Clyde North RACV Burglary Stats

Hey folks, I've liked a property in Clyde North, Vic in Selandra Rise estate to buy my first home, offer was negotiated and accepted by both parties but when I gave this news to one my mates he warned me of Casey falling under high burglary danger zone based on the RACV stats published on

This data has made me & my missus nervous but my logical brain tells me that Selandra being a well developed estate, the new developments around and a decent crowd staying there since many years wouldn't be as bad as it looks. Such incidents may be likely in a pocket where the new constructions are in full swing but again that's just a +ve speculation.

It would be much helpful if you could shed some light about Clyde North / Cranbourne East area and share your feedback considering how safe is it for my teenage daughter. data was definitely overwhelming.

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    Racial violence and street gangs are prolific in that area

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    Clyde north is a pretty rough area. Crime stats are not lying.
    I was doing a paper back when i was at uni and I sat in at the Melb courts and Clyde North was a common location for those being sent to jail. Mostly drug related.

    Its like Sunshine.. but worse

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    Was looking at those areas for satelite consult rooms. Too rough for us and glad we did not pursue. It seems to be trending in a bad direction.

  • Why did you choose Clyde North? Can you look at other established areas a little closer in and compromise a tiny bit? What's important to you?

    • Significantly because it falls under some really reputed secondary school zone which is why SE suburbs are known for.
      Pretty good-sized houses and great developments happening around. Nice parks and good connectivity to CBD.
      Since I am permanently WFH, commuting has been cut down quite significantly.
      One of the imp factors, the median prices are within my affordability.

      Interesting to see:
      Also, the Crime stats from VIC portal for Clyde North does not look that horrible as compared to Dandenong but RACV thinks it is a safe zone:

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    I'm sorry, does anyone commenting here live in Clyde North or at least in the City of Casey?

    OP I think your assessment of it is correct. I live near the area and I know many families moving into the area and I don't think I know of any who have been unfortunate enough to have been burgled.

    Honestly, these are the kinds of issues most outer suburban urban growth zone areas face. There is massive population growth given the affordability which really means a large amount of mortgage stress, family violence issues, drug, alcohol and gambling harm, lack of connectivity, struggle to form a sense of community and general lack of resources. Much less add in the complexity of being one of the most diverse areas in Victoria.

    And I wouldn't want to live anywhere else :)

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    I live in the City of Casey. Much of the crime that is reported in relation to this area is opportunistic in relation to the extensive construction that is taking place here. Yes there are also random acts of crime and violence as well, but I certainly don't feel unsafe living and working here.

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    Everyone knows the entire city of Casey is a massive dump.

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      Have you been to Narre Warren North? Where the median house price is $1.1 mil?

      Have you been to Berwick or Narre Warren South, the epitome of leafy suburbia?

      Maybe your judgements are a reflection of you and where you visit…

      • Yes, I driven through them all. And an avg house price of $1.1 isn’t an expensive suburb. It’s only slightly above the Melbourne average. And suburbia is a stretch, this is outer suburbia. But getting back to the point, Cranbourne is a proper shithole.

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    I currently live in a new estate in Clyde North - near Selandra Rise. Happy to answer any questions.

    I feel completely safe where I am, but I will be open and say my estate is still under construction (up until a month ago there was only two houses on my street now there is 11) and yes I’ve seen quite a few rather suss people walking around during the day and walking through some of the sites under construction possibly looking for copper etc to take. Completely speculative please don’t come for me.

    I don’t think that behaviour is isolated to Clyde North though. Given the opportunity it probably occurs at any new build site. I do have a dog and CCTV system so I haven’t ever been worried about my place.

    I also haven’t seen any evidence of gangs or racial violence in the 12months I have been here. The estate you are looking into is well very established, I think it’s been there for about 5 years, and there are new estates being built all over the place here so lots of people and businesses moving into the area.

    What I will say though is the road network here suuuuuuuuucks. Especially Clyde Road and between Hardy’s and Thompson. Its one lane and basically a carpark from 8am - 9:30am and 5pm - 7pm. It normally takes me 15minutes to get from the roundabout at Thompson’s to Plymouth boulevard when I am heading home during the week. Also Linsell Blvd is the same during those time periods.

    If we weren’t going back into lockdown I would have suggested you maybe drive through the area at different times to see what it’s like, and see how you feel. Visit the shops etc. make sure you are happy in the area. If you don’t like what you see or feel then don’t move there. But in the new restrictions unless you are shopping, stay home!

    • You make so sense. Thanks mate, for your well explained honest opinion. Cheers

  • My bff lives in Selandra and has for approx 4 years. In that time her lovely young teenage son has been jumped and bashed twice for either his sneakers or bag (even though they were nothing out of the ordinary).

    Robbery once at hers and numerous neighbors over the last couple of years.

    Other than that is usually does feel safe, she likes what the area offers but Clyde road needs lots of improvement to allow for the growth of the area.

    Of course unfortunately there are quite a few randoms but also lots of lovely families and her kids have all made really nice friends.

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