Edit 245pm: Sold out.

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      3pm: Still some available on Bing Lee for same price.

      Edit: 3.01pm: now sold out. Ha!

  • Owned G903/G604/G502 before, in my own experience the G502 is the best one, maybe just my palm size, it feels so comfortable while holding it.

    However, all those Logitech mouses have one (really) bad side, the double click issue! It was very annoying to a level that you can't even do the common function like the dragging or selecting. The only way to fix it is to replace the faulty Omron switches (bought from eBay)

    So my suggestion is, Logitech got the good design but do prepare for doing some research on howto DIY fixing it (omron switch and the soldering works), if you want to use it for a long time. And it reminded me of the infamous Logitech headset too, that plastic joint problem…

    • Never heard of, or had, an issue with double-clicking with logitech mice, can you explain the issue?

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        as the mice get older, a single longer click will sometimes come through as a double click. as the switch is bouncing and not holding it down, it means you can't drag things reliably

      • Really common issue with older Logitech mice.
        Varies though, I have a old Logitech M500 I've used at work for nearly 9 years and still going strong.

        Had a few older Logitech gaming mice come up with the issue though and had no problems returning for a replacement. My (non HERO) G502 is still working sweet though, and I love it.

        If your left click fails you can always assign another macro button to be left click at least lol.

        • Actually, when you mentioned the old mouse.
          I have remembered my good old mx500, left it to my parent like 8 or 9 years ago, till now, it works perfectly, never heard or noticed any issue from that mouse. Also keeping an mx518 for my CCTV system, never has one single issue so far, amazing quality!

          So when you said it is only an issue with the old mouse, I have to disagree. I meant G903, G602, and G502, compared to the MX series, they are pretty new? Bought my G502 from MSY or CA about a year ago, to replace my G602(sorry, made a mistake I got a G602, not G604), same double click issue.

          But my latest G502 got this problem much faster than the G602 and G903, it started to show the multi or double click problem just in one year's time and I decided to ignore it then now it is like 70+ double clicks in 100click test. So I got annoyed and decided not to return and replace it again, but tried to google around see if I could fix it by DIY, then I found out I could replace the damn Omron D2FC-F-7N switches easily with some soldering works. And it is quite satisfying after fixing my own favor mouse XD

          Anyway, this is just my own case, but I am very sure there are lots of people who got the same problem as mine. If not, I won't be able to learn how to fix my G502.

          • @RooBun: We'll that sucks that the G502 may eventually get the issue.

            The "old mouse" I was thinking of that I had troubles with was the G500. Loved it when it worked but I went through 3 of them from memory.

            So far my G502 has outlived all of those at least.

            • @Pandaroo: Yeah, I think the QA result of the Logitech is really random nowadays, I don't know, or maybe it is related to the switches that they have been using.

              And, after I have learnt this replacing the switches 123, my next try is to replace the switches with the Kailh Red, then maybe I can keep my G502 for my whole life XD. Just exciting to see if my best G502 can even get better with that switches.

      • like this one
        but mine is much worse, like 70 in 100 test…

        and you can easily fix it by replacing the switch, you can even replace it with a better switch than that Omron D2FC
        I learnt from this video, just FYI

    • +1

      My previous logitech mouse went bad within 3 months - primary button double clicked. I had imported it from US back then so couldnt send it back. My current G603 middle mouse button started double clicking in 3 months and now, after just another 6 months the primary button is double clicking. Raised a ticket, need to send it back.

      However my first 2 MX518 mice lasted for almost 8 years before they started double clicking. Pathetic quality with the recent ones.

      • Mx518 is the worst product for Logitech because it last too long. My G403 was able to get a replacement without send it back, and they were out of stock so end up gave me g502 instead.

  • Still using a G502 great.

    Only use an MX Vertical for work, 3 device section, awesome. Had a tennis elbow injury but would never go back.

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    Order was cancelled due to no stock available.

    • Yeah should have bought from Amazon instead

    • I just picked one up from local store(CBR-Fyshwick)

      Don't bother ringing their 1800 Number or online chat. They will say it's sold out AU wide but clearly not the case.

    • ended up getting jbhifi to price match the bing lee model…… just realised they price matched a hero to a non hero version.

  • (profanity), been waiting for this and missed out :(

  • Picked up one today at Bing Lee Armidale for $85. Seems you can still buy instore

  • This just arrived in the mail and it's close to being a great replacement for the G602 but falls a bit flat due to the minuscule feet. There's not enough surface area on the pads so it doesn't slide effortlessly like its predecessor if you're using this on a mousepad and not a hard surface. You just feel and just as annoyingly, hear the rough movement.

    The other two minor niggles are the weight distribution (more so) and the cheap feeling plastic (less so). The weight distribution is thrown by not having the battery centered and having it angled to the right. It anchors the base of the mouse ever so slightly, amplifying the issue with the feet. To make sure I wasn't imagining this I took out the battery and the anchoring effect was gone.

    On the plus side, it fits nicely in the hand (very similar to the G602), the middle click on the scroll wheel works (let's see for how long), the switches in the left and right buttons feel solid and the texture on the thumb and pinky rests has a nice soft feel.

    I'm trying to decide if there's some weird acceleration going on or if I just need to get used to it, I'll have a play and see a bit later.

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