Purchased Car Last Week - Due for Collection Next Week - Essential Travel? (VIC)

Hi All,
I test drove a dealer used car last week; liked it & paid token money. Waited for Finance to go through, got the confirmation earlier this week that it had and was told that car will be ready for pick-up by 13th of July. Meanwhile, there's a lockdown now in VIC. Planning to call the dealership tomorrow to check whether they will continue to remain open. I presume they will because from what I recollect, most were open during the last lockdown as well.
One aspect worth mentioning is that the dealership is a good 80kms from my place (it's a dealer used car; and I didn't find this good a deal anywhere close-by.)
So question is, is it essential travel?
I would consider the car an essential because there's a baby on the way and we need a bigger car. But will I get an opportunity to explain all this, if stopped & asked? I have the invoice which clearly shows the date I entered into contract and the expected collection date.
Alternatively, I guess I can request the dealership to have the car transported to my place. But I am not really comfortable with that because I would like to ensure that all RWC documents, service logs, spare keys etc. have been handed over to me before I make my balance payment (the non-loan portion). In short, would prefer to collect in person.

Would appreciate comments and feedback from anyone who went through this during the last lock-down/facing a similar scenario/in the know-how of how this works.



  • I'm sure you will be fine. You aren't going to visit and socialise.

  • You can collect your vehicle to go shopping for food.

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      Good idea, especially if where you pick it up from has better prices.

      In some parts of Canada, when things weren't always available, folks
      who weren't Locals were actually -barred- from buying short-in-supply
      items (Reserved for Locals Only)

      I doubt that's a big risk today, but the dealer would know… Supply
      chains are working smoothly, in our experience.

  • Not essential.

  • Shopping for supplies is one of the four permitted reasons. A car would qualify

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      Shopping within a reasonable distance, like 10km radius, would qualify. You can't wander around for shopping either…

      • I like how people create their own rules and expect everyone else to follow them. In which part did Andrews mention reasonable distance yesterday?

        • There is nothing prescribed in the immediate announcement, however in April someone from Wantirna was fined in South Melbourne - he claimed he was out to get a bottle of water.

          You can go out to shop for groceries - but if you claim you are out to get milk 40kms away - don't think that will fly.

          Being honest (along with paperwork) about picking up your car - which is a need has better chances.

        • The part where he said he lives in Mulgrave and wouldn’t be able to travel to Geelong? Not that he actually mentioned 10km or anything though.

        • You probably like the news coming in just now that someone was fined for travelling 30kms to get butter chicken…

          Care to contest that?

  • Are you hoarding cars?

  • If you are both in metro Melbourne and you head there and back directly you'll likely be fine.

  • Given that the deal had been struck before the lockdown was announced, I would suggest this is an acceptable reason to travel for it.

    If both are within greater Melb, then i don’t think you’ll have any issues. If you need to cross the greater Melb boundaries, I would be taking dated proof with you (contracts/emails/etc) before you leave, to show that you didn’t just decide on July 13 to go buy a car.

    • Thanks for that. To & fro within greater Melbourne, though literal mirror images on either side of it. I plan to carry my documentary proof in any case. I would be forced to take a cab or Uber to reach there though.

      • Then you will be fine. It seems like the cops will be mainly pulling people over in cars travelling to outside of the metro zone at random. Inside the metro zone my guess is you would have to obviously be doing something outside of the list (like having a picnic in the park) to receive police attention.

  • depends on the car you purchased

  • Tow truck

  • Get the dealer to drive it up with all the paperwork and do the handover where you are. He can have other coworker follow him and take him back.

    • I doubt they will personally drive my car and get it to my place as their names aren't covered under insurance. I remember him mentioning he can arrange a truck if need be for ~$100 when I last spoke to him. Again, a lot of stress that I can do without if I am just allowed to travel myself..

  • Any outcome to this? Are you ok to pickup your car? Does the dealership endorse it? Dealership can also provide guidance on this.
    The only sticking point is the 80km drive. If you get pulled over, say your are an ozbargain member and you had to drive 80km to get the best deal. Also reinforce that the true crime is not getting the best deal.

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