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Get a 6 or 12 Months Free Apple Music Trial @ Optus


Check your Optus app under “For You” tab entertainment , this isn’t just for new sign ups I’m on an old $50 paying $40 80gb plan & have the offer on my app (6months)

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  • Does this only work with individual plans? Or is there a family plan option?

  • Nice, 6 months.

  • Six months but was porting out of Optus next month, dammit

    • Activate it then port?

      • Surely it’s attached to the Optus account?
        Anyone with inside info can confirm maybe?

        • It won't hurt you activating it now. At least if it is linked to you optus account, then you get free apple music until you port out. If it's not linked, then you get it free for 6/12mths. Win win either way.

        • It's only attached for the initial setup, once you've "paired" the Optus trial with your Apple ID it doesn't look like there's a connection anymore. You can opt-out via the Optus mobile app immediately as well, trial is active for 6 months anyway.

  • Great got the 12 months thanks. Can we cancel straight away?

  • Does anyone know when this offer ends? I'm still on 3 months trial with Sportify via Xbox Game pass Perk so just hold on to that until 3 months finish

  • Ah 6 months for me. However I am already an Apple Music subscriber.

  • I’m on an Optus $39 a month SIM only plan. No offer in the app for me.

    • If you are on new $39 plan then it’s not available for you. It either has to be $49 and above plans and you get 12 Months free trial. Or if you have old plans like OP and I have, you 6 months free trial.
      But again your plan is month to month so could move to $49 next month?

      • I am on a $35 month SIM only plan and I got 6 months.

        • You must have old plans of 12 months or 24 Months not the recent Optus Choice plans which are month to month.

        • I'm on the $45 $30Gb plan paying $36 month-to-month, chatted with Optus on Wednesday about the error/not available message, they placed the order again and said I was going to receive an SMS within 24 hours to try to activate again, didn't receive anything. Chatted with Optus again today, they said that this plan is ineligible for the offer.. even though the offer was available in the App under add-ons, and it now says that Apple Music is active…

  • Neither offer in the app for me.

  • anyone know if you have already done a trial, will this work?

    I had this offer under my optus which it accepted but when it goes to Apple Music it errors saying "An error occurred"

    • When I go back to the app and click joined through Optus, it says no subscription even though I got the confirmation email.

      • mine is now doing the same thing as yours but I can use Apple Music fine. The subscription section probably only means subscription through Apple not Optus.

  • +4 votes

    For those on Android: once you sign up, Optus sends a link to the Apple Store which obviously doesn't work. Just download the Apple Music app from the Play Store and there's an option "Joined from Optus?" and it then checks if you have signed up. Pretty straightforward, but couldn't get it to work using a browser on a laptop so looks like you need a phone for this.

  • Only issue is it wont let you opt back out of 'paid' subscription.. every time i click the button it says 'network error'…

  • Will this work if I download the app now? lol

    • Yes, it only depends on what plan you are on not when you installed Optus app, so if you see the offer their you are eligible

  • Cool got 6 months! Thanks!

  • Nothing at all for me.

  • Ahh no thanks…

  • Apple/Optus should be paying us to use Apple music. SMH

  • I have the 6 month offer! Thanks @RogueWolf!

  • Haven't been able to log into the damn app for months now… Anybody with the same issue?

  • 6 months, thank you so much for this!

  • Only have broadband so it won’t work :( anyone not using and can give me a hand?

  • Is anyone post paid and got the offer?

  • Thanks.

    Accepted the offer and immediately opted out of the subscription. Can confirm have full access for 6 months.

    • I also signed up for the 6 months free but can't for the life of me find how to cancel my subscription.

      I've tried it on my personal Android phone, my work iPhone, and through a web broswer on my Windows laptop. There's nothing in my Account Settings etc to 'cancel subscription'.

      Can you tell me where you found it?

      • In the My Optus app, Services tab at the bottom, then Add-ons tab at the top. Apple music should there.

        • Thanks so much. Worked perfectly.

          I was incorrectly trying cancel through the Apple system and it wasn't showing any subscriptions.

        • Can this already be cancelled now or do we have to wait until close to completion of trial?

  • Awesome contract expires tomorrow. Excellent timing!

  • Existing Apple Music subscriber and claimed the offer. Says activated for 6 months, got the sms link, but when I click the link, it takes me to the Apple Music app and just says “An Error Occurred” so I am guessing existing Apple Music subscribers can NOT stack this with an existing membership, but happy to be corrected if someone gets it to work. Good heads up anyway.

  • Got 6mo thanks. Had to remove and reinstall apple music on my iPhone for the this to work. After reinstalling a popup should say "Joined through optus?". Cancelled the subscription via optus app > services > add-ons.

    • Well done - great explanation. Worked beautifully

    • Thanks, that worked for me. Apple Music app, however, still displays "Get 3 months for free".

      Also, to cancel the subscription (and keep the free trial):

      In the My Optus app, Services tab at the bottom, then Add-ons tab at the top. Apple music should there.

      by @Bonbi in another comment.

  • 6 months for me. Thx op

  • 6m for me. Thank you OP.

  • Got 12 months! On the $49 60gb plan

  • Finally something! Got 12 months. Thanks OP

  • Optus obviously doesn't like me… nothing on my $25 plan…
    Not entirely fussed as I use Spotify anyway

  • Nothing in app on my $85 business plan.

  • Fantastic thanks…

    Also had to delete the app and reinstall it to work!

    Another great find!

  • Is anyone else struggling to activate in the app? Keeps saying Optus is down for maintenance…

  • I had the same issue as a lot of people trying to activate it, kept getting an error / saying not available. They processed the order manually when I contacted them (Optus) by Facebook chat and then once it went through everything was resolved including everything else on the app, so if you get stuck I recommend you contact Optus directly.

  • Updated my plan and got 12 months free! Just use the live chat. Ez

  • for those noticing battery drain issues due to Apple Music app: How to fix Apple Music bug causing your iPhone battery to drain

    • Such a click bait title of news.com it doesn't actually have a solutions or have a fix, it just recommend things like resetting the phone.

  • Does anyone know when this finishes ???

  • Help! Anyone else getting an error message when you click on the link on the SMS? It open Apple Music app but then says "an error has occurred" pressed the try again button over and over again but doesn't do anything…. spoke to Optus chat that said try reinstalling the app, didn't work and now they are saying to use the same e-mail address as their Optus account which is bull crap!

  • https://www.optus.com.au/for-you/support/answer?id=20009

    The partnership between Optus and Apple Music ended on 21 July 2020.

    After the 21 July 2020, the Apple Music with Optus Free Trial offer is no longer offered to new/recontracting customers on eligible plans.

    If you are on an eligible plan, and haven't activated your Apple Music Free Trial yet, you have 30 days from 21 July 2020 to activate. The final day eligible customers may activate their Free Trial is 20 August 2020.

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