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[Switch] HORI Split Pad Pro Daemon X Machina Edition for Nintendo Switch $53.27 + $10.56 Postage @ Amazon UK via AU


Hey all, noticed this one is coming up pretty cheap the same way a bunch of other Amazon UK deals are appearing.

To get the $53.27 price go down to where it says frequently bought together and then can just leave the controller checked and add to cart from there.

Cheapest postage is about $10.

Some things to note is that it has no rumble or nfc, and only works when attached to the console. Has rapid fire function. I think there are a few carrying cases that fit with it attached, but be aware it is quite large.

Suggestion from mrjaytee + reddit in the comments is that this case will fit when attached to the Switch:


Had been waiting for this to come a little cheaper, EB is asking $99!

Edited for clarity on how to add to cart at the price + for suggestion on a carrying case that fits.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Thanks will check out, should probably put amazon in the title

    • Ah, will do. Fresh poster after lurking for a while.

  • does this get free deliver if you ahve prime?

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      Sorry I'm not sure, I've seen mixed experiences in the comments of similar Amazon UK deals where some posters have had free postage applied due to prime whereas others have been told that only applies for US products. I don't have prime myself so can't say personally, I just went with the cheapest postage.

    • +3

      Delivery isnt free with prime, just checked. Man if we got free global delivery with prime I'd order so much stuff from amazon japan.

  • Cheers, have been unsure about these, but will give it a go at this price!

  • Why I can't see Amazon UK option? I can only see the cheapest one is from seller Rarewaves UK with the price $85.05 + $3.00 delivery

    • think it finished

    • +2

      I had to go to the section where it suggests frequently purchased together items, then uncheck the boxes for all the additional suggested items leaving only the split pad there for $53.27, and added to the cart as the only item in the "package".

      It's a bit weird why the discounted price only shows up by adding into the cart via that method.

      • Great, I found it. Thank you!

      • Thank you Benbenbenben! :)

        Was showing "New (4) from $79.92 FREE Delivery" for myself.

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    I'm getting $13.56 for delivery

    • I'm on Prime and get the same.

    • +1

      change to standard delivery

    • +1

      Hmmm, I'm not sure what is causing the postage variation. I'm in Perth, possibly location based?

      I tried dummying up another order and I'm still getting $10.56 for postage myself.

    • This is the price for Expedited International Delivery. Change to Standard for the $10.56 shipping price.

  • +1

    Love my set, I play exclusively handheld with these. Bit of a shame about the rumble and can't use unconnected (or with flip grip) but highly recommend from me.
    PS, Reddit tells me that this case will fit a switch with these attached:

  • Looks like it's sold out?

    • Nope, still works for me. Please read the deal description - you need to add it from the "frequently purchased together" section.

    • Hey I saw that OzBargain had it flagged as out of stock at one point, may have been due to the price only appearing that way due to the odd method needed to get it into cart, still seems to be showing as in stock on Amazon though.

  • $79 now?

    • Nope, still works for me. Please read the deal description - you need to add it from the "frequently purchased together" section.

  • I don’t have a large hand, dunno if this will be too large to handle?

    • If you scroll through to the reviews on Amazon there are a few buyers that have uploaded some great pictures against joycons and the official pro controller, so if you've got a pro controller it will give you a good idea of the size and shape.

  • +1

    I must resist…

  • Money would be better spent on a set of skull n co grips imo.

    • Agreed !

      I have this and its really good.

    • I hope they are on sale again, really want a set..

    • Fair call, I had considered just going with a grip but I'm really digging the idea of full sized analogue sticks in portable mode.

      I absolutely adore the standard joycons for some games, but in those instances I'm playing with them disconnected split joycon style for lazy comfort.

    • Link?

  • I bought this just last week online for $78 elsewhere. Thanks OP, just re-bought this one and will return the other or just on-sell (things we do just for a few bucks).

  • Showing $79.92 for me from Amazon US with free delivery for Prime. I'm guessing the UK supplies have dried up.

    • +1

      You need to choose from frequently bought together dropdown list

      • Absolutely right. Came up with $13.56 delivery so total $66.83.

        Was tempted to buy from EB not long ago when it was <$80 on sale… might bite the bullet!

        • $13.56 is the price for Expedited International Delivery. Change to Standard for the $10.56 shipping price.

  • Great find OP, been eyeing this for AGES since the joycons hurt my hands in long play sessions.

  • Thanks, grabbed one. Hopefully I’ll be more inclined to play if this is more comfortable than the joycons

  • Sigh… ordered the one sold by Amazon US last week.

  • Has anyone's been shipped?

    • That's a no from me.. still pending delivery date which is odd since it is still showing as "In stock", shipped and sold from Amazon UK.

      I left one in my cart from the other day when dummying up a second order and the only thing that changed is the price went up a few cents.

      Will probably wait and see if it ships out over the weekend. I went basic post so wasn't in any huge rush.

    • Mine still hasn't shipped. My friend (who ordered after me), got dispatch notice on the same/next day!

      • Cheers for reporting in, I was starting to get a little bit worried maybe it was an error and wasn't going to be honoured.

        I emailed Amazon today asking for an update anyhow but that was just a minute ago, hopefully they can update with some good news!

        • +1

          Got a mostly generic reply stating it ships in 1-2 days, so to wait 1-2 days more and then contact them again if no update.

          Oh well, if nothing else I'm still stoked at the price. Looking forward to them!

          • @Benbenbenben: Thx for the update. Let us know when yours ships please.

            • @julz15: Damn, friend has received their's already! (At least that confirms it was a legit sale, I guess)

              Hopefully the stock comes in for the rest of us soon.

  • I saw it right last night, but didn't place the order…now it's back to $80.02. Sad.

  • No shipping for mine either.

  • I pinged them today on Live Chat. Got a generic we will reach out to the seller and they will get back to you.

    • Mine has gone "preparing shipment" now, however I emailed again and got a reply back stating the colleague miscommunicated and that things are processing as normal, item will ship in the next few weeks and arrive next month. Got a $5 account credit for my trouble on m next order.

      I actually ordered my split pad before making the OzBargain post hahaha, no idea how I got on the delayed stock, oh well. For the price I'm happy, Amazon may well not have had a large amount of stock before the OzBargain folk descended on the deal.

  • Not yet shipped on mine too.

    • Now preparing shipment.

      • Still preparing shipment.

        • Same. Tempted to cancel and order for 78 aud from Amazon US and combine with a case. Will probable get here faster

  • Mine came in a few days ago, loving it!

    Biggest cons are no rumble and no internal battery (effectively reducing handheld time compared to normal joycons)

    Might have a look at the skull n co grips too

  • Finally shipped!!!!

    • Haha beat me to it! Mine is also shipped and on the way, currently getting quoted August 8th for delivery.

      Looking forward to it.

      • Delayed now due to exceptional circumstances…..

        • sigh me too, just got the notification through Amazon but when I tracked via DHL earlier and saw "shipment on hold" I thought that wasn't promising… stuck in Amsterdam at the moment.

  • I see these are being rebranded in November and released again, Pac-Man themed!